Trubisky says he's ready for NFL

Mentor's Mitch Trubisky said he's confident he's ready to make the jump to the NFL despite starting just 13 games at North Carolina.

INDIANAPOLIS--Will the Browns look to the local kid once again to be the franchise's long-time answer at quarterback?

That is one of the big questions as the Browns search for their quarterback.

Arguably, the last time the Browns had their franchise quarterback was when they selected Bernie Kosar from Boardman in the first-round of the 1985 NFL Supplemental Draft. 

Hue Jackson was asked if there might be too  much pressure if they draft Mentor's Mitch Trubisky.

"Oh yeah, I think all those things are important," Jackson said. "Because you have to understand. Some guys play better when they are at home, some guys don't. We would have to know all those things. And we'll do the digging on all these guys that way, to find out can they really matriculate to the National Football League and still play at a high level and understand the demands of playing the position, especially for the Cleveland Browns.

Former Browns great running back Earnest Byner responded to Jackson's response on Twitter by saying "Ask Bernie Kosar about that."

 Trubisky (6-2 1/8, 225) was described by Pro Football Weeky this way: "Ideal size for an NFL quarterback. Has really good athletic, ability with speed, quick feet and change of direction. Very strong arm. Can make all the NFL type throws. Shows good accuracy and ball placement...Has a quick overhand delivery and throws a tight ball. Generally, a good decision maker."

That sounds like something Jackson would like.

"There's no substitute for arm talent," Jackson said. "There's no substitute, can a guy really process what they're trying to accomplish and then can it fit into the National Football League. I think we all know it's been tough trying to evaluate that position because it's so different in college than what it is in the National Football League, but those things won't change. I think there's a couple of key characteristics that you've got to have. Can you throw? Can you process? Can you lead your team? Those are three very fundamental things that I think will show itself from a college quarterback."

Trubisky said he has a formal interview with the Browns on Friday night in Indianapolis. 

The downside or knock on Trubisky according to PFW is that he was "only a one year starter...Will force some throws and didn't play from under center."

Trubisky refuted that he only had one season. 

"That's a question everybody is asking," Trubisky said. "I think I definitely have enough experience. I only have 13 starts, but I've played in 30 games. I've come in off the bench and I've seen significant time.

"I was really prepared well at North Carolina by (my) coach," he said. "I've studied the game and I am a student of the game. I've seen a lot of defenses and I think that is going to help me and just my abilities. I feel I'm in a really good spot right now to take my game to the next level and I feel really confident."

On the limited experience, Jackson wasn't daunted by it.

"Well it is a small sample size but at the same time he still played," Jackson said. "He shows...I don't think that's what's important. If a guy demonstrates the characteristics  you're looking for, I think it's important to keep digging and find out more but I don't get concerned about that part of it as long as a guy can do what we need him to do."

Last year, in his only game as the starter at North Carolina, Trubisky threw 30 touchdowns and six iinterceptions in 13 games. Overall, he was 304-of-447 (68.0 pct.) for 3,748 yards.

Overall, PFW summarized Trubisky this way:

"His raw talent is as good as any QB in this class, but his lack of experience makes him a high risk, high reward selection."

Jackson said he and the front office will look very hard at Trubisky and the other prospects to see if they are the answer. He said it's too early in the process to see if Trubisky can be the answer. There have been reports that have said the Browns are strongly considering drafting Trubisky with one of their two first-round picks, and possibly with the first pick.

“I think it’s too soon (to rank them)," Jackson said. "We’re still in the process of finding out to know that for sure. That’s why we’re here, to spend more time with them to and see what they know and what they don’t know and how we can help them and how they would fit in our system. We’ll know more about all these guys as we continue to move forward.”  

EVP Sashi Brown admitted the Browns are still looking for the answer at quarterback.
 "I think anytime you don’t have your starting quarterback, there should always be an urgency, it’s our belief," Brown said on Wednesday. "And there is."
Jackson echoed those comments on Thursday.
"We're going to keep searching," Jackson said. "I think we all understand, no one's really claimed this position yet on our football team so we need to do everything we can to continue to add a player that we feel, as an organization, really good about, that can lead our football team and we'll continue to chase that."
The question is will their search lead to Mitch Trubisky?

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