Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Dave, Lane, and Ron were in the chat room last night, talking about the Browns vs. the Colts, the offensive line, and, of course, how the "King of Queens" managed to land such an attractive wife. I've wondered about that, too. Anyhow, is the largely-unedited Browns Uncensored chat transcript from last night. Feel free to write me (AB) if you prefer heavily edited transcripts to ones like this, which contain all the chatter.

Hound09 Stokes is going to get burned
Hound09 Stokes is a serious down grade and Verba was not that good
browns28 i thought stokes would be better
Hound09 at LT
dobie7 Stokes looked good at LT in GB
Lane Stokes at LT should not be the disaster that many are playing it off to be
Hound09 Well he is going to have a hell of a test Sun in Freeny
ramllov hey Lane
Lumpy Lane what's up
Guest23 Stokes will be fine at LT, its LG that's a concern.
browns28 lg really scares me i think that's why they were after romberg
Lane He does rise to the occasion, but he will have his hands full and Sunday will be quite a challenge
dobie7 He can't do much worse than Verba did this Preseason
ramllov Lane? What is your opinion on the Browns?
Lane LG is a problem. Fowler has not stepped up, Zuk has not shown much, so they have been looking for a player that can help
CCDawg49 any idea who they have been looking at?
DawginATL that's what i was thinking Lane.. LG is more of a problem than LT
browns28 anyone else in mind at lg lane
Guest23 And if Stokes or Tucker were to go down - uh oh.
Hound09 What are the concerns w/ Fowler
Lumpy What are the takes on Heinrich over Mustard....Zuk and DeMar over Qasim....Jackson over Pittman and Scott??
Lane LT will be an issue, the pass-protection was average or so prior to the Verba injury. Defensively this team will struggle in the early going
Lane Right, if Tucker or Stokes go down, there will be some serious problems
CCDawg49 besides that, all is well....
ramllov Hey Art
Hound09 It will be interesting to see the D in the first game
artbtz Hey folks
Lane Fowler is not consistent. One play he is great, the next he basically is non-descript
browns28 are the browns searching for someone to play lg?
Lumpy What's up AB....
Hound09 So it is not a talent issue w/ Fowler, but an understanding of the game
Lane They like DeMar, have to say that he did look pretty decent in the games
Lane Hey AB
artbtz Not much, just finished watching Two Towers on DVD... what a great movie.
newdawg It is time for him to learn to be consistant.
artbtz Hey Lane... Dave...
Lane With Mitchell, the issue is obvious. He needs alot of work.
ramllov Hey Dave
Lane Dave, what's up man?
DavidCarducci I just picked it up ... I hear the 10-minute preview of the next one is pretty neat
DavidCarducci Hi Lane, Ram
Lumpy Both those movies were good...can't wait until Return of the King
artbtz It's pretty cool....
browns28 hi david
DavidCarducci Hi Browns28
Moony I'm waiting for the extended version
DavidCarducci So what's happening tonight?
browns28 david are the browns searching for a lg right now?
CCDawg49 david, what are your thoughts on the 53-man roster?
DawginATL they got me last time on that Moony
artbtz Yeah, I know. I'll get these, then there will be another version we'll want more.
ramllov I heard the line to the Indy game is up to 1 1/2. Do you guys see a win?
Hound09 I thought the D looked more fluid int he Secondary w/ Griff back there
Lumpy Insiders-what is the word on Romberg? If he is signed to PS...who moves up?
Lane They still did not tackle well and were late in coverage and zone responsibilities
DavidCarducci browns28, I don't think so. From what I understand, they want to see if Fowler can finally make the adjustment.
Lane Romberg is in Jacksonville
artbtz Romberg isn't coming
DavidCarducci Lumpy, I heard that Romberg was just a rumor
artbtz I just updated the front page
BryanK Who's the biggest surprise to still be on the roster?
Guest23 Browns will win a thriller vs Indy and the town will be buzzing.
newdawg good. i don't want Romberg.
ramllov Lane/Dave is the secondary the major weakness on this team?
browns28 david fowler scares me at lg
DavidCarducci To me it has to be Enoch. Even Enoch didn't think he was going to make it when he came to camp. He told me today it was ""a snowball's chance in ... you know""
Lane Hard to call that one..............Could be all the CB's, LB's, or maybe even Enoch
DavidCarducci He had a rough senior year when Indiana switched coaching staffs, and his stock dropped
Hound09 Dave, What do you think will be the biggest suprises this season both positive and negative
Lane I look at the entire defense as a weakness at this time. Again, time should quell that, but right now that is what I see
Moony Coates was a surprise to me
ramllov Lane/Dave if the Browns have 10 rookies on the active squad, how many will be on the team next year?
dobie7 What are future plans for Hybl?
