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Fast Lane: No Holds Barred on the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Media

LA lets it rip on subjects both Browns (Robert Griffin vs. Carson Wentz, Shon Coleman) and personal (Cleveland media, our subscribers) in his latest burning-the-midnight-oil blast from the Fast Lane forum.

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Many things come to mind as I sit here attempting to punch the keys on this keyboard. Some will be very Cleveland Browns specific, some will be thoughts about what is said, written and perceived here at theOBR as well as elsewhere.

Once upon a time I wanted to incorporate my no holds barred thoughts and starting today --- it's time. These thoughts may not come off as professional and this is just me spouting what I feel.

Now, the Browns notes which are included in this post will be 100% professional.

NO HOLDS BARRED -- Over time I have become resigned to the fact that people can suck. Whether it is pilfering content -- plucking comments, statements and answers made in this forum as well as the ATI and TAP rooms as their own, it is a common occurrence and at times so subtle that it isn't always recognized. Unfortunate such happens and it sucks when people in a close proximity conduct themselves in this manner. First personal thought out of the way!

We have discussed rookie RT Shon Coleman endlessly in the ATI, TAP and Fast Lane forums. Coleman's situation remains the same as it has for weeks - he is working himself into being a very realistic option at RT in the near future.

Questions about why he isn't starting, when will he be starting, etc -- We have numerous answers and thoughts on the situation, including many which I have provided directly from the mouth of those either making that decision or having the decision made about them. Today, nothing has changed on the rookie RT, as noted here prior to training camp, and going back to the OTAs -- Shon Coleman was slowly being incorporated into the practice structure due to his knee -- his physical conditioning was ramped up and his stamina improved.

The Browns staff slow-walked the rookie into camp, he had some up-and-down moments with his conditioning early and began to display the strong base, improving fundamentals, improved agility and footwork with regained health and improved coaching. By the end of the camp season, Coleman had gone from a young player with uncertain reliability early to one which has solidly entered the equation as a potential starter at RT in the 2016 season, at some point.

The situation at RT is close to being a fluid one, as the Browns staff has wanted to solidify the offensive line and gain chemistry -- Coleman's late camp push complicated the matter to a degree. The staff was committed to gelling consistency with the five players that had been working as the first unit. With RT Austin Pasztor playing at an inconsistent level, the Browns staff has discussed potential moves in the coming weeks -- and Shon Coleman's name was one in the discussions.

The Browns staff, when ready to incorporate Coleman into the situation, want the move to be one which they then are fully vested in and want Coleman to be in the best position to excel without having a legitimate or probable rate of failure.

NO HOLDS BARRED -- OBR Senior Reporter and excellent "MAN", Fred Greetham is the best in the business at what he does. Much respect and appreciation to Fred, he provides facts, objectivity and clear-cut reports regarding this Browns team -- as well as kicking ass as the main man for the Wine and Gold Report..... Second personal thought and the most important one acknowledged!\

Plenty has been stated by the local media regarding the Browns organization being divided and/or philosophical differences within the Browns structure due to RG3's play and lack of overwhelming efficiency while on the practice and playing field.

In the QB room, Jackson and Pep Hamilton do not alienate players, they coach them up on the same philosophy, the same white-board work, the same film study and challenges and they work with each QB on what they (Jackson and Hamilton) perceive as strengths and weaknesses.

The starting QB and scout team QB gain the most attention during on-field practice activities throughout the week -- for obvious reasons.

The front office and coaching staff have not been at odds due to RG3 playing inefficiently in pre-season games following inconsistency on the practice field in training camp.

Sashi Brown (Executive VP of Football Operations), along with Hue Jackson, have maintained a very open and blunt dialogue regarding the QB position, the structure and organization plan for the 2016 team as well as the development of the youth amassed during the off-season -- which Brown and Jackson worked closely.

RG3 has been discussed extensively - from his step-by-step growth in the system (which neither Brown nor Jackson believe was realistically displayed other than in spurts in the season opening loss to Philadelphia) to the impact and plan for the player when healthy and/or eligible to be activated from the IR.

The belief and intrigue is the two specific men in question continue to believe the player has redeemable qualities and talent to achieve -- but shall remain uncommitted at the present time while watching the talent on-field play and develop to gain a much stronger position of evaluation as to whether the RG3 program continues.

As a side-note, the Browns player personnel department will undertake an extensive scouting mission on the potential draft-eligible QBs this collegiate football season. Many of the top-tier QB prospects will be scouted in-person on numerous occasions, as well as the vast film and background work generally associated with the scouting process.

NO HOLDS BARRED -- If you don't know it and make a statement of opinion that is not coming from an individual directly involved in the process -- state it as such. People latch onto every word, taking it in as something that is actually occurring and notes should be addressed as such... Third personal thought out of the way!

