Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Here is the transcript from Thursday night's Browns Uncensored Chat! Dave and Lane talked about the continuing battles for starting jobs and the development of the team so far this year. Join us every Thursday night at 9PM!

OklahomaDawg Dave!
DavidCarducci Hello OklahomaDawg
Greg Hey Carduccidawg
OklahomaDawg How goes it back there in Portage-ish County?
DavidCarducci Hey Greg.
DavidCarducci It goes well. The local boy is leading the NEC Invitational, so all is well.
DavidCarducci Wonder how Tim will come out this weekend
Greg Dave, Gary Reents brought up a good point- Do you think Couch will finally learn to ""cut loose"" and take some more shots since that's how Kelly took his job?
DavidCarducci Possibly Greg. While I don't agree with the decision to bench Couch, he could end up benefiting from sitting and watching for a bit, even if it benefits him in another city. I still wonder how much of the decisions not to take more shots downfield has to do with Tim and Arians putting the handcuffs a bit on him
OklahomaDawg Assuming Holcomb has good but not spectacular year, do you think we'll be talking about a competition again next year?
DavidCarducci OklahomaDawg, no I don't think so. If Holcomb finishes this year as the starter, they will find a way to move Tim
OklahomaDawg Possibly as bait to move up in the first round for a premier CB?
DavidCarducci Could be. Or for a premier pass rusher, linebacker or offensive lineman
OklahomaDawg Linebacker is still a possibility in the first round next year in your mind?
DavidCarducci Although, Davis seems to do btter with scrap-heap defensive linemen than he does high picks. Even going back to his Dallas days
artbtz Dave, any thoughts on Gardner vs. Taylor at SSLB?
DavidCarducci AB, I agree with Lane in his statement that Taylor has leveled off a bit, but I still say go with him over Gardner for now. I know that's a young LB corps, but you may as well give them the experience, let them learn and take some lumps. I doubt that Gardner would do any better than Taylor at SLB
Greg Dave- I've long been a Couch supporter, but if Ariens sends in 3 plays and Holcomb is either choosing the better option (play/receiver) or changing to a more effective play, then I'd say it isn't Ariens handcuffing Couch- it was Couch handcuffing Couch... I guess you'd have to be Tim or Bruce to know the real deal there...
OklahomaDawg Good point Greg, I remember someone questioning Davis about the run/pass inequality for Couch and Holcomb... and he said that it wasn't ""by design"" or something similar
Greg Hell, Ok, I questioned it until someone reminded me of the playcalling process
DavidCarducci You could be right Greg. Sometimes a player will get tentative if he feels like he is or has been handcuffed, and then when he finally gets the opportunity, he hesitates to take the chance. If that is the case, that is still a problem with Tim. I'd still have liked to see Tim get the chance. He's been through the tough times, and he has had his best camp, in my opinion. He deserved to get the first chance.
newdawg has thompson even found a level?
OklahomaDawg maybe it was Arians
Lane Hey Guys
OklahomaDawg Heya Lane!
Greg Well, we'll see if some humbling will result in a return to his Kentucky Rifle sling-it days
newdawg who is Ben Curtis?
SpaZDawG Feels good to be one of the elite :)
artbtz Hey Spaz!! Good to have you join us!
SpaZDawG thanks AB its nice this side of the fence
OklahomaDawg Which of the rookies do you see having the best year?
artbtz I would have said Lehan until I saw Faine trucking down the field with Green on Friday night
OklahomaDawg lol, that was quite a sight.
OklahomaDawg Lehan's athleticism surprised me. That was quite a leap on that near-int
artbtz No doubt Okla... he's got the closing speed we need. That is looking like a genius pick right now.
Greg Lane/Dave... what is something to be encouraged about the defense as we get into the season?
Lane Hmmmm...........that all the preseason stats do not count ;-0
OklahomaDawg LOL Lane
Greg lol Lane... please, give us a silver lining... something
Lane I believe the linebackers and some of the defensive backs will grow in 2003, watching that development will be a good thing
Greg ok... I can live with that
OklahomaDawg not much to go on sir, when your most consistent defensive player is Orpheus Roye. ;-)
Lane I'm not too excited about the defense in its present state, they are going to struggle
Greg I'm going to hang onto the hope that they're young and athletic and matched with this scheme, the light will go on and BOOM, we're playing good defense...
