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Bills Quarterback Tyrod Taylor is Off the Table for the Cleveland Browns

Once considered a promising option for the Browns in 2017, Tyrod Taylor has now agreed to stay with the Buffalo Bills.

With the Browns quarterback situation (as usual) unsettled heading into the 2017 season, one school of thought was that the team could settle behind soon-to-be-released Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor to fill in the gap as a developmental rookie was groomed.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

The relationship between Taylor and the Bills had been warming for several weeks now, with Taylor staying in Buffalo to rehab, and the team hiring a compatible quarterback coach. Even as several teams were preparing the circle the quarterback after a release, talks were ongoing and today reached a conclusion.

The obvious question, then, is where that leaves the Browns.

The team must now choose among a rather unpalatable set of options: Draft an uncertain rookie quarterback high, rely on Griffin and Kessler for another year, or pursue one of the crop of dubious free agents which include Brian Hoyer, Mike Glennon, and others of that ilk. Finally, the team has the option of paying through the nose for Kirk Cousins or Jimmy Garoppolo.

This is not a comfortable situation for the Browns new front office, which likely will need to make career-defining decisions among the available questionable options. Unspoken is the option of waiting for better potential draft picks to become available in 2018, which would try the patience of Browns fans to previously unrecorded limits.

For now, it appears to be back to square one for the Browns. Discussion on this topic is already blossoming in the Watercooler.

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