If Stokes Gets Hurt - What Then?

The Cleveland Browns had a nasty setback last week when starting left tackle Ross Verba was knocked out for the year due to a bicep injury. But what happens if there's further trouble at left tackle and Barry Stokes joins Verba on the sidelines? Lane Adkins finds out...

Have you sat back and wondered what would happen if offensive tackle Barry Stokes were to fall to same injury fate as starter Ross Verba? Can the Browns rebound and fill the void? Is there enough depth on the roster that the offensive line would not be further compromised?

Ryan Tucker, Joaquin Gonzalez, Enoch DeMar, and Chad Beasley all have taken snaps at left tackle, with Ryan Tucker potentially the best option in the event that Stokes were injured.

Options? Oh, the Browns have options, from what we've been told.

If the Browns were to run into a situation where Stokes went down, Ryan Tucker would slide over from right tackle position and Joaquin Gonzalez would take over at right tackle. While that is the plan for this weekend, the longer term plan may have a different look, from what we've been told.

The team does not feel that rookie Enoch DeMar is really ready to step into the important left tackle role today. He may see increased time along with Chad Beasley at the left tackle spot in practice in the weeks to come. The reasoning behind such a move is the coaching staff is comfortable with Tucker at right tackle. His experience and physical presence are important to an improved Browns rushing attack.

And, Tucker is not a left tackle... at least, not yet, we should say...

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