Gameballs and Goats: C.J. Gets the Love

Browns fans loved what they saw in C.J. Jones, but didn't like what they saw on defense during the Browns loss to the Lions last weekend. Here are the votes and all the comments fit to print!

The Week's Results

Butch Davis may not be ready to publicly commit to giving C.J. Jones a roster spot, but it sure appears like Browns fans feel he has earned one. Jones was top vote-getter by a wide margin in the third week of pre-season, earning 73 gameballs. Fan favorite Kelly Holcomb finished second, and James Jackson made his first appearance near the top of the list since 2001. Historians might also note this as Felipe Claybrooks first appearance in the gameballs ledger.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Tim Couch's seemingly leaden performance wasn't greeted warmly by fans, but the highest number of goat horns were distributed on the defensive side of the ball. Fans were upset with the secondary's weak showing, and singled out Anthony Henry for the most goathorns. Despite improvement, Gerard Warren is still drawing fans' ire, finishing in the top seven in goathorns voting.

Here are the top vote-getters in each category:

Player Gameballs
C.J. Jones 73
Kelly Holcomb 44
James Jackson 42
Andra Davis 31
Felipe Claybrooks 23
Jeff Faine 17
Aaron Shea 14


Player Goathorns
Tim Couch 49
Entire Defense 37
Anthony Henry 29
All Def Backs 23
Dave Campo 20
Gerard Warren 15
Kalvin Pearson 13

Gameball Comments:

