Cleveland Browns Bye Week Games of Interest

With the Browns on their Bye Week, there are still some important games that can impact the team.

Per usual, the Cleveland Browns and their fans have NFL Draft related interests early in December.

The Browns currently hold the #1 (own) and #12 (Eagles) picks in the 1st Round as well as having the Tennessee Titans 2nd Round pick. 

The Titans join the Browns in being off this week but there are a ton of games the Browns and fans should be rooting in specific ways. Because the Philadelphia Eagles pick is in the 1st Round, any games that impact both the Eagles and Titans, we will be rooting for whatever gives us the higher pick in the 1st Round.

Before Sunday's games kickoff, the Eagles are 5 - 6 while the Titans are 6 - 6.

Starting off is the "fight" for the #1 overall pick. The San Francisco 49ers have one victory but winning another game would be very helpful just in case the Browns happen to win a game. Their best chance is this week.

#1 Overall Pick Rooting Interest

1PM - 49ers at Bears - The Bears only have 2 wins on the season and will be starting Matt Barkley while the Niners have been looking better with Colin Kaepernick starting to come around. A Niners win gives the Browns a cushion in case they want to win a game. Because of the Browns having the hardest schedule in the NFL, they would actually lose tie breakers to any team if they tied for the top pick, as weird as that sounds.

Rooting for the Niners to beat the Bears

Eagles Pick

There are quite a few games that the Browns have rooting interest in.


Packers beating the Texans
Saints beating the Lions
Rams beating the Patriots (Only Gronk's injury gives any level of hope here.)


Chargers beating the Bucs
Cardinals beating Washington


Panthers beating the Seahawks

Monday Night

Colts beating the Jets

If these 7 games go the way the Browns want them to, the Eagles would be tied for the 7th worst record. Too many variables to calculate Strength of Schedule, which would decide exactly which pick the Browns would get from the Eagles but tied for 7th with 4 weeks left would be exciting.

Titans Pick

Titans are on a bye. There are a couple games that impact both the Eagles and Titans picks but we've covered that above.


Ravens beating the Dolphins


Bills beating the Raiders
Steelers beating the Giants

If everything goes the Browns way, the Titans pick would be, at best, tied for the 10th pick in the 2nd Round.

With the Browns on a Bye, you now have your list of rooting interest for this week's slate of games.

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