Rumor: Pryor Could Return for $9-10 Million

Could the drama about Pryor leaving Cleveland all be for nothing? New rumor is he returns.

We are expecting something to happen today with Terrelle Pryor and the most recent rumor/thought is that the Cleveland Browns will be bringing him back:

One reason is that his agent needs to move on to other players and it seems pretty obvious that the market for Pryor isn't where he or his agent thought it would be.

A deal around $10 million seems to make a lot of sense and given that both Pryor and Alshon Jeffery haven't gotten the kind of interest many expected, a deal today could come quickly.

Jeffery seems like he might be willing to wait and hope the Bears, or another team, comes with a big deal. Pryor has made less money and has less history then Jeffery, so waiting doesn't make as much sense.

Does what JLC says make sense or do you think this is more smoke around Pryor?

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