SpaZDawG well struggling means progress or something, they have to grow, and solid starters will the meantime we can hope the offense can just out score everyone
OklahomaDawg Our schedule reads like a Who's Who of top QB-reciever tandems. We are going to get toasted repeatedly I'm afraid
OklahomaDawg Burress and Ward us, I'm afraid
SpaZDawG okla true, except for the afc north :)
Greg Lane/Dave... how about the OL? I'll assume we keep 9... how's it shaping up in the battle for the backup spots?
Lane Verba, Stokes, Faine, O'Hara, Tucker, Mitchell, Gonzalez, Fowler..........I believe these 8 players are in, the next one or two is tough to call. From what I have been told, the staff really likes some of these guys
T-Dog It looks to me like the Lions are going to game plan for the Browns, and the Browns are going to game plan for the Lions. Pretty unusual for preseason - both teams pressing for a win?
Greg and will we see Melvin Folwer listed at second team MLB or CB at some point soon?
SpaZDawG back up punter
OklahomaDawg Fowler would make a killer fullback.
OklahomaDawg Mitchell vs. O
DavidCarducci Someone asked about which rookie might make the biggest impact, and I would have to say it should be Faine. Thompson is not close to being ready to make a major impact, even though he claims he is closer to understanding the pro game. Crocker still has a lot to prove. Lehan is my favorite of the second-day guys, but he is still somewhat raw, as any rookie corner can be.
Lane I agree Dave..........
OklahomaDawg Mitchell vs. O'Hara at RG... OHara wins on experience or is the gap between the two not as great as it seems?
Lane Inconsistency and inexperience are the issues holding Mitchell back at this time
DavidCarducci Right now I think the gap is every bit as big as it seems, although Mitchell has been better in the last week. The way I understand it, Mitchell is just fine when his assignment is simply block 1-on-1. But when he is asked to chip one, then help on another, or do multiple tasks, he really struggles.
T-Dog Why is Enoch DeMar being switched to Guard from Tackle?
T-Dog Sorry, Tackle to guard.
newdawg what's the story with fowler? are they giving up with him at guard?
DavidCarducci Newdawg, I don't think they are giving up on Fowler. He just may need a bit more work than they'd hoped. Sometimes it takes an interior linemen a bit longer than other positions to be ready to play at this level. Fowler is smart, he is willing to learn, he is more powerful than I thought he would be, and he is very athletic. I think he will eventually be ready to take over. He simply doesn't have the snaps yet, and he hasn't had the time in the league even as a backup to take mental reps, watch and learn to make up for that lack of game experience
OklahomaDawg Surely the difference in size is enough to make up for some loss in technique.
Lane He does not finish every play........which he has improved upon, he does have the opportunity here to become a solid offensive lineman
DavidCarducci O'Hara is bigger than last year. He is smart, and while I think I would prefer him at LG than RG, on a right-handed offense, I think his experience is more of a plus right now.
Greg Is Lee Suggs destined for IR this year?
Lane Was told yesterday that they are not sure yet what the situation with Suggs will be
T-Dog Can Suggs go on the PUP list?
T-Dog PUP would let him come back in week 6.
Greg Seems there's no way he could possibly make up enough to contribute at this point... IR'ing him would buy a roster spot for someone else it would seem..
Lane Suggs will not be physically to contribute, thus he will not be on the active roster. Coming off the surgery, PUP is a strong option. Suggs wants to play.
OklahomaDawg Anthony Henry... is this kid near his ceiling or is there still room to go up? He struggles lots but he was a midround pick from a small school after all, I would expect him to have struggles as a starting CB to start
DavidCarducci OklahomaDawg, I'd like to think Henry will get better. You are right, and it is possible that his big rookie year (which a lot was based on good fortune) could have created some unrealistic expectations.
DavidCarducci Henry has the physical tools to improve and be a starting NFL CB. His understanding of the game must improve, though
newdawg what's with fowler? is he just a center?
Greg How was Griff playing before his injury? Jameson threatening there or was Griff living up to the billing?
DavidCarducci Greg, Griff was playing better, and much of that probably had to do with his decision to take on more a leadership role. He held himself accountable for a subpar season, and was determined to play at a higher level. He hasn't had the chance to show in the preseason how that commitment will translate to the field, but he has continued to be a leader in practice, helping teammates, getting on the field even with a soft cast, etc., and that is a good sign
DavidCarducci Griff said he expects to be ready by the Atlanta game, by the way. Don't know if that is out there yet. He got a good report from his recent doctor visit
newdawg who do you think is playing better, henry or sanders?
DavidCarducci Newdawg, I think it's probably a draw, although the coaching staff seems to be higher on Sanders than I have been.
danh8 Is what I'm reading on Chaun Thompson, a feeling that he might possibly be Rahim Abdullah Part II ?
