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Browns Should Have One Goal This Off-Season

With their head coach and front office in place for the second straight off-season, the Browns should only have one goal this off-season.

Last year, getting Hue Jackson, Sashi Brown, Andrew Berry and the foundation of the regime was the focus. The Browns had to get the people in place for them to create the culture and systems that they want. While fans may not be happy with 1-15 record, nor should they be, setting up the foundation of the Cleveland Browns was the key.

That was last year. That was last off-season.

This off-season, everyone has an idea of what the Browns "should" do. 

  • Draft the best quarterback available.
  • Draft Myles Garrett cause he is the best player by far in the NFL Draft.
  • Sign a few top flight free agents.
  • Trade down to get more picks in this year's great Draft.
  • Build the offensive line like Dallas.
  • Build a great defense to hang in the AFC North.

All great ideas but what is the goal?

The goal is to make the NFL Playoffs and be competitive toward a Super Bowl at some point in time.

With that being the goal, time to take a look at what teams made the Playoffs and what we know about them. Here are the teams that made the Playoffs and a quick summary of the identity of those teams:


  1. New England - The Patriots have a historically great QB and head coach with a good defense
  2. Kansas City - The Chiefs have a great defense, great offensive coach and a game manager at QB.
  3. Pittsburgh - The Steelers have a great QB with, arguably, the best RB & WR in the league at this time. 
  4. Houston - The Texans have a great defense with mediocre QB play and an okay run game.
  5. Oakland - The Raiders have a great offensive line, a very good young QB and one great defender, Khalil Mack.
  6. Miami - The Dolphins built a great defensive line, a good young QB with a lot of weapons on the outside.


  1. Dallas - The Cowboys have one of the best offensive lines in history along with a very good rookie running back.
  2. Atlanta - The Falcons have a great offense with receivers, quarterback and line along with some good young defenders.
  3. Seattle - The Seahawks had a great defense, until Earl Thomas got hurt, along with a good QB and terrible offensive line.
  4. Green Bay - The Packers have a great QB, Aaron Rodgers. Period.
  5. New York - The Giants have a great trio of wide receivers, a solid QB and an explosive defense.
  6. Detroit - The Lions have a very good QB with very good weapons.

So what do they all, maybe except the Lions, have in common?

The Browns lone goal for this off-season is what they have in common: The Browns need to become GREAT at something!

The Browns haven't been great in any one big aspect of football in years. The closest thing is when Josh Cribbs was the best returner in the league and those four glorious games of Jerome Harrison running great.

Besides that, the Browns have been adequate to good, at best, in areas on the field.

Obviously, they have never had a great QB since their return. They've had Josh Gordon but never a dominant passing attack. At times they have been able to run the ball well but not for a long period of time.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Browns haven't stopped the run with any regularity since the return and hitting the QB has been inconsistent at best.

This off-season, the Browns have to become great at something.

They can attack the pass defense by drafting Garrett, a safety and a corner in the first four to five picks. They could sign a big time free agent DB like Trumaine Johnson as well.

They could go for a great run defense with Jonathan Allen and a great linebacker.

They could go strong on their rushing game with Leonard Fournette or Dalvin Cook along with adding an offensive lineman in the 2nd Round and signing a free agent for the line.

They could focus on their passing game with a quarterback at the top of the Draft, Mitch TrubiskyDeshaun Watson or DeShone Kizer, while adding a stud WR and TE with the 12th and 33rd picks.

No matter what happens, the Browns have to become great at something. They have to have some identity, like the teams above.

For years, the Browns identity has been change, losing and being the butt of the jokes.

To join those in the NFL Playoffs, the Browns have to become great at something.

That should be the Browns lone goal this off-season.


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