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There are a lot of good reasons to be an OBR subscriber. Utilizing our brains, what's left of them, we managed to come up with a few.

Why in the world would you want to become a Premium Member of the Orange and Brown Report? Turns out that there are many good reasons to consider joining today, and we’re here to list them in no special order.  

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* IT KEEPS MCBRIDE INEBRIATED: He’s been doing this Browns website thing since 1996 and he’s seen a lot of, um, stuff. A whole lot of, uh, stuff. From Dwayne Rudd’s helmet, to Bottlegate, to Brandon Weeden getting stuck under a flag, through 47 new quarterbacks or whatever, there’s been a powerful cumulative impact on his brain. Your membership fees, in part, go straight to his bloodstream and allow him to purchase the pellets that keep the server-powering gerbils running on their treadmills.

* DISCOUNTS ON TEAM GEAR: Need to gear up to show your Browns pride and/or masochism? We’ve got a special premium member offer as well, with 10% off your favorite team’s gear - or any team’s gear - purchased at our Fanatics shop!

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