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Making Sense of a Trade Up from #12

With one statement from Mike Silver, Browns fans have started to think about the team trading up from #12. What could that look like?

We all know that NFL Network's Mike Silver is close with Cleveland Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson. So when Silver says something related to the Browns, people listen. 

Yesterday on NFL Network, Silver threw what seemed to be a bomb into Browns fandom:


You can also see the video here:


This was following this statement about the Browns being "aggressive" in fixing the QB position.


So that quickly led to the natural thought that the Browns could/would trade up from the #12 pick to get whoever Hue's favorite QB is.

This is very possible but is an interesting development as many in the media, and fans, have stated that this draft class is weak at the QB position. Some of that seems focused on the fact that no one wanted the Browns to draft a QB at the #1 pick.

So what we know is that the Browns have a ton of picks this year and next including an extra 1st, two extra 2nds and more. This gives them the most draft assets to make a move for the elusive Franchise QB.

What we don't know is what it would cost to move up from #12 and how far would the Browns need to move to get Hue's guy.

The 49ers and Bears seem to be open for business with the #2 & #3 picks but a big move that far could be very expensive.

We also don't know who "Hue's favorite" is or how big of a difference between that QB and the other 3 of the Big 4 QBs in this class. If Hue's favorite is just slightly above the other 3, trading up seems to make far less sense.

Maybe that is the reason Hue was okay with this information getting out. Maybe Silver is lying for Hue. Maybe Hue wants other teams to trade up for a QB and let more talented players fall to them at #12.

The question many fans are likely asking themselves is whether a QB would be worth whatever the Browns would have to move to get to the point to draft him.

For me, the bigger question is not about is the QB worth it but is Myles Garrett worth it.

Hear me out.

If Hue and the Browns have a QB ranked high, with a big difference between the one at top and the others, they should draft that QB with the #1 pick. QB is that important and, short of trading for the #2 pick, they risk losing "Hue's favorite" by not taking that QB at #1.

Please be aware, this is not saying that they should draft a QB at #1 just to draft one. The key is their grade and, maybe more important, the difference between that QB and the rest. 

If the Browns were to draft Garrett at #1, they also are going to have to pay a QB premium to trade up. While many point to the Dolphins only trading a 2nd Rounder to move up from 12 to 3 a few years ago, when teams know a QB is the target, the price goes up.

Instead of asking if "Hue's favorite" is worth trading up for, instead wonder if Myles Garrett is worth losing that favorite QB or could they just keep the picks after drafting the QB at #1 and still get some very good players?

Here is the equation that the Browns might be working through:

Garrett & trading 12, 33 plus more with the risk of missing out on Hue's #1 QB 


Hue's #1 QB + an edge rusher like Derek Barnett & another quality defender at #33 (Budda Baker would be my pick).

Best case scenario is the Browns getting to stay pat, get Garrett and Hue's QB at #12 then continuing to add talent with the other picks.

Yet it is clear to me that if the Browns and Hue really see a clear cut QB #1, then he most likely has to be the pick at #1 and go from there. The risk is just too great.

What do you think about the idea of the Browns trading up from #12 if Hue has his eyes on a specific QB? Would it be worth losing Garrett or trading at least 2 or 3 prime draft picks?

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