Lane Coates earned his spot, he is a player that the coaching staff believes has a future in this league
DavidCarducci Hound09, I think people will be surprised by how many interceptions that Holcomb will throw, and hopefully they won't get frustrated by that. I don't think overall that will be a negative. It's just a by-product of having a guy who takes a chance at a big play. He'll also make those big plays
Lane Ram, a majority is all that I can really say right now. Lets see what plays out
Lane Hey Ron
RonJantz hello fellas... sorry I'm late
DavidCarducci On Coates, Davis calls him a safety in a linebacker's body, so in a way, with that speed, it wasn't a big surprise. I thought it would be a tossup between those three, with Coates and Unck the frontrunners
DavidCarducci Hi Ron.
Lumpy Davis mentioned last night that with Qasim, he wasn't versatile other guys are-DeMar and Zuk....Is there any chance he can find his way off PS this year?..and how many other teams tried to grab him?
RonJantz Hey Dave...what time did you get in the lockerroom today
RonJantz hey was disney?
Aqib Dave wouldn't too many of those INTs casue people to call for Couch or is that just me?
ramllov The girls had a great time
DavidCarducci Ram, I have no idea. The roster can change so much over a year. Maybe 7
ramllov thanks
DavidCarducci Hi Ron. I actually was in Berea early today, around 10:30 a.m.
Hound09 What are the chances of Mitchell playing himself off the PS
BryanK Besides Verba, hows the overall health of the team going into game 1?
jmazzulo920 Hey guys, do you guys no if the Browns are gonna be wearing those awful orange pants I keep hearing about?
ramllov Will the Browns be in a position to make a major push into the playoffs in 2004, with their cap problems solved?
browns28 so was there any truth to bringing in Romberg
DavidCarducci Aqib, it could happen. Fans can be fickle. I still would have rather seen Couch get the job, but I have a lot of faith in Holcomb as well
artbtz Yeah, 28, there was something to it.
RonJantz hound judging from Butch's seems like the Browns think he needs he'll probably be there for awhile
CCDawg49 David, isn't it amazing that every one of Davis' draft choices (sans Pharms) over the past 3 years is still on the roster? I see so many recent draft choices have been cut.
browns28 then the browns are concerned w/ lg then
dobie7 Do the coaches see Hybl as the future back up?
Guest23 What is the story on Pharms - is his prison time almost over - will he eventually play with the Browns?
artbtz I'd have a hard time believing that Davis wouldn't be interested in Romberg... since he used to play LG for the Hurricanes as well...
DavidCarducci Hound09, Ron is exactly right. Everything I hear about Qasim is that he does fine when his assignment is to just go one-on-one with an opposing DT, but when he is asked to two or more things on one play, he really struggles
artbtz The gave up their rights to him 23
Aqib no one remembers a 5th rounder 4 years after he was drafted
DavidCarducci Guest23, I don't think you will ever see Pharms here.
Guest23 art - can't they resign him as a free agent?
browns28 art then are they looking at lg spot for someone besides fowler
Guest258 Are any of our tight ends legitimate starters for Butch, or are they just stop gap until we can draft one/pick one up in free agency next year?
RonJantz dobie...maybe as a three...I'm not sure they think Hybl is good enough to be a two.
DavidCarducci They could 23, but they've pretty much decided to develop the 4 young linebackers (5 with Coates) they already have on the roster
Hound09 How is faine handling the understanding of the offense
Lumpy Why Heinrich over Mustard?
ramllov Lane/Dave/ron, did the Browns look at Mike Caldwell, LB?
dobie7 thaks ron
RonJantz guest 258...Butch really likes his TE.. he said yesterday that he thought that position has been significantly upgraded to one that was a valuable resource
Lane Was told no today by a team rep
Moony good question Lumpy
artbtz LOL...
artbtz On Pharms: ""Last January, Pharms was sentenced to nearly 3 1/2 years in prison for his part in a botched robbery in Washington during which a Seattle man was shot in the leg.""