The Browns front office and HC Hue Jackson entered the off-season evaluating options to help solidify a QB room which they deemed as 'needing help', which led to Robert Griffin III. Did the RG3 acquisition alter the strategy for the Browns in selecting a QB early (2nd pick) in the draft?

The Browns player personnel department had submitted reports on individual players prior to the Browns pursuit of RG3 and while 'numerous' draft-board rankings and scenarios had not yet been played out, the head coach knew which QB he preferred in the draft --Jared Goff.

Every indication I have seen told me members of the Browns front office, player personnel and coaching were divided in their impression of Carson Wentz. From being a 'potential' franchise QB to a player that has inconsistencies in his fundamentals and other skill-set function, opinions were a-plenty.

In RG3's workout, which was caught on film, comparisons were made between three players (RG3, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz) -- age, athleticism, arm strength, throwing, recognition, reactionary time and physical stature. The staff nearly to a member believed RG3 was the better player overall when compared to Wentz, but there was significant discussion and contrast on areas which Wentz was superior -- physical stature, development and pro-set readiness -- and with each specific there was a very engaging conversation. A consensus was reached within the Browns structure that Wentz 'could' become a franchise QB in time, but the odds were not sufficient for an organization with numerous holes / talent deficiency to select what they deemed a 'possibility' when weighed against acquiring numerous talents over a two-year period.

When it came down to Goff and RG3, the staff believed RG3 was the most physically gifted (athleticism) and better deep ball QB -- but Goff scored well with age, intermediate passing, development, and recognition / reaction time. The belief in Cleveland was Jared Goff could be selected, groomed to gain under center experience while utilizing his strength in seeing a defense, recognizing the read and putting the ball on a receiver.

The L.A. Rams trade with Tennessee to obtain the first selection (Goff) in the draft changed the climate for the Browns organization. The Browns already had RG3 in tow, which provided them comparison value -- whether right or wrong, this is the fact of matter.

NO HOLDS BARRED -- We answer many questions in the ATI and TAP rooms, many which are repeated questions. I don't know of some here don't take a look at the threads of information. I don't know if some are looking for their question to be answered in a different manner -- believe me, I don't mind answering questions, I strongly encourage it, as it is a great help in getting information regarding the team out there, while hearing your specific thoughts of interest.

There is so much information that gets lost in the ATI to many readers. It may be a pain at times, but take a look at the threads, the Q & A already posted, many a time information other than the 'title' of a question is within an answer... and another personal thought!

NO HOLDS BARRED -- We're very appreciative of you -- you're not simply subscribers of a website to us, our thought for a decade in a half has been, we're in this together. At times we have strayed off course due to various reasons, many out of our control, others that we just made an incorrect decision -- but at the end of the day we want you to be satisfied with the work we are doing, what we are attempting to provide --- we'll keep plugging away to make the product as worthwhile as we possibly can..........and again, me thinking!

NO HOLDS BARRED -- Contrary to some, if I have an answer -- I state what I know in a manner which I can express this knowledge. At times I have to be careful in the delivery due to the subject matter and where such has been obtained. What you'll get from me, especially in the Fast Lane is 100% truth -- 100% my thoughts -- and 100% me, no taking the words/information that has been already stated and spinning it a bit in the delivery to 'make' myself look like I know something -- if I say it, I have been told it nothing more, nothing less... another thought and if someone is offended, maybe you should look in the mirror!

NO HOLDS BARRED -- Not too long ago I was on a radio show (frequently) which the host kept wanting me to supply or disclose information provided by theOBR for subscribers. While not earth-shattering, this was information we were working and discussing in the subscriber forums and I didn't feel it was right - nor was I compelled to spill on the airwaves, just to make me personally look good -- remember folks, this is all about theOBR.

Needless to say, the host of the unnamed show was not happy with me and we haven't talked since --- do I give a shit? Absolutely not, I won't be compromised -- and such is why my Twitter feed does not include any significant Browns news and notes unless already discussed and out in the open.

Interestingly, I have been pointed to others that are doing spots referring to our work as their own --- sorry ass excuse for someone in the business and you know who you are!

NO HOLDS BARRED -- Make sure you follow @FredGreetham on Twitter

NO HOLDS BARRED -- Now that I have started working on my no holds barred inclusion here in the Fast Lane, I am going to need to visit @JaredKMueller, our resident counselor and one hard-working son of a gun.

NO HOLDS BARRED -- Let me take this opportunity in apologize in advance for any language I may happen to use that you feel may be inappropriate -- sorry, but that is how I have to roll.

Until next time, which will likely be following the Browns home opener against the hated Baltimore Ratbirds!




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