ohio210 Double J looked pretty good and has been looking like a good back up.
smagyar Holcomb made the offense go, Bodden was on 3 or 4 nice plays, and #54 seemed to be around the ball.
r22weiss C.J. Jones has proven he can play. Keep this guy!
jsinct I'd like to be able to compliment someone... Probably the only one that deserve it is the Fans who suffered through this ugly display of Professional? football.
jeffmusselman At least James Jackson and the first team offense looked like they cared.
seibu1 Felipe Claybrooks - A nice night all around. We need more playmakers like this on the D. James Jackson - He's had a great preseason and tonight was no exception. Ran hard, with authority, and had some shifty moves. He even broke a few tackles! Way to go J.J. C.J. Jones - Welcome to the Cleveland Browns, kid. You're hired.
lazywaste I got to listen to part of the game and noticed a few things that the browns have been doing well with Holcomb at QB. The first is 3rd down efficiency - after so many 3 & outs for so many years the Browns - with Holcomb at the helm - are moving the ball in sustained long drives - converting 3rd downs and expanding the field to open up the offense. The defensive line played much better with the return of Courtney - lets hope he can stay healthy. C.J. Jones - this guy looks to be a lock to make the team on special teams as the kick return man - imagine when Davis gets healthy both of these guys returning kicks for the browns - it can be be the most explosive kick return team in the NFL - not to mention all that Quincy Morgan is capable of on punt returns - the Browns have really improved their special teams since Butch Davis took over.
mmercurio Too bad C.J. Jones didn't go to Miami because he should be on our team!
dobie7 Holcomb made me happy tonight. He wasn't at his best but he directed a number of nice drives and put points on the board. C.J. Jones, congrats, you just made it to the NFL. I never was a fan of Jackson, but he proved to me tonight he belongs in the NFL. Too bad he is the odd man out next year.
wahoo97 If Northcutt wants to leave next year, CJ Jones looks like a suitable replacement. James Jackson has done a real nice job the past few games.
tellimad Felipe had the hit of the preseason, on the kickoff coverage team.
cbus7 KJ has the best hands in the NFL, Andra Davis proved coach BD right in his promotion, and Jones just made the team
pjewett Couch will get another chance to be the man. He needs to keep his head up. I hope he will be as prepared to come in as Holcomb. Won't it be great to trade both Jackson and Couch and get 1, 3, and 4 round picks.
vadawglb Jones is a keeper!!!!!!!!!!! He provides us with an explosive returner and a speedy receiver if a receiver goes down with an injury. James Jackson looks like he finally has figured it out that you have to study film and practice hard to become a decent/good back in the NFL.
eelkinsjr J.Jackson - Poster boy for how a player is to improve, when his job is threatened. Runs like he wants that backup job! Claybrooks - Could anyone have more enthusiasm and zest for the game?! Can get everyone pumped! C.J.Jones - One of those MUST have on your roster, type player!
clevdawg Both Jackson and White performed great. While it is hard to evaluate the OL listening with a 60 second delayed internet feed, the fact that Holcomb had time to find and connect 14 times in 36 plays and the RBs did as well as they did should mean they deserve a game ball.
bygdaddy8 C.J. JONES IS A BEAST!!! he can do it all. he's a keeper!
brownsholcomb C.J. will be big this year. Bye Bye King!
thoughtgang C.J. Jones just made the 53 man roster. Leigh Bodden has good coverage skills---could they sneak him on the practice squad. Claybrooks gets a vote for almost beheading a lions player on special teams.
maheller71 CJ Jones needs to make this team. Especially if we may lose Northcutt. Running game was strong even without Green. We have some good running backs. Aaron Shea played well and hangs on to the ball.
dxdawg Roye- Solid as usual. How is it that this guy basically consumes the stats of all men on the defensive line? Ohh yeah that's right, he works hard and lets his play speak for itself. Unlike our "cornerstone DT." CJ Jones- I can't figure out why I keep seeing Andre King on the field. What has he done? CJ is young, but he has more ability and shows some excellent flashes of his potential. I say bye bye King. Make room for CJ!!! Andre Davis- Consistent as usual. Flows well to the ball, makes quick reads, tackles well. On his way to being a household name in the league.
muskiebuck Davis continues to improve. He was a real sleeper in the 5th round after his knee injury, but this 255 pounder appears to have gotten his speed back and is fully recovered. Good detective work done by the Browns here. Holcomb looked solid, as usual although he did throw some ill considered balls that should have been INT's. Good touch, usually good fast decisions and appears to have his team's confidence. CJ Jones looks like a real sleeper to me and plays faster than his listed time of a mid 4.4 forty. Maybe he will replace Dennis Northcutt next year. His game certainly resembles Northcutt's most of all.
mikehey the offense looks like they are ready for the season to begin
bassline Claybrooks gets a gameball for absolutely DESTRYOING a kick returner. CJ Jones gets one for hustling from start to finish and then some.
clevelandfan Chris Gardocki & Phil Dawson - the only two consistently good bright spots on this team. THE only players, so far, that we can count on week in and week out to perform. Special Teams - Very nice run back by C.J. Jones (probably ran his way onto the roster), and a nice devastating hit by Claybrooks in the 1st qtr. Courtney Brown - It was nice to see CB back on the field, and from his limited play time, he look decent. Gerard Warren - Finally got in on some plays, and was not 'Mr. Invisible' all night.
heater Phil Dawson!!!!! During pre-game warm-ups, he kicked a football to me before they put the net up. I yelled my thanks and he smiled and nodded!!!!! How cool is that!!! Also, William Green did the right thing that a father-to-be should...he stayed at the hospital and did NOT go to the game. Kudos to him!
snesbit C.J. Jones has secured his roster spot. Big Money actually did something, Our new starting QB looked good.
scott.a.carpenter I can't give any props to anyone. The LIONS BLEW US OUT? Oh my GAWD!
james_t_h CJ and Q caught TD's, and Mr. Jackson looked pretty good!
ttylicki If C.J. Jones doesn't make this team it will be a travesty.
doctorfresh James Jackson: It's nice to know that if Green were to go down, our running game wouldn't completely go down with him.
conan59er Dear Kelly and Tim, Thank you for ending the QB debate so effectively...
mamadawg Jeff Faine is going to do very well in Cleveland. He is a "Browns" type player.
fairwayseeker C. J. Jones has emerged as the top rookie this year and Butch will make a big mistake by keeping A. King over this talented WR/KR who will continue to get better!
shanebrowndawg Sherrod had looked good to me. I think he will be an asset for our LB's. William Green- For putting family first. A rare thing in today's world. CJ Jones- If Cutt is indeed gone next year, here is our next #4 receiver and kick returner.
dawginatl C.J. in Andre King out!
gddawg Couch deserves a game ball for being the only quarterback to not fumble the ball during a throwing motion. Faine for his hussle and consistency. Bodden and Coates for positioning and making plays on special teams.


