Playing the NFL QB Carousel Wheel

While the QB position is the most important position in the NFL, quite a few teams are in the processing of changing theirs.

Fans of the Cleveland Browns are quite used to looking for a new quarterback, quite used to looking at draftable players, quite used to finding hope in another team's cast off and quite used to finding little hope.

This NFL offseason is just another one for Browns fans but it is not unique to them this year. Quite a few teams are looking, or could be looking, to fill their QB need.

There are also quite a few QBs that are, or are likely, to be available.

Let us start with the teams possibly in the market for a QB:

Browns - Cody Kessler was a 3rd Round pick but seems to lack the upside, Robert Griffin III can't stay healthy and Josh McCown is already gone.

Niners - Colin Kaepernick is expected to be gone but Kyle Shanahan could make a variety of possible decisions at the game's most important position.

Bears - Like Kap, Jay Cutler is expected to be gone and Matt Barkley and Brian Hoyer aren't good enough.

Jaguars - Blake Bortles is expected to be given another season but the Jags could take a shot if one is too good to be true.

Jets - The Jets have spent draft picks on the position but Geno SmithBryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg don't seem like they will cut it.

Bills - The Tyrod Taylor era seems over but new rumors say the Bills might be changing their mind. They could look for a vet or rookie with their new coaching staff.

Cardinals - Carson Palmer is expecting to return for another season but the need for a young QB is becoming more important.

Texans - The contract for Brock Osweiler means he stays for another season but they are not locked in with him and could go another direction.

Washington - This one could be simple but Kirk Cousins is a free agent so they need a QB at this moment. Franchise Tag is expected but a trade could also be made.

The QBs available:


Cousins - The top free agent is expected back in Washington but could be traded in the right situation.

Kaepernick - Lot of off the field stuff but he played better as the season went on last year. An owner will have to sign off on the PR part of bringing in Kap.

Taylor - Played very well for the Bills last year but they seem to want to move in a different direction because of his contract and style of play.

Cutler - Always teases with his physical abilities but never can put it together on the field for long periods of time. Some believe he could retire.

Tony Romo - Dallas is going to move on from him but will it be from a trade or will they release him? He could be a stopgap measure looking to compete right away.

Jimmy Garoppolo - The Pats have played the offseason perfectly, driving up Jimmy G's trade value through the media. They could trade him or keep him.


Mitch Trubisky - Mitch from Mentor has only 1 season of tape but has teams excited in what he could be. Being the hometown kids has some Browns fans hoping.

DeShone Kizer - The Notre Dame star was stuck in a bad system but has all the physical tools to be special. Film is up and down.

Deshaun Watson - Played his best in big games but some have worries about his interceptions, system and decision making.

Patrick Mahomes - From the Air Raid system, Mahomes has all the tools, family DNA and excitement to climb the Draft Boards. His system, foot work and mechanics have some concerned that he can't play in structure.

Brad Kaaya - The forgotten man out of Miami, Kaaya was once a big time prospect. A ton of short throws and a bad supporting system has damaged his stock.

The QB Carousel Wheel

There are 9 teams noted as needing QBs and 11 available QBs that have some level of "starter" material to them. So when the wheel stops spinning after the NFL Draft, how will these teams fill their needs?

Here is just one guess:

Browns - Stay the course: Kessler/RG3, A rookie: Mahomes

Niners - A veteran: Taylor

Bears - A veteran: Romo

Jaguars - Stay the course: Bortles, A rookie: Kaaya

Jets - A veteran: Cutler

Bills - A rookie: Kizer

Cardinals - Stay the course: Palmer, A rookie: Trubisky

Texans - A rookie: Watson

Washington - Stay the course: Cousins (on Franchise Tag), A rookie: Kaaya

Leftovers - Jimmy G still with the Pats and Kap looking for a chance somewhere


What say you? Where you think the QBs will land?

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