Find T-Bone: David Carducci's Notes from Berea

Tony Jones is still among the missing according to David Carducci, who updates us on Wednesday's activity in Berea. The Browns also dispute published stories on the interest in trading Kevin Johnson.

This is the latest from David Carducci in Berea, via email:

Reports of Tony Jones rejoining the Browns may have been premature. Less than an hour before the Browns were scheduled to begin practice, there was no sign of Jones in Berea.

The locker Jones occupied when he was here during training camp was still empty today. The only knowledge the Browns' players had of Jones possible return came from today's newspaper reports.

"I don't think any of us know any more than what all of you have heard," said Roger Chanoine, who would be in danger of losing his job as the starting right tackle should Jones return. "If he decides to come back, I'm sure he would help the team. If he doesn't, I wish him well with the rest of his life."

I think the gut feeling with most of the members of the media is that Jones will not be back.

According to some reports, Jones has decided he wants to come back. If that is the case, his not being in Berea would be a decision on the part of the Browns. It is possible the Browns don't want to take a chance on bringing back a 36-year-old tackle who constantly changes his mind on whether or not he wants to play.

In other news, Kevin Johnson was upset by recent newspaper reports that the Browns are shopping him. Johnson said he has been told by Davis that the team is not considering a trade and that if there has been contact with the Chiefs, Eagles or Saints, it was initiated by those teams.

Johnson said he is "embarassed" by speculation that the Browns asking price is a third-round pick and that most teams aren't willing to part with anything other than a fourth or fifth-round selection.

According to Johnson, Davis is also upset about the rumors and will address the subject during his afternoon press conference.

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