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The Fast Lane: Behind the Cleveland Browns Roster Moves

Want to understand the organization's rationale behind their recent releases? Look no further, as LA has the inside scoop on why the Browns moved so many vets and kept so many rookies...

What we've been told about the Cleveland Browns roster moves, as posted in the most recent updates to The Fast Lane. Remember to always check ATI and the Fast Lane for the latest and greatest news, and then head to The TAP Room to talk about it!

Barkevious Mingo - "We were open and honest with him (Mingo) from the onset. He came to camp bigger, he came in prepared to battle for a role. We saw flashes from him (Mingo), but we did not see consistency in any aspect of what we were doing or what we wanted to see from him. With the players we have added, we feel good about the direction going forward and he (Mingo) wasn't going to get many opportunities, thus we made the trade."

Justin Gilbert - "We felt we went as far as we could with Justin (Gilbert) and we  decided to go with those players we brought in and build from there. It wasn't any specific thing with him (Gilbert), he worked and attempted to do everything we asked of him. We just believe we have others here that fit what we want to achieve better and we hope Justin nothing but the best."

Paul Kruger - "Hey, as when we made moves on a couple other veterans, it was supposedly all about saving dollars, removing contracts from the equation, and so on. We did not release (Paul) Kruger due to his contract, he was released when he was to provide him an opportunity to land somewhere quickly, so he would be in place somewhere for the 2016 season. We did what was best for our team, our guys in the locker room. We are looking for more at the position and believe we have a couple young guys here that are going to greatly benefit due to the playing time and experience they are going to gain, we are going to gain and that's really about it."

Pierre Desir - "Pierre (Desir) is such a standup, likable young man and he is going to be playing somewhere this season. It just came down to us wanting to see if he could become a safety, he did some aspects well in time, others proved he needs work and time. We didn't view him as a true corner, he had trouble in man-press and was often a click behind in coverage. We see potential in those we have kept on the roster, with Pierre (Desir) we just felt he was a step behind."

On waiving two backup centers - "Many times it comes down to a numbers game, in this case, that wasn't really the issue. We have Cam (Erving) starting and (John) Greco fully capable of playing effectively at center, if the need arises as well as (Alvin) Bailey being able to play the position. We'll likely watch the (waiver) wire and see if there is a player or two that interests us at the position (NOTE: the Browns signed C Anthony Fabiano to the practice squad), and we'll continue to research available talent."

On  Mike Matthews - "It was good for him as well as us to get him into camp and see where he is as an option at this level. Mike (Matthews) would benefit having a season on a practice squad, in a strength program to improve his base, he is technically pretty good. Right now, I don't know if that will be here."

Taylor Gabriel - "We highly respect Taylor (Gabriel), how he works, prepares and plays the game. He (Gabriel) is a tough young man, he's determined and will be playing on Sunday somewhere. It simply came down to us liking the different skill-sets the receivers we added bring to the table, we like the immediacy of some and the upside of all."

On keeping Andrew Hawkins over Gabriel - "I wouldn't say that is specifically the case. We discussed him (Gabriel) right to the end. With Hawk (Hawkins), we know exactly what he can do, he is an explosive quality for us inside, knows and understands the offense and figures to play a key role in our offense. Hawk is slippery and we intend and showing that quality."

Darius Jennings - "Hard one there. We like him, think he has a chance, but was caught in the numbers game, we hope to retain him to the practice squad."

Connor Hamlett -"Great kid, he just needs some time and additional work. He made us notice him and we want to get him to the practice squad."

Raheem Mostert - "He was doing well in camp, but his hamstring started a rolling downhill effect for us and him. His size hurts him in the backfield and we saw an opportunity to add a presence (George Atkinson III) in the return game, as well as a guy that can play in the backfield."

On keeping Scooby  Wright over Justin Tuggle - "This is another one which there is much more to it. (Scooby) Wright showed growth throughout camp and played well in the final two preseason games. What we like about him (Wright) is that he's tough, will stick a helmet on you, his preparation and taking to coaching has been excellent for a rookie and he plays special teams -- he's physical. You can say Dominique Alexander came in and was a camp surprise. He (Alexander) runs well, can cover some ground, drop, but more impressive is the manner which he worked, carried out his assignment and would hit. The knock on him was physicality -- and we told him early, you have to be physical, you have to make us notice you --- well, he did just that." With Justin, it was a numbers game, he's an exceptional special teamer, but with Wright, Alexander and Tank (Carder), we have guys that play specials as well, we made the right decisions."

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