OklahomaDawg little early to damn him that fully, dan. just imo
newdawg don't you think that may be a little premature?
danh8 I got in late and breezed through earlier posts and saw Chaun Thompson and Rahim Abdullah in the same sentence or post and my heart skipped a beat ...
DavidCarducci danh8, I don't think he is that. Thompson's a good kid. He might be a bit flaky, but it's in a good way. Thompson also has much more talent, a much bigger body, more speed, and far more upside than Abdullah
OklahomaDawg lol, I got a great laugh out of his injury being SOOPER SEKRET
T-Dog Abdullah was stiff and unathletic. That isn't Chaun.
danh8 I met him at rookie night and he seemed like a solid kid ...
Greg The play Thompson got injured on showed me a lot.... he went from the weakside to the strongside to chase down the back... I'm anxious to see him with some seasoning
Lane That is what Thompson needs Greg, some seasoning and time to get into this defensive scheme.
Greg cool, Lane... maybe we can see him making some serious impact in the back half of the season...
danh8 I really like what I've seen of Michael Jameson, btw ...I see him as a future starter on this team. Is that the impression of the insiders ?
DavidCarducci Danh8, I think so. Jameson is a very bright kid. I love his understanding of the game
Greg Jameson more of a SS or FS?
DavidCarducci Greg, there is more of a distinction between the FS and the SS in this defense compared with last year, so he can really do both, but I think he still is more of a FS down the road, even with his bulking up.
Greg I know he's at SS now, but I've always seen him as a very solid FS candidate
Greg ok, Dave... it appears we agree.. :)
T-Dog Fowler - why is he a center on the depth chart today, when last week he was a guard.
T-Dog And, why is Enoch DeMar a guard, when earlier in camp, he was playing tackle.
DavidCarducci T-Dog, I'm not sure. I haven't been there for the last two days because I've been switched to the PGA Tour for two weeks. I'm back with the Browns Saturday, so it's something I can look into.
KJ Is it lookin' like we go into the season with Stokes & O'hara?
DavidCarducci KJ, that's the way it looks
T-Dog Thanks.
KJ u see cutt' flyin' the coup after this season?
T-Dog And Northcutt contract news? Or is it just dead. He's GOT to be concerned about going into the regular season with only one year left on his deal.
Lane Yes, it is likely that Northcutt will leave after this season
DavidCarducci I don't think there will be any movement on the Northcutt thing until after the season. They'll wait and see if he can put together another season like last year. Ultimately, I don't think they'll make him the offer he wants.
ramllov Hey guys
danh8 will he be tagged in some way ? any foresight on that ?
DavidCarducci Danh8, I doubt it
OklahomaDawg So... who are the mostly likely player to come down with a phantom injury and end up on the IR?
OklahomaDawg players*
danh8 This offense would be hurt without 'cutt ...he has a special chemistry with Kelly as well ..
T-Dog Randy Lerner. Punt catcher's elbow.
ramllov Lane have you seen any surprises?
DavidCarducci OklahomaDawg, I'm sure Hybl has been on the phone with Kevin Thompson to learn how to sell an injury ... just kidding.
KJ Dave...I like what davis is saying about the defense...if they don't play well it's NOT the LB's's ALL on the DL...whatcha think?
DavidCarducci KJ, I agree. It is on the DL. And they know it. They've all said they need to treat the LB's like their little brothers (that was actually Warren, but all have said similar things). They need to make life easier on them, keep them clean to make plays.
Greg Cutt's case is interesting... yes, he's valuable, but he's still the #3 WR at best on this team... Even if Andre Davis supplants KJ at some point, DN would still be no higher than #3... so where do you put his value? tough call
KJ not at KJ's dollar amounts for sure
T-Dog The big negotiating card with Cutt is his fear of injury during the 2003 season.
KJ that's insane
OklahomaDawg thing with having a good team... is that sometimes you have to let good players go
danh8 if he's a scoring machine like last year ..his value is very high ..more than is noted in a depth chart
Greg true, OklahomaDawg... which is why you draft talent first, position second...
newdawg as a top punt returner his value is greater than most #3's but still not that of a starter.
ramllov Are you guys disappointed in Fowler?
DavidCarducci Ram, not yet. I still think Fowler is one of those late bloomers. He's bigger, I like that. He's smart, I like that. He is also very athletic ... very good basketball and lacrosse player ... and I think that with his size and head will help him adjust to G and become a decent NFL lineman.
