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Rumor: Browns Highest Offer to Tony Jefferson

Another DB on the Browns radar? Report is the Browns have a legit shot by offering the most money.

We know the Cleveland Browns have needs in the secondary. We know many fans thought Tony Jefferson might be a good fit to fill one of those needs.

Now the two might come together:


The 5'11" strong safety is a much better coverage guy than previously rumored safety Johnathan Cyprien while still providing great run support.

Should the Browns sign him, they still seem to be in the market for centerfield-type safety. Thankfully the draft has a number of those available as well.

The report that the Browns have the biggest offer "by far" could be an agent trying to get more money but Joe Banner doesn't believe so for this case:


While fans are bemoaning the Browns not signing anyone and that they could be blowing free agency, few (any?) of the top flight guys have signed.

The Browns could still come away with Jefferson, Terrelle Pryor and Kevin Zeitler of the big name variety and add a few smaller names.

That they are willing to put big money into Jefferson shows they are not afraid to spend but aren't just going to spend money just to spend it.

The Niners are an example of the latter. They gave a fullback money that running backs and offensive linemen normally get, signed a 30-year-old receiver to a huge but short deal and brought in Brian Hoyer to possibly start for them.

That is mediocrity that doesn't seem to be leading anywhere.

The Browns not signing anyone will be bad, paying random people who aren't very good is worse.

Paying Jefferson big money seems to be a good idea.

Do you think the Browns are being used here or think they really are looking to pay big for Jefferson?

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