Hue: "I don't like where we're at"

Hue Jackson was as somber in his post game press conference as he's been this season after dropping to 0-7 against the Bengals.

CINCINNATI- Hue Jackson wasn't very happy after his team dropped to 0-7.

Jackson was upset. He was seen taking his head set off for the final few minutes of the game, but he said he wasn't disengaged.

In the postgame press conference, Jackson was about as somber as he's been this season with the winless Browns. 

"I don't like losing," Jackson said. "I can get just like anybody else, I can get disappointed and upset just like anybody else," Jackson said. "Because I took (the headsets) off, I knew exactly everything that was was going on. It wasn't like I wasn't involved in the game. I could hear and knew what was going on.

"I don't like where we are," he said. "I don't like where we are as a football team. This is my responsibility and at the end of the day, in my mind,it's my responsibility to fix it as fast as I can and the best that I can and that's what i intend to do."

Quarterback Kevin Hogan said that Assistant Head Coach Pep Hamilton was calling the plays in the final minutes of the game and there was no disruption in communication .

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