DavidCarducci guest258, it's hard to say. I think Davis still has hopes for Sanders and he is happy with Heiden, but are they the dynamic types of TE's who can stretch the middle of the field that Butch ultimately sees for the position? Probably not
Guest106 Will Suggs play this year? When can he practice?
Guest23 Did you notice Antonio Gates TE Kent State fa made the Chargers final roster.
Lane The team is supposedly looking at some opportunities for the lower end of the roster, but nothing is on the horizon
DavidCarducci Guest106, Suggs can return after week 6
Aqib art that case was a bunch of garbage, since when is a bloody glove enough to convict anyone on the west coast
DavidCarducci Guest23, I did notice that. I know Gates personally, so I've been following that very closely
RonJantz suggs will be placed on PUP and will be available after the 6th game of season
CCDawg49 lol
dobie7 Where is Barry Gardner fitting in now? When he plays he doesnt seem to do anything???
artbtz LOL... I'm guessing Pharms didn't have Cochran on his side. He was busy with Zeus...
Guest106 Will Suggs play this year though?
Lane Ouch
browns28 since the browns tried to bring romberg in at lg are they considering anyone else
ramllov Are there any updates on C Brown, A, Davis and Jamal White, are they all healthy now?
artbtz I would have thought of Romberg as Practice Squad material, 28
DavidCarducci dobie7, I agree. I think he just adds experience and depth right now. He is not particulary strong in the passing game, so I don't know if you'll see him on nick or dime, but he is very good on special teams
RonJantz guest 106 I can't see that happening
DavidCarducci Guest106, I think the Browns are hopeful, and that's why they left the door open. I don't think anyone is certain, though
ramllov When is the trading deadline after the sixth game or later?
Lane I would say it this way...........the team is looking at all options along the line with players that fit into the general scheme. One thing here is that they will not bring in a veteran to take a roster spot if he cannot contribute in a manner higher than the ceiling they have placed on the roster players
DavidCarducci Andre Davis is 100-percent, and could be seen on kickoffs
artbtz As long as you're three-deep at RB, why put him on the active roster if you don't have to.
DavidCarducci Courtney is still improving little by little and will split time for now
DavidCarducci Jamel is healthy enough to fill his usual role
ramllov Thanks Dave
Lumpy Lane....that basically means we work with what we got?
browns28 courtney looked really good against atlanta
Hound09 will we see CB at left or right d end
Lane Most likely, don't expect an earth-shattering move
DavidCarducci I think they are pretty much resigned to the fact that there isn't much out there and they will be going with what they have, Lumpy
ramllov Lane, Dave and Ron, do you see a better football squad than last year? Better depth and speed?
newdawg David, what is this about courtney having a degenerative knee condidtion. is he on the way out?
Lumpy thanks guys
Guest258 Anyone know how Kuel (ex long snapper) got hurt for the year and whether his injury (wrist?)is career threatening?
BryanK What do you expect out of Griffith this year? Is he the true defensive leader we thought he was?
DavidCarducci Hound09, I think you'll see him at both. He was far more successful at LDE than RDE, and actually has been his entire career
Lumpy Ram-Davis says we are a LOT better...(:
artbtz Haven't been tracking that one 258
Moony Lumpy asked a good question earlier - why Heinrich over Mustard?
DavidCarducci Newdawg, I don't really know. For now it's just a rumor
Hound09 I noticed that too it is like a RF being made to play left
RonJantz ram I see a better offense...especially with Green rady for week one...I'm not so sure the defense is better. I think it will be but the growing could be painful.
Moony Kuehl's injury is elbow tendonitus I believe
Lane Speed, yes.......depth, in time yes.........does not equate to a better team come opening day, I don't believe they will be, but at some point during the season, the defense will 'get-it' and they should be a better team as a whole.
CCDawg49 I read where kuehl thought he did too much snapping early on in camp.
Lane Offensively this team can be explosive, we'll see how the LT plays into the overall equation
ramllov Thank you men!
Guest106 Have there been any calls from other teams for players at depth positions? ie. Northcutt
DavidCarducci I haven't seen much of Heinrich yet, but Mustard had trouble holding on to the ball.
ramllov Holcomb has a quicker release than Couch, so with the LT gone, it appears the QB choice was the right one.
