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Hue says it's "imperative" Browns find a quarterback

Hue Jackson said the Browns are still trying to evaluate who the top player in the draft is, but still said it's imperative they find a quarterback

Hue Jackson said the Browns haven't yet determined what they will do with the first pick in this spring's NFL Draft.

"I think you go through the process, and I know everybody doesn’t like me using that term,” Jackson per the Akron Beacon Journal after Wednesday's practice at the Senior Bowl. "I think you have to go through it and weigh what’s best. Who is the best player? We haven’t determined that. Is the best player a defensive end? Is it a quarterback? Is it a defensive back? I don’t know yet until you can evaluate them all and line them all up and see where they are and see what’s best."

Jackson reiterated the fact that finding the quarterback is still a top priority for the Browns. 

“We all a know a quarterback is very important to our football team," Jackson said. "But is he the best player? We’ve got to find that out. We need to put one on our team. We’re going to find one. I promise you guys that. We’re going to do that. I think that’s imperative. I think we all know that, and that’s what we’re going to accomplish.”

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