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Rumor: Terrelle Pryor Gone? Removes Browns From Twitter Bio

After a lot of tweets, that seemed to be pointing toward a decision, it is his Twitter bio that seems to be the final piece of information.

UPDATE: Just as mysteriously as the Browns reference disappeared, it quickly returned to Pryor's bio several minutes later. Pryor's bio now once again includes "Browns11" in the text. What conclusion are we to reach from this? None, until Thursday afternoon at the earliest. - BDMc

The Cleveland Browns talked about wanting Terrelle Pryor back.

Pryor talked about wanting him to return.

Instead of Franchise Tagging the 1-year (so far) wonder WR, the Browns have allowed him to hit free agency.

Pryor has been active on Twitter but mostly in coded messages with no clear statement behind it.

His latest move seems to be a much more clear statement, Pryor might be gone as he has removed all Browns related information from his Twitter Bio:

(I checked to confirm this to be the case)


Pryor has since added "browns #11" onto his bio:

It could mean nothing.

It could mean he is setting fans up just to mess with them.

It could mean "he gone."

What do you think Pryor doing this means?

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