Hound09 so how do we see the season going, just scrap by the first eight and then make a playoff push
browns28 any more news on northcutt getting a contract extension
ramllov Is that an accurate assumptions?
dobie7 Has Darnell Sanders progressed at all this preseason or are the coaches disappointed?
Lane Northcutt had been talked about, don't know if that was generated by the Browns or the other team..........Talks on Northcutt are going nowhere
DavidCarducci Hound09, I think there is probably a lot to that, actually. Hope that the young LB's and interior linemen come along, and schemes hide some of the inexperience
cbdawg is green 100%% or is there something to that mild neck injury a few wks ago?
Aqib art are you in or out
Guest21 ram - i posted that earlier in the forums... i had the same though
Guest21 t
Lane Trade wise or contract wise
RonJantz hound I thin the best thing the Browns have going for them is their division. I think if they can get to 9-7...maybe even 8-8...they got a shot...I don't think anyone in the division is going to be 10-6 or better. It'll be a bear to win that many games though.
Guest23 Any update on Joey Porter? Huge loss for Steelers.
browns28 contract wise
Guest106 Would they tag cutt next year to atleast match?
DavidCarducci Dobie7, I would bet they are a bit disappointed. Davis hinted recently that he has been up and down, as a lot of players have been. I haven't seen as many positives as I had when he was a rookie
BryanK Mort said tonight Porter may be back in a month
Hound09 AAre there any whispers about signing Pace next season
dobie7 thaks dave
CCDawg49 I think the steelers are hurting on the OL. Are they on the way down?
Guest106 Did Seattle sign their stud OT? What would he cost?
DavidCarducci I don't think there are any whispers about Pace in Berea right now, but I'm sure, knowing people close to Pace, that he would be interested in coming back. He is very close to his family, bought them new homes in Sandusky, and would like to be in the area
Lane Don't know, the voice we here from the organization is that they haven't even reached a point with their thoughts on him to render that discussion. Much will depend on what he does this season, they like the explosivnss he provides, but need to see him consistently
Guest258 Does anyone know the latest estimate of cap room for next year? Does it depend on whether Couch is with us?
Lane Dave is right on the money with Pace............
Lane Have been told that the team expects to easily be in the double-digits in cap-room
DavidCarducci Guest258, it would depend a lot on that, and other things. Verba, Cutt, etc .
ramllov Lane/Dave, last year the Browns had a rookie LT Dean, who was picked up by Seattle, is he still active or has he been cut and available now?
DavidCarducci Ram, I haven't thought to look.
Lane He has been cut, don't know if he was picked up
Hound09 If it becomes a viable option would it possible to sign give some of the contracts the Brown's have and the money Pace will ask for
newdawg does that cap figure include couch?
dobie7 Could the Browns be interested in going after Champ Baily if he is a free agent this winter
Lumpy Looking at the roster moves....what are your thoughts on them?
Guest23 Seems like the Browns have learned their lesson the hard way and aren't going to give super huge contracts to individuals anymore.
cbdawg would pace like to play in cleveland, or would he prefer detroit?
Lane Don't know on Couch and that is a topic that is pretty much off-limits by those close to the team
Moony Champ Bailey will most likely be too expensive for the browns
Guest106 Is Willie Green ready to run 25+ times in the first couple of games?
ramllov Could Couch eventually beat out Holcomb by the end of the season?
RonJantz hound...what was your question again
Hound09 Baily will be tagged
Lumpy Pace's agent is supposedly a pain is the ass and has Orlando wrapped around his finger..
dobie7 too bad
DavidCarducci dobie7, again, that would depend on a lot of things. The Browns will have to rank their priorities and how they want to spend their money, and how certain available players fit the way they define each position. Certainly Bailey would be a good fit at corner for just about any team, but so much depends on how guys like Henry, Sanders, and even Bodden perform
CCDawg49 is lehan healthy?
Hound09 Would it even be possible to sign pace given the contracts that already exist
dobie7 I am very worried about Henry
DavidCarducci Lumpy, Pace isn't a bad guy. There are a lot of teams who have had problems dealing with Poston
RonJantz ram anything is possible. I'm still interested in seeing how Kelly does as defenses start preparing for ""Him"" as the qb.
Moony Pace's current cap figure is ove 5 million
Lumpy Thanks Dave....but is he being influenced adversely?
DavidCarducci Guest106, William Green is set for a big year
dobie7 Is Lehan going to be ready for Sunday?