Goat Comments:

ohio210 CUT HEIDEN...Defense sucks and blows
smagyar Is this defense still in prevent mode?
r22weiss After a even 1st half, Couch came in and the game went down the toilet. He went 3 and out on the 1st series which lead to good field position for the Lions. Then on the 2nd series he threw an INT which lead to another Lions score. Makes it hard for the defense when that happens. Defense still needs A LOT of work. They looked sluggish. Maybe too many 2 a-days.
jsinct Everyone involved in the debacle. This team has some serious issues. God help us if they don't fix something soon.
jeffmusselman Where do we begin this week? I think at the top with the man who assembled this mess of talent-less crap we call a "defense" - Butch Davis and his underachieving pal, Dave Campo.
stonecolddawg absolutely horrid performance no one can stop the run
seibu1 Entire Defense - Although the first team D showed a little improvement, the defense as a whole was beyond awful. It doesn't matter who we have at QB if the D plays like this. Completely unacceptable. Anthony Henry - Not only can Henry not tackle, he can't cover either, and for a starting CB, I'd say that's a problem. Michael Jameson - Out of position all night long. Terrible performance. 'nuff said.
lazywaste imagine what would have happened if couch started this game with the bad protection that the O-Line gave - he would have been absolutely annihilated. And he did not fair any better against the 2nd and 3rd string defense of the Lions - he look down-right pitiful. Defensive backs - you guys need to get a clue and start playing some football back there - these 20 second marches down the field can't happen. I would really like to see what Mitchell would look like on that starting O-Line - I wonder if his massive potential could help out the protection for passing and blocking for running games.
mmercurio I thought Butch was a superior recruiter, motivator and defensive genius??? From what I see his draft picks appear to be average at best, his team seems to be content waiting for pay checks and our defense couldn't stop the corpse of Jimmy Stewart - let alone James Stewart!
dobie7 I am not totally disgusted with the defense. There were some bright spots tonight. The lopsided score came with the backups. I, however, am completely disgusted with Henry. He looks absolutely terrible. He got destroyed tonight by Bill Schroeder. Not exactly a top receiver.
cbus7 Henry got rocked all night looking very off-balanced and unaware, Pearson needs to step it up, Couch was his worst ever (regardless of the TD pass)
vadawglb This looks like the same defense from last year. Very bad tackling. Davis and Campo must go back and teach the basic tackling fundamentals!!!!!!! Way to many missed tackles!!!!!!!! This could be our down fall if the defense doesn't learn to tackle and get pressure on the quarterback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
eelkinsjr Couch - His goal was to light it up. Instead he sat the place on fire, kinda like Danys Baez when he brings his can of kerosene to the mound in the 9th inning with a 3-run lead, then proceeds to make you wonder what anyone ever saw in him. Pearson - Poster boy for things wrong with the defense! Hit but don't wrap, don't pay attention to what is going on -- especially when the ball is going by your ear hole! Jay Taylor - Did they sign this guy out of High School?
clevdawg Our DBs need work (Understatement of the year). I hate to kick a guy when he is down but TC really performed poor against the Lion's second D. I figured he would have turned it up a notch to prove Butch wrong, I guess the opposite happened.
bygdaddy8 the defense needs an overhaul on the front line. the LB's and DB's will come into their own
waltosu37 Jameson sucks and always will! Why the contract extension?
thoughtgang Courtney looked back to normal...he sucked Tim Couch-meet the bench, you are gonna be there a while Henry-you can't play man, you can't play jersey is almost ready to go into the dumpster
maheller71 TRADE COUCH AND GET SOME TALENT ON DEFENSE!!! We need it. I hope it all comes together by opening day with Griffith, Brown, Warren, etc. The secondary got ate up by Detroit?? They were the worst team in the league last year right?
dabrowns31 Defensive backs looked like they were lost... ugly.. simply ugly
dxdawg D Backs- Can they cover? Can they tackle? To me it seems as though they are just kinda there. Practice dummies. They sure as hell have been torn apart in all three pre-season games to date. The games mean nothing, but they have shown NOTHING!!! Couch- Easy to see why he is on the bench. He just doesn't have it right now. Warren- STILL NO TACKLES??? Wow!!! I know it was just one play, but when the Browns gave up the short pass TD to Anderson (Lions) when Jameson was out of position, Warren got MAN HANDLED one on one on his pass rush. MAN HANDLED!!! That's just one out of many. Put up or shut up!
