Even With Britt, Pryor Could Return

With the Browns signing Kenny Britt soon, how could their own free agent