Guest23 How old is Pace?
Lane I spoke with Poston, this guy is interesting to say it nicely
Guest106 See Willie Run!
BryanK Would you start Green on your fantasy team this week?
DavidCarducci Lumpy, I hate to ruin a relationship with an agent, but let's say there are times when an agent can make a player look bad
Guest258 Just curious. Why are some posters listed as ""guest plus number"" and some by name? How doe you go from ""Guest"" to a name?
artbtz Konrad Dean was released by the Seahawks yesteraday
Hound09 When could we possibly see Lehan takeover as a starter
ramllov Thanks Art
Lumpy Thanks Dave...that clears it up for me.
RonJantz hound...I think it goes back to Dave's comment on Verba and Cutt and others...a lot would have to happen with a lot of other contracts
ramllov Do you think the Browns would have interest in Konrad Dean?
Guest106 Good ? 258 I can never use my log in when I join chats
artbtz Oops... my bad. It was last week that he was released.
Hound09 What is the line for Sun game
DavidCarducci Hound09, probably not this year, unless a few CB's go down. He is just a rookie, and the Browns want to continue to see if the light goes on for Henry and Sanders
Guest23 If Houston was smart they would sign Henson and trade Carr.
ramllov 1
RonJantz hound...I heard it was Browns giving point and half
weweber3 ron - latest at is even
Hound09 I take it this game is going to be a shootout
howldawg Ron was that before or after Verba?
weweber3 howl - before
RonJantz after
BryanK Take the over
browns28 do you see green having a big year with the changes in the o line
weweber3 (and after)
dobie7 The Colts were bad at pass coverage so they get Doss who is bad at covering people. Smart.
howldawg thanks weweb & Ron
newdawg is Doss starting?
Guest106 How will the O-line handle Freeny (sp?) this week?
Hound09 Doss fits into the Lynch mold though, who Dungy drafted
Lane The Colts were also looking to get a physical presence in the secondary.
howldawg Yea Dobie but when he gets there the recievers know it
Lumpy McLeod seemed to play his way on the team in the last game with this the blow up FB we are looking to spring Green?
dobie7 Maybe he wont catch our receivers.
weweber3 The Browns are 1 point favorites to EVEN.... the O/U is pretty steady at 45.5
DavidCarducci Browns28, I think Green will still have a big year. Where the Browns will lose the most is in its initial push with Fowler at LG instead of Stokes. Right side is still the same. Green understands the offense far better than even the end of last season, and he knows these linemen and how to read and set up his blocks with them
RonJantz browns 28 it seems each year there are changes in may take a while...but with Green's experience of last year...he should be able to adjust too a bit better
CCDawg49 is green getting more comfortable running behind a FB?
browns28 david or lane do you see green having a big year with the changes in the o line
DavidCarducci Lumpy, it could be. More importantly, McLeod has shown that he can play several different special teams roles, which allows them the luxury of having that big, hard-hitting FB when they go to the I
browns28 ok thanks
Lane browns28........see what Dave and Ron have to say above, I agree with their statements
RonJantz lumpy you're exactly right. Butch said McCloud was on the bubble heading into Thursday. He loves to ""blow it up"" I've talked to him about it. Is he the one...we'll see
DavidCarducci Browns28, the team having a big year, I'm not sure. I still worry more about the defense than the O-line
ramllov Is there any interest in FB Stackhouse?
dobie7 What is Shea's status now?
browns28 sorry hit enter twice
Lumpy thanks guys
newdawg if the defensive line underachieves again this year, will it be dismanted next year?
DavidCarducci Ram, probably not. They seem to like McLeod. ... Now Jerry Stackhouse, hmmmmm
RonJantz dobie Shea is a very valuable player in the overall scheme. He plays the TE...the slot...the fullback and the H-back
epbrowns Dave or Ron....what are your thoughts on DeMar in place of Qasim Mitchell?
Hound09 Can Shea stay healthy though
ramllov Lane/Ron/Dave, how bad is the Pittsburgh offensive line? Lenny P. from ESPN thinks it is pretty bad?
CCDawg49 Do the browns have any interest in DE pierson, recently cut by the raiders?
ramllov Injuries
Guest331 I read that Lang is due a roster bonus after this year, and his 2005 & 2006 base salaries are huge- will this be his last year here barring renegotiation?
