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Browns Express Interest in Steeler RB

Published reports this morning are claiming that the Cleveland Browns have expressed interest in Steelers running back <A HREF="">Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala</A>. Developing...

Published reports this morning from Pittsburgh indicate that the Browns have contacted the agent of running back Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala. The reports also indicate that Fuamatu-Ma'afala's agent has talked to the New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati Bengals, and Jacksonville Jaguars.

The interest in the Steelers running back follows only a day after reported the Browns interest in C Brett Romberg, who eventually signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Clearly, the team is looking at the waiver wire and investigating ways to improve the bottom part of their roster.

The interest Fuamatu-Ma'afala is curious, since the Browns are deep at running back. It's possible that the Browns might be looking at his as a fullback as his size (6'0", 254) remind one of successful fullbacks. It's also possible that the Browns are interested in bringing on a player that would help them prepare for the Steelers. Prior to releasing him, the Steelers were attempting to trade him.

The Browns might want to wait several days to sign Fuamatu-Ma'afala, as would other interested teams. According to the CBA, if he is signed before the first regular season game, he would need to be paid for the entire year. If signed after the first regular-season game, he could be paid for a partial year.

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