For Browns, Week 6 Matters

Week 5 was very bad for the Cleveland Browns against the New England Patriots. Now 0 - 5, Week 6 matters for them none the less.

Taking the 2016 season into account only, so far it has been the worst case scenario for the Cleveland Browns. They are 0 - 5. They have played five different quarterbacks. They are the only team in the NFL with zero wins at this point.

The team is 29th in points scored, 22nd in passing offense, 30th in overall defense, 26th in passing defense and 22nd in rushing defense.

So far, QBs Robert Griffin IIIJosh McCownCody Kessler and Charlie Whitehurst have all been knocked out of games due to injuries.

Injuries have also hit Desmond BryantCorey ColemanCameron Erving and Carl Nassib. Even Erving's replacement Austin Reiter was knocked out in his first starting game.

The 33 - 13 loss to the Pats was the worst loss, both in score and overall look. The run game, which had been first in the league, was shut down. The offensive line couldn't protect Kessler or Whitehurst enough to make any plays in the passing game. The defense was just toyed with.

While I have a ton of optimism about the future of the team, the 2016 season has been sunk. Much like many predicted.

Week 6, however, still matters:

How Does The Team Respond?

After three straight games where the Browns had a chance to win and looked competitive, Week 5 was a slap in the face to Hue Jackson's "Expect to Win" philosophy. How the team, not just on the field but the coaches as well, respond will be huge. 

  • Do the players show the same fire, passion and fight that they did during most of Weeks 2, 3 and 4?
  • Do the coaches make adjustments to get the running game going?
  • Can the defense stop the run game of the Titans big duo while also limiting how Marcus Mariota can hurt the team with his feet?
  • Do the Browns look like a team "Expecting to Win" or have they started to pack it in for the season already?

Best Chance For a Win

The Titans are not a very good football team. They have two victories, against the Lions and Dolphins, but don't have enough talent to compete at this point in time. With Mariota, the Titans are a year ahead of the Browns in the rebuilding process. That means they are also the Browns best chance for a win this season, at least on paper.

With the 2nd best-rushing attack in the league and 10th best defense in giving up points, the Titans have some positives. Their inability to pass the ball helps one of the Browns big weaknesses, pass defense, and the Titans run defense is only middle of pack at #16.

After the Titans, the Browns have games against the Jets, Giants, Bills and Chargers that they should have a shot at but none are as winnable as this week's.

Going 0 - 16 isn't an easy blemish to rub off, especially when recruiting free agents. A win this week could help change the momentum of the season. A loss could start a landslide to 16 losses.

Draft Considerations

With the Titans already winning 2 games, their pick in the 2nd Round owed to the Browns has lost some value. With 9 teams with less than 2 wins, and another 7 tied with the Titans at 2 wins, the Browns are in an interesting place when it comes to Draft Considerations.

A win helps aid the pick the Titans owe the Browns but hurts the Browns' overall draft slot for their team. While 6 weeks in is a little early to worry about the results of a 16 game season, it will be something that will be revisited at the end of Week 17.

The Browns moves with the Eagles and Titans were both made with the hope, and some assumption, that both teams would not be very good this season. So far, the Browns can't love the 2 win Titans and 3 - 1 Eagles.

Draft considerations have to be looked at with every week. They are especially big with the Browns facing a team that owes them a very high pick in this upcoming NFL Draft.


Responding after a terrible week, their best chance to win a game and draft considerations all make Week 6 matter for the Browns.

What reasons do you think this week's game matters?


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