Milloy Release Surprises Browns

The Cleveland Browns were as taken aback as everyone else watching the NFL when the New England Patriots axed Pro Bowl safety Lawyer Milloy. Mike brings us the news from Berea, as well as more on recent tryouts, Ross Verba's surgery, and more!

BEREA - Browns coach Butch Davis expressed surprise at the release of New England Patriots strong safety Lawyer Milloy.

Davis skirted the issue of possible interest by the Browns.

"It would be intriguing to find out what the situation is," Davis said. "That shocked pretty much all 32 teams in this league, not just 31."

A bidding war has begun for Milloy's services. Buffalo, New Orleans and Washington have expressed the most interest.

VERBA UPDATE: Offensive tackle Ross Verba had surgery last Friday on his torn right bicep tendon. He returned with his family to his offseason home in Minnesota.

"He was here over the weekend, and we monitored the swelling," Davis said. "He's going to stay there for at least two or three weeks. He has to be totally immobilized. By week three or four they'll start to get some range of motion and start the long climb back up through rehabilitation."

BROWN IN THE MIX: Defensive end Courtney Brown will be part of the regular rotation of defensive ends against Indianapolis.

"Once you go to 45 guys, you don't have the luxury of having a lot of guys on the sideline to pick from," Davis said.

HOLCOMB READY TO ROLL: Kelly Holcomb admitted to being a little too keyed up when he walked on the practice field today.

"I can't wait for Sunday to get here," Holcomb said. "I was feeling myself getting hyped up in the walk-through. I said, 'You have to calm yourself down a little bit. The game isn't until Sunday.' "

A BUCKEYE TRIES OUT: Davis confirmed that former Ohio State quarterback Steve Bellisari was among several players the Browns had in for a tryout on Tuesday. Davis expects to bring in players every Tuesday for several weeks.

INJURY REPORT: Lehan and Sanders are the only players on the Browns' injury list.

The Colts will be without cornerback Donald Strickland (groin). Cornerback Joseph Jefferson (pelvis) and running back James Mungro (rib) are doubtful. Listed as questionable are running back Dominic Rhodes (knee) and running back Detron Smith (hamstring). Listed as probable are safety Idrees Sashir (knee), safety Cory Bird (shoulder), defensive end Chad Bratzke (foot), tight end Dallas Clark (thigh), cornerback Nicholas Harper (knee), cornerback Walt Harris (knee), quarterback Brock Huard (hand), defensive end Robert Mathis (knee), offensive tackle Adam Meadows (foot), linebacker Rob Morris (knee), linebacker Jim Nelson (hand) and defensive tackle Brad Scioli (shoulder).

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