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Williams always wanted to join the Dawg Pound

Browns new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams said he's always wanted to be a part of the Dawg Pound

BEREA, Ohio--Gregg Williams has had a secret wish for some time. 

Ever since he used to come to Cleveland as an assistant on the coaching staff of Jerry Glenville with the Houston Oilers, Williams has said he wanted to a part of the Dawg Pound. 

“My last thing before I open it up is that back a long time ago in the late ’80s early ‘90s, is when I got in the league, I have been hit from the Dawg Pound with transistor batteries, size D and C batteries, dog biscuits, dog bones, beer cans, beer bottles and I can’t wait to be on their side now," Williams said.  "I say that with respect. I love them. I love the fact that when I came into the stadium, about how loud they were, how much fun they had coming to the games and how much they loved the Cleveland Browns."

Williams says one of his goals is to get the defense back to the days when the Dawg Pound and FirstEnergy Stadium does provide a true home field advantage.

"When we have home field advantage it is because we can flat play some defense," Williams said. "Everybody came to watch that defense rock and roll. You have a home field advantage when your defense is dominant because when the offense is out there, Hue (Jackson) is going to tell all of you people to shut up. People, offensively, you want that communication going on, verbal, and everything to be on the same page.

"Smart crowds and home crowds get that and allow the offense to operate and cheer when they operate at a high level," he said. "But defensively, I don’t care if they ever are quiet. I have been in stadiums and coached on teams that we have been so good on defense that the coach to the middle linebacker communication did not work and I have assistants that have to signal the plays in because you’ll see this, when the Mike linebacker touches his facemask, he can’t here because the crowd is so loud. He can’t here so we have to hand signal the play in."

Williams said his goal is to make the Browns defense so strong that the Dawg Pound will return to its former days of glory.

"That’s what we want here," Williams said. "I can’t wait to hang out and be with the Dawg Pound and a lot of them reached out already. I promise I will reach out too when we trot out on the field to have a chance to play here.”


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