Hue Jackson is moving on quickly from Cleveland's first round of roster cuts

Hue Jackson is moving on quickly from the 15 players that were a part of Cleveland's roster cuts on Monday.

BEREA, Ohio-- Hue Jackson has a short memory. 

So short, in fact, that he seemingly forgot some of the players 15 players the Browns cut on Monday morning.

"The guys that went today, we felt like we needed to move on from them, whoever they were," Jackson said. "We let people go because there is a performance that we want." 

One of the 15 players that Jackson didn't forget was veteran LB Paul Kruger, who tweeted that the Browns mishandled his release and that the decision was the wrong one.

While the exact reasons for Kruger's tweet are yet to be exposed, some have speculated that the veteran expected to make the team after he wasn't cut in March like many of the other older players. 

On the contrary, Jackson felt that the timing of Kruger's release was respectful and will allow him more than enough time to find a new home before the season starts.

"When you let players go now, you give them a chance to catch on at other places," Jackson said. "I think the respectful thing to do if you don’t see a guy having the potential to make your team, I think the right thing to do is to move forward and move on, and I think that is what we have done." 

The questions regarding the timing of the release continued and merged into the thought that Kruger didn't have a chance to make the roster from the very beginning of camp. 

Immediately, Jackson refuted that notion. 

“Anybody who came to training camp had an opportunity so it is not like we had already made a decision that we were letting these guys go," Jackson said. "These guys had opportunities in games to prove themselves to earn a right to be on our football team." 

Kruger's absence gives opportunities to plenty of rookies and young players, including second-round pick Emmanuel Ogbah, fourth-round pick Joe Schobert and second-year linebacker Nate Orchard, who has three NFL sacks-- the most of any of the team's current outside linebackers.

Jackson understands that the youth and inexperience on the defense could be viewed as a potential pitfall, but he feels good about the collective ability of the young guys on the unit. 

"I think (defensive coordinator) Ray (Horton) has done a great job of evaluating what the characteristics are now for what it is going to take to play out there," Jackson said. "Obviously, we will have to do some things differently, but we feel very comfortable with the guys that we have there.”

If the loss of Kruger makes anyone's job more difficult, Jackson feels that its his as well as Horton's. 

The onus is now on them to turn these inexperienced talents into playmakers for a Browns defense in definite need of help. 

"At the end of the day, myself along with the rest of the coaching staff, our job is to put our players in the best position to have success," Jackson said. "That’s what we’re going to do. That’s the job at hand, regardless of who it is out there. We have to make sure we do a good job of giving these guys a chance to be successful, and that’s what we plan on doing.”

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