Thursday Afternoon Notes from Berea

Mike McLain reports from Berea this afternoon with the latest news involving the Browns, including: Melvin Fowler's thoughts about starting a left guard, Michael Lehan's recovery from his Achilles tendon injury, and who is <I>really</I> the second-string back (regardless of what the depth chart says...)

BEREA - It's not easy trying to get anything out of Melvin Fowler, including how he feels about earning the starting job at left guard.

Fowler was low-key about his playing status when asked about it prior to Thursday's practice. He said he isn't worried about a lack of practice time at the position.

"I had the quarterback school and the mini camps to prepare for guard," Fowler said. "Wherever the coaches need players to play, you have to understand the complexities of it and go with it."

Fowler started the Tennessee preseason game at left guard. He was then demoted to center to back up Jeff Faine, while Barry Stokes moved to left guard.

"Wherever the coaches need players to play, you have to understand the complexities of it and go with it," Fowler said.

SHERROD'S STRATEGY: Rookie free agent linebacker Sherrod Coates knew immediately after he wasn't dreafted that he wanted to sign with the Browns.

"I figured I had a good chance because they release all their linebackers last year," Coates said. "I figured I had a better chance of sticking with this team than anywhere else."

LEHAN RECOVERING CAREFULLY: Cornerback Michael Lehan's calf injury reaches down to the Achille's tendon. He had been making progress with the injury last week, only to tweak it.

"This is one of those injuries where you really have to rest and make sure it's good before you get back out there," Lehan said. "Being a defensive back, anything going forward is fine, but once I try to plant on it and try to come back in the other direction is when it can be aggravating."

RUNNING, RUNNING, RUNNING: Although the Colts ranked 20th against the run in the NFL last season, they haven't allowed a 100-yard rusher in 12 games - the league's longest current streak.

William Green will be better prepared this time if his girl friend Asia goes into labor on Sunday. Unlike when Asia had false labor pains two week ago, her mother will be living with the family to provide assistance. Green was granted permission to miss a preseason game against Detroit to be with Asia.

James Jackson is second on the depth chart at running back, but in reality he shares that distinction with Jamel White.

"They're 2A and 2B, however you want to see it," Davis said. "William Green is the starter, and we have two talented backups. If we start the game with four receivers, then Jamel White is the starter."

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