Lane The Steelers have some issues along the line. Marvel Smith has been average, Hartings banged up doesn't help, they will have some struggles, which will make it interesting for Tommy Maddox
Hound09 Pitt. will be really hurting if Hartings knees don't hold up through the season
RonJantz ep...I think the Borwns think DeMar would be able to contribute if called upon now. I think they don't feel the same way about Mitchell. Butch wants guys on the 53 roster who can impacyt a game...if called upon
DavidCarducci epbrowns, I don't know if you would have seen it that way had Verba gone down. The decision comes down to versatility, and with Stokes moving to LT, you lose a lineman who can play a number of different positions. There was no real utility lineman without Stokes unless Zukauskas also made the team. So they needed to keep Zuk to play backup T and G. Then DeMar to do the same
epbrowns ok..thanks both to dave and ron
DavidCarducci Mitchell didn't have the bonus of being able to play multiple line positions, so they allow him to develop on the practice squad until he is ready to challenge for a starting positions
Guest106 Any early predictions for Sunday...other than the game starts at 1:00pm?
ramllov Will opposing defenses beable to stop Maddox, since they got to follow up on his last year?
artbtz Next year his salary goes down 331
DavidCarducci Guest106, I don't think anyone will like my prediction
DavidCarducci so I'll keep it to myself until Sunday morning's paper
Lane The Pittsburgh offense will be dangerous despite the offensive line woes
Guest106 You can run but you cant hide Dave! :-)
Guest331 Art, I know his salary goes down from 1.9 million to 0.9 million but he is due a roster bonus if I am not mistaken- though I don't know the amount of it
Hound09 well then you are picking the Colts, Dave, w/ sarcasm
Moony Insiders - can you give your honest realistic W/L prediction for the Browns this year?
Guest258 Anyone notice how young of a team we have become? Is this by design or due to cap ramifications? Or both?
howldawg Lane will teams start to put extra pressure on Maddox's left side? he throws there about 75%% of the time
DavidCarducci Ram, I think Maddox could do some things to stop himself this year. He takes similar risks to Holcomb, but I still don't think he sees the field the way Holcomb does. Maddox is not ""the"" guy in Pittsburgh in my opinion
dobie7 Dave, What do you think of Charlie Batch?
ramllov Dave/Lane/Ron, what is your assessment of Holcomb, quick release, reads defense very good, can throw the deep ball, has good touch?
DavidCarducci Guest258, a little of both. The Browns are younger in part because they made several tough decisions to dump veterans for cap space, but Davis also likes young players with speed, and he is willing to allow them to develop on the fly. That leads to a young team
artbtz I'll try to dig that up and get it into our cap database 331... thanks for bringing it to my attention.
DavidCarducci dobie7, I actually like Batch's upside more than Maddox's
Guest331 thanks art
DavidCarducci But I think I'm in the minority there
howldawg Dave all my steeler fan relatives agree with you in that one
Hound09 It is going to be a shootout and it will depend if the D can make the adjustment in the 2nd half, but I pick the Browns 35-28
RonJantz moony...honestly, I think 7-9. Lots of growth needed on defense and the schedule won't allow the Browns to grow
DavidCarducci Ram, on Holcomb, all of the above. But I still think Couch can be that same type of package.
Lane howldawg, they should and will..........the key will be can Maddox continue to play almost perfect football, with the Burress and Ward, they have the ability to make things happen.
Lane True on Batch, but they will ride the Maddox train until he begins to derail and the move will be made quickly if that is the case
Moony Thanks Ron, that's about my feeling too
Lumpy I would love to see Ward in a Browns uniform
howldawg Lane as much as i hate Ward i have to respect his talent
DavidCarducci I agree with Ron. I waver between 6-10 and 7-9 ... and boy, the King of Queens sure has a cute wife
Lane He is a player
Lane 7-9 at best, the defense and schedule will be the thorn
DavidCarducci Sorry. TV is on in the background
RonJantz ram I like his awareness maybe more than anything else. Because he has allows him to make quick release...great touch passes and decent deep routes. He sees it all very well I think
howldawg Need a player to flatten that smile for him thou
RonJantz yea Dave, how did that guy get her anyways?
DavidCarducci I don't know Ron. But bravo
Lumpy What is the DL rotation? Is it Lang-Warren-Roye-Brown in the base then Brown-Warren-
CCDawg49 isn't our schedule rated as the 21st most difficult?
