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No Michael Vick and not even very much Kelly Holcomb will grace the playing field of Cleveland Browns Stadium this evening. The final preseason game of the year is on hand, and both sides mostly just want to get through it unscathed. Here's our game info page, with the usual set of links you might want to click.

Cleveland Browns vs. Atlanta Falcons
August 28, 2003
8:00PM EST
Browns Stadium
Capacity: 73,200


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The game will be broadcast on the Browns  pre-season station, WKYC-3 in Cleveland.

Columbus: WCMH 4
Dayton: WCMH 4



Here is our listing of Browns radio affiliates.

WMMS is the team's flagship station. They seem to still be carrying a free live feed right here. The Browns carry a live NFL feed, and are following the NFL's dictate that fans are charged for Internet radio access to game.

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Game Preview

Here's the Owl's look at the game.

This game serves the major purposes:

1. Prove the coaching staff's ability to yank out their starters as quickly as possible to avoid injury.

2. In-depth evaluation of players who are about as likely to see regular season game action as you or I.

3. Extract cash from fans by charging them full price for a practice game.

If you're the type of hard-core fan who watches this game start to finish, like we admittedly are, you probably already know the position battles that will play out tonight. But here they are anyway: a couple of linebacker / special teams slots (Unck / Loyd / Coates), second or third string offensive linemen (Zukauskas, Redziniak, Beasely) and maybe seeing if C.J. Jones can force his way onto the roster.

To be honest, special teams may be the most interesting part of the evening.

We'll see the starting defensive line for just a couple of plays, as Courtney Brown is used in a rotation, and we'll see the rest of the starters for 10-15 plays at most. After that, it's on to deciding who to cut and putting players out there who won't derail plans if they get injured. We'll talk about all this in the chat room during the game, so join us!

I have to admit that it's hard working up an interest in this game. So I'll pimp subscriptions instead.

After a lot of thought, I've come up with the Top 10 Reasons You Should Subscribe to this very moment

10. It's the "in" thing. Like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were, except without the dorky yellow Ranger.

9. Mrs. Bietz is getting sick of me calling our kids "The 'Lil Plasma Donors"

8. Only distracts Doc Gonzo from writing the screenplay to Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo II.

7. Before we die, all of us here at want to sleep on a bed where the mattresses are stuffed with thousand dollar bills, just like a sixth-round draft choice.

6. Because The.Raw.Feed is pretty cool, even if we don't have the slightest clue how to explain what it is.

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4. No member of the staff is running for Governor of California.

3. Because you would rather have us slogging subscriptions than orange Bone-hats, and you know it. (mandatory obscure 1999 BTNG reference)

2. It irritates Steeler fans, particularly the ones who run SteelCitySports.

1. If you do, I promise to never trot out a lame Top 10 list again. Really. Click here.


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