muskiebuck Couch's performance was absolutely terrible. the best example of his play for the Holcomb faction to crow about. Brown played by some definition of the word, but was, as usual, a non factor. Parson foolishly left his man.
mikehey better start looking for better quality defensive players when other teams make cuts
bassline Were they PLANNING on each of them doing the Invisible Football Trick, or were they just lucky? They looked fine otherwise, but that was just WEIRD.
clevelandfan Tim Couch - Timmy just look completely defeated, from the fumbled snap, to just not being able to get the team to do anything. Of course the lines complete inability to block for him was almost heartbreaking. Tim, suck it up, you're one play from being the starter again, stay prepared!!! Offense - maybe it was because of Willy Green not being there, but they just did not show the same intensity as last week. Hopefully it was just a bump in the road. Defense - Some bright spots with CB back in the mix, and 'Big Money' showing up, but 31 pts. to Detroit???????????? Kelly Holcomb - Okay, this is probably un-called for, but that fumbled pass, was pretty funny....hopefully the ONLY time this year!!!
heater Tim Couch was just mailing it in...pathetic.
snesbit I new we'd have a lot of problems with our secondary. I thought Northcutt learned his lesson about dropping passes? Its ok Tim, thats why you're a backup.
scott.a.carpenter Please cover somebody, anybody, for cryin' out loud. Why do we keep making bums look like stars? Are the DB's really this bad? Maybe Hanford needs to talk to these guys and tell them what it means to be a DAWG!
james_t_h OMG that D!! YUCK!!
ttylicki Anthony Henry looked absolutely lost on Saturday. If he can't cover Schroeder, how in the world is he going to be able to cover Harrison, Owens and the rest of the WR threats the Browns play this year.
doctorfresh Gerard Warren: So you made a play. That's what?--one play in the past 20 games? You've got a lot of catching up to do.
conan59er The D-Line finally gets some pressure on the QB and the secondary is still nowhere to be found!!! Dis aint good....
west side dawg Kelly through three passes directly into the hands of Detroit defenders...
ozzie1919 Where was the downfield passing and how many times did he throw the ball short of the first down chain when it was third and long. Welcome Kelly to the life of a starting Quarterback.
fairwayseeker The Off. Line coach should realize these preseason games are to give seasoning to those who will make a difference - Not playing Q. Mitchell with the 1st liners is slowing his development, he should be playing as much as possible. D. Campo should be doing more game-planning during Preseason games 2-4, so that they know who the playmakers are going to be. Staying "vanilla" is not working. Maybe my blame should go to B. Davis in both of these cases!
hoistnleg2psonsqlr This was a classic "Timmuh Turd".
shanebrowndawg Timmy- I like the guy, but he didn't seem into the game. Defense??-- Anyone home??? ANYONE?? GOD, Pleeeeease someone answer me. Ryan Tucker- Not a big goathorn, but he did false start. Please don't revert to last years form.
dawginatl Could Henry look any worse? Burned twice by a guy who wouldn't even get invited to our camp. You would think he would get better with all the talent to practice against.
edwardson Can Pete Garcia get a pair of horns for selecting Chaun Thompson and Chris Crocker in rounds 2 and 3?
gddawg Loyd shouldn't even be given plane money for the trip home. Non-factor is being nice, Crocker is looking more and more like Stephen Braggs every game. #37 - When the defense yells "Ball!" you should be near the receiver not 5 yards behind. In fact, the defense should just save their vocal cords for the post game interviews. Yelling Ball just sounds good on Television. Good thing we brought in all this speed! The D looks great running to the sidelines between touchdowns. Too bad there is not a minor league for learning, huh Chaun?
gddawg Kalvin, you like Europe? D-line: Please, remove your wallets before you take the field. You'd be much lighter and faster. In fact, try taking off the ballerina slippers and staying off the balls of your feet.
malpal369 I can't stand watching the defense getting walked all over I hope someone gets pissed off and starts busting some heads


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