Lumpy Roye-Word in the dime and nickel?
Lumpy Sorry for the typo...just wondering if there was any consistency in how the DL rotates?
Aqib Dave I have had a crush on her since I was in 8th grade
jmazzulo920 Dave and Lane, who do you guys think is going to be our best CB by seasons end?
DavidCarducci CCDawg, I think it is something like that, but you never know this early what schedule difficulty means. In 99, the Browns would have been considered to have an easy schedule (for a non-expansion team to deal with), but who would have expected the Rams to be a Super Bowl contender, or the Titans,
Hound09 Can Lang move the other side itf they switch Brown to the other d end
ramllov If 7-9 is the general consensus for this year? Another good draft and set of free agents to go deep into the playoffs in 2004?
CCDawg49 thanks, david.
DavidCarducci Lumpy, I don't think there is any real consistency in the rotation. I think they go with a certain number of plays for various players, and that leads to different combos at different times
Guest258 Why does everyone seem to mention the ""tough schedule"", yet sports illustrated ranks it 22nd [in schedule strength]. If it's because of the west coast trips, we offset that by playing two west coast teams here.
Guest238 if you take out the Bengals the difficulty moves up
Lumpy thanks Dave...
Hound09 I know its early but what position do you think Gallery or the OT out of Miami will go in the draft
Guest106 How good would Kellen Winslow Jr. look on the Browns in 04!
Guest331 G258 the 22nd ranking is based on last years records, some of the teams we play look to have improved by various offseason aquisitions
CCDawg49 wouldn't that be something, 106!
DavidCarducci Kellen Winslow Jr. would look good in any uniform. He is a talent. Did anyone see ""The Claw"" by Winslow on the sidelines the other night?
cbdawg forget about winslow!! what about will smith?? i would love to see smith, maybe to replace brown!
Guest106 He da schiznit!
Lumpy quite a grab
jmazzulo920 best catch that didn't count EVER
BryanK What do you think about Baltimore's decision to start Boller?
DavidCarducci That was great
weweber3 got pics of that catch?
RonJantz Winslow and Smith are both fun to watch. OSU really let's Smith play. And Winslow, he was the only guy the Bucks couldn't stop last year
jmazzulo920 I am a big David Pollack fan, I'd love to see him in brown and orange
DavidCarducci BryanK, I think it's a good decision. Let him learn, and Redman really doesn't bring much to them. Plus, I have Boller as my backup in the fantasy league that all of the Browns media does
CCDawg49 I think Boller = lots of INTs
ramllov Baltimore is a year away, so give Boller a year of experience3
BryanK Thanks; I agree with you. I never liked Redman
Guest106 Who is gonna be better Palmer or Boller?
jmazzulo920 Leftwich will be the best of the 2003 QB class
DavidCarducci Here is a shocker. I think Boller
ramllov The guys for Jacksonville
DavidCarducci And I agree with jmazzulo, too
newdawg Redman does not have the arm strength needed to play that offense.
Lumpy Looking at the game with the Colts on Sunday...any ideas on game planning?
jmazzulo920 Leftwich reminds me so much of Drew Bledsoe
Guest106 Qaudriple cover marvin harrison'
CCDawg49 how is the colts' run defense?
BryanK How do we control Harrison?
Guest331 Davis still hasn't cut any player that he has drafted- is that truly because they don't deserve to be cut or is he just to egotistical to cut players he selected unless he really has to?
cbdawg i dont think winslow was the only guy osu couldn't stop. i don't think they really game planned to stop him. they seemed to be more focused on johnson and mcgahee and dorsey
ramllov If you think the Browns has an explosive offense, what do you think of Indy's?
Lane Ego's within the Browns organization..........never :-)
DavidCarducci Guys. I have to run in a minute. Taking my girlfriend to a 10:15 movie
DavidCarducci Lane said it best
Lumpy ego's in football....never....:)
newdawg I think to stop our offense, defenses are going to blitz, blitz, blitz.
Lane The Browns will not stop or contain Harrison, much like the second-half of the game the two played last season
Guest258 And speaking of schedule strength, it seems that teams in our divison play [by design] nearly the same opponents. So really, it seems to be fairer then when teams played a last place schedule, which has really been minimized.
RonJantz hey Dave, have fun
Guest331 thanks
* Aqib MOTIONS/playful.gif have fun dave, tell us how Freddy vs Jason is
Lumpy thanks for chatting Dave
weweber3 lane - so what's to do?
