Kessler expected to start against Redskins

Barring Josh McCown making a miraculous recovery this week, Hue Jackson said Cody Kessler will get his second start this week.

BEREA, Ohio--One positive to come out of the Browns overtime loss to the Dolphins is the quarterback made it through the game without getting hurt.

Robert Griffin III broke a coracoid bone in his shoulder in the opening game and he will miss eight to 12 weeks. Josh McCown suffered a broken clavicle in the second game and he will likely miss this week's game, as well.

Hue Jackson said he expects Cody Kessler to start his second-straight game next Sunday against the Redskins, but did leave some wiggle room in case McCown is cleared. 

"Cody will start this week, unless something else from the medical staff is told me," Jackson said. 

In other words, Jackson is meaning unless McCown is cleared from his injury.

Jackson was happy with Kessler's debut.

“Early in the game, I didn’t like our start," Jackson said. "I thought the anxiety of the situation, obviously, he had the jitters in the beginning. He calmed down. He made some throws. He made some plays. He made some tough plays. He threw the ball in there. The guy completed 21 (of) 33 for 244 yards and didn’t turn it over.

"Not turning it over was huge, other than the sack fumble," he said. "He stood in there and I thought he played tough. He played with poise after that first series. That was his first game into the National Football League in the regular season. I thought there were some good things. Are there things to improve on? There is no question. Our whole team, there are things to improve on, but I thought for the most part, he battled as hard as he could.”

Kessler said he felt more and more comfortable as the game went along. He was wearing a wrap on his leg in the locker room on Monday.

"Obviously, the first series didn't go great and as well as I wanted it to," Kessler said. "The flow of the game, for the first time being out there. I felt  lot more relaxed and comfortable as the game went along. It was good to have some good plays, some great runs, complete some passes and to have some chunk plays. It kind of relaxes and makes you more comfortable to get more in rhythm with more reps and more experience."

Extra Points

Orchard Out: Jackson said that OLB Nate Orchard suffered a high ankle sprain on the final play of the game and will be out "for a while". He also said that CB Tramon Williams suffered a sprained A/C joint in his shoulder and will be "day-to-day".

Sticking with Austin: Jackson said that rookie OL Shon Coleman isn't ready to take over for right tackle for OL Austin Pasztor. He defended Pasztor's play, despite him giving up multiple sacks and committing five penalties, including three holding calls.

“I think anytime a guy gives up multiple sacks and has a few penalties, I think everybody thinks that the guy is not playing as well," Jackson said. "Were there some times that we could have helped him a little bit more? Yes, there is no question we could have, but I think Austin Pasztor is battling as hard as he can. I think he is still the right choice for us over at right tackle.

"Will I adjust our scheme a little bit to do some things to help him? Yeah, but I wish you guys could see some of the other things that he is doing to balance some of the things that he is not doing as well," he said. "I think he is fighting hard. It is easy to look at those sacks and those things and make determinations that maybe somebody else should be in there, but I think right now, he is the best we have or else I wouldn’t play him there. He is battling hard. I’m very happy with some of the things he is doing. Are there some things he can do better? Yes, he can. Can I help him more? Yes, I can. We will continue to get better and go back to the drawing board.”

Parkey Defended: Jackson said he plans on sticking with K Cody Parkey, who missed three field goals from 41, 42 and 46 yards, including the potential game-winning kick as time expired from 46 yards out.

“Yes, I do right now," Jackson said. "I do. That is a tough job. I challenge any of us to come in here on a flight late Friday night, wake up and meet the coach for a second and then get on another flight and head to Miami and not know really a lot of your teammates but some and walk out and kick in pregame and then go kick in a game where you attempt five of these field goals – not two, not one but five; that’s a lot of pressure – and then here is a game-winner hitting you right in the face. I can’t put that on him.

"That is a tough situation," Jackson said. "Everybody says, ‘Well, that is the kicker’s job.’ It is his job, but normally, a guy has a job, he has been around his employer a little bit and he has been around his teammates a little bit. It was tough. It was tough circumstances. It is unfortunate. If he would have made it, we would be celebrating right now, but he didn’t. It is unfair just to dump it all on him. There are a whole bunch of other plays we left out there with some guys that have been here since OTAs since I first met them way back when that we could have made. There is blame to go all the way around, starting with me. It starts with me and ends with me so we have to get better.”

At least one report said the Browns decided on Parkey because he was a cheaper alternative to former Bears K Robbie Gould. However, Jackson refuted that suggestion .

 “Because we made an organizational decision that that was the right guy for us," he said. "He was the right guy. We felt good about watching him kick on tape. We felt good about everything that he was doing. We felt he was the best of the group. We all made that decision together. I have heard that there have been different things said but that is so far from the truth. Any decision that is made here about our football team, we make together. I felt very comfortable.

"If there is anything that comes out of this building, it should come from me, OK? Not from anybody else," he said. "If I didn’t say it, I guarantee that nobody else has any right to ever say anything about we should have had this guy or somebody wished we had that guy. We took the guy that we wanted. It was Cody Parkey. That is the guy we put on our team and that is the guy that kicked for us.”

Why Hue Deferred Coin Toss in OT: Jackson was asked why he decided to kickoff in overtime after winning the toss.

“I thought our team on defense was hot," Jackson said. "We stopped them the time before, and I thought we could stop them again, which we did. I just didn’t think the punter was going to unleash one like he did that pinned us way back there. I thought I played it the right way, but I thought we would have better field position than what we did.

"We did get the ball back and we had our chance," he said. "We couldn’t move it from there. They did a good job on defense, and we didn’t do a good job on offense. I wouldn’t change the strategy. I think it was the right thing. Now, if I felt differently about how we were playing on defense and how things were going, then maybe I would have reversed that thought, but I felt good about the decision at that time.”

Bailey Arrested: OL Alvin Bailey was arrested after the Browns flight back from Miami for OVI.

Browns executive vice president of football operations Sashi Brown issued the following statement:

"We are aware of the incident and have spoken to Alvin to express our displeasure and extreme disappointment. This is a matter that must be taken very seriously and we will comment further at the appropriate time.”

Bailey started his first game for the Browns after John Greco moved to center and Bailey moved to right guard.



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