Rumor: Cleveland Browns talk to controversial RB Joe Mixon

The hot takes are certain to fly after an NFL Network reporter tweeted that the Browns are talking to RB Joe Mixon

The Browns have kept Josh Gordon around, and helped him when necessary, for years. The team didn't take rash actions with Isaiah Crowell when he got into social media trouble last year.

But are they willing to take a chance on RB Joe Mixon, a one-time first-round talent who has become an outcast after video surfaced of him hitting a woman in 2014?

A heated debate is guaranteed if the Browns so much as sniff around Mixon, but that's exactly what they're doing.

The tweet from the NFL Network reporter may be exaggerating things a bit when it calls the Browns a "suitor". In fact, all indications are that the team is doing the due diligence that Hue Jackson admitted they were going to do last month.

“The incident is what it is,” Hue Jackson told the Cincinnati Enquirer late in January. “Obviously it’s well documented and I think people will continue to dig into that and find out more. But again, I think it’s too early to make those kind of decisions. I think you just keep working through it and find out more about the player and the situation and kind of go from there.”

Based on what Jackson has said, the Browns are willing do learn as much as they can about Mixon and the incident, and will make a decision from there. At this point, there's no indication that they're somehow courting Mixon or are considering him at all beyond learning about him.

Compare that to the Detroit Lions, who have defended Mixon in the press and admitted that he's on their draft board.

But with a figure as controversial as Mixon, any contact will become fodder for hot takes and editorials. Expect both to fly with all eyes on the Browns between now and the draft.

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