DavidCarducci BryanK, I think they'll try to keep Harrison underneath as much as possible, then hope the speed to the ball will keep him from breaking it. That is this defense, keep everything underneath. Avoid the big play
CCDawg49 thanks david
Lane later Dave
newdawg I am positive couch will get his chances to play this year. maybe booty too.
DavidCarducci Late Lane
DavidCarducci Later everyone
BryanK Enjoy the show!
ramllov bye Dave
DavidCarducci Sorry to leave you all for a Kevin Costner non-sports movie
Hound09 saw it the other night it is decent
BryanK Waterworld? The Postman?
DavidCarducci really? Good. I like Robert Duvall, so I have hope
Lane Hope that the Browns make more plays, pressure Manning into mistakes that take away from their explosive nature. Lets also remember that James is 'really' back for them as well
ramllov It is a good movie
DavidCarducci Thanks Ram
DavidCarducci I'm starting to feel better about this
DavidCarducci See you all later
Guest106 I hope GW shows up to play
BryanK James is scary
RonJantz see you Dave
Hound09 It is a typical long drawn out Costner directed movie though
cbdawg what is edge's status, is he 100%?
Lane James says that he is 100%
Guest331 Forgive me if this was discussed before the room started recording transcripts, but if they do sign Romberg will he be signed to the 53 man roster immediately or to the practice squad at first?
Guest106 Which uni the Browns wearing this weekend?
Lane Romberg resigned with the Jags
Lumpy Lane-it may be more important to contain James than Harrison...if the DL and LB's don't do their job, the Colts won't need Harrison. Let's hope these guys surprise everyone./
ramllov Do you see James Jackson as trade bait if Suggs come back healthy?
cbdawg if we shut down james, then focus on harrison, we should be able to have our way with em. i know..easier said than done!
Moony White Jersey
Guest331 Oh
Lane Sure on Jackson, that is possible, but I don't see them moving him in 2003
RonJantz ram...yea...but I'm not sure what you'd get for JJ
Hound09 Which team has the better D colts or Browns
BryanK Ron, what's you prediction for Sunday?
ramllov 31-21
Lane I don't disagree cbdawg, but I don't believe that this defense can shutdown a stud like James and focus on Harrison, not at this time
ramllov Oh wrong ron
jmazzulo920 insiders, I have to run, but do either of you know if the Browns are going to wear their new orange pants this weekend?
BryanK I value your opinion as well!
Lane Have not heard nor asked
cbdawg your right lane, but that should be the gameplan IMO. whether or not they execute is a different story
weweber3 lane - dont give them any ideas!
RonJantz thanks Bryan...I don't hink it'll be good 35-21
Lane LOL, I hear you there......
ramllov Ouch
ramllov !!!
Hound09 Who has the better d Colts or Browns
weweber3 ram - take the over....
Lane I doubt that Indy is forced to punt 3-4 times in this game
RonJantz I hope I'm wrong
Lumpy Playmakers, playmakers....Davis keeps talking about Playmakers....perhaps someone on defense will really step it up Sunday...who do you all think? My bet is Brown, A Davis and Taylor...along with Henry.
RonJantz that's wrong
Guest106 jeez
Guest331 How good do you guys think the Browns scouting staff is compared to other teams?
penndawg Do people forget that the Browns too can have an explosive offense this year as well? I'm going 34-33 Browns
ramllov How many weeks for this Browns defense to jell?
RonJantz go penndawg
Hound09 35-28 browns
Guest258 Guys, in hindsight, are top three draft picks with all that cap money and health and performance risks worth it? Is a team instead better off having a mid round pick, in terms of cap value?
Lumpy 88-0 Browns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BryanK I think we need at least 3 Indy turnovers to win
RonJantz the support is building...all right...I'll change...Browns 34-31
Guest106 This is one of those should be a lot of points games, so 17-13
penndawg by halftime Lumpy
Lane I gotta run guys, great chat tonight
Lumpy we'll get 4-5's gonna be great
cbdawg from all indications so far this summer, this team could resemble the rams of 99. explosive, high scoring offense, with no defense. and what happened to the rams in 99? that right. could happen here too.
penndawg see Ron? I started something
RonJantz see you Lane...nice job
BryanK Thanks, Lane


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