T-Dog Is Davis game planning the defense against the Lions, trying to generate some confidence and good feeling about the D, which has, so far, been absent this season?
KJ Couch has been's he handlin' this?...anyone speak to em'???
T-Dog He can't want them to go into the season showing nothing but performances that disgust him.
danh8 I think the Browns brass has to be disappointed in a 3rd round interior lineman not cracking the starting lineup in year two he appears to lack versatility w/ multiple positions along the interior ...
ramllov So the Browns now have good depth on the offensive line?
KJ Speaking of Jameson...think there's any chance of him supplanting Little at FS???
ramllov Who will be the third and fourth offensive tackles?
DavidCarducci Better depth. Not necessarily good. Zukauskas hasn't improved the way I'd hoped. They still don't have a viable backup tackle. Fowler isn't quite there yet, and Mitchell is still very raw
danh8 We need less journeyman and more real deal players on our offensive line
KJ no tackles on this team is a major problem...verbs goes down and we're screwed
KJ we need to move on that...verbs is done in 2004
DavidCarducci Ram, that still could be decided. In my opinion, none of the backup tackles have played well. Stokes would be the No. 1 option as a backup, with one of the backup guards moving in if something were to happen with Verba or Tucker
ramllov thanks
DavidCarducci I agree KJ
ramllov Has anyone figured out who the seventh and eighth LB will be this year?
danh8 Coates ?
Greg 7th and 8th LB? Will we even keep that many if they don't excel on STs?
DavidCarducci I'm still not sure on Coates. So much with these guys has to come down to special teams. Missing the Green Bay game (first game I was not in the press box since the team came back in '99) I did not have the chance to see Unck. I'm not sure where some of those backup-special teams battles are
OklahomaDawg respect for the Cuban Messiah...
KJ I know one showed some serious maturity on that 82 yrder friday night...if he took that up the sidelines he was dead for 7 or 8...he impressed the way he let his blocking develope
OklahomaDawg Green *
KJ Uncle Unc's been pretty solid at MLB...he may just stick...
OklahomaDawg Can't help but chuckle at the folks calling him a bust in week seven
KJ tell me
DavidCarducci I've liked the guy a whole lot in camp. And everything I hear from contacts on the west coast rave about Unck's potential on special teams
KJ Who do u guys see at weakside?
DavidCarducci Bentley
DavidCarducci Chaun is not ready
OklahomaDawg Taylor at strong?
KJ and Gardner and Taylor?
DavidCarducci Taylor at strong
DavidCarducci Andra at middle
danh8 I think Gardner will grab Taylor's spot ...just my hunch
DavidCarducci They are the best of the bunch so far
ramllov I thought Bentley was strong?
OklahomaDawg You know, drafting three linebackers in a row a couple years ago seemed really strange at the time...
KJ not any more
DavidCarducci Ram, they line Bentley up over the tight end, but he is still considered weakside
KJ butch had a PLAN {:}
ramllov ok thanks
OklahomaDawg lol KJ, it makes you wonder, at least
danh8 how has Dawson leg looked on kickoffs this camp ?
Guest59 Lot of excellent linebackers available in next years draft, including 2 from Miami.
KJ Vilma
OklahomaDawg Vilma's a beast. he goes top 10 imo
DavidCarducci danh8, that's not something they work too much on. On most drills, they have a jugs gun do the kickoffs to save the leg.
newdawg we are going to need corners more, and maybe de's.
KJ Dave...i argue this all the time...some think it's phil with a weak leg when it's actually calculated kick high and to the 10 or better
Guest59 we need corners, de's, ot's, og's, and te.
danh8 as the year goes on his leg always seems to deteriorate ..maybe I'm seeing things in the right way though
KJ If we want a real hitter at FS...Crocker impressed me with 3 solid hits friday night
ramllov Well, one more year of a draft and free agents the
ramllov Browns will have a solid team finally
ramllov ?
Guest59 we should have a lotta money for free agents next year with no more Couch
DavidCarducci KJ, I think that's more right than people think. There are times when both Davis and Palmer had wanted Dawson's depth to improve on kicks, but certainly there are times when it is by design. Dawson will always argue his leg strength. He has good range on FG's, and I've seen him as far back as college drill 50-yarders into the wind ... won a big game for Texas with an amazing kick into the wind.
danh8 Crocker, it doesn't appear, has shown in camp what the Browns thought he has in reaching for him in the 3rd ...does it ?
DavidCarducci Guys, I have to run. Very early morning at Firestone tomorrow
ramllov Thanks
ramllov for the chat
danh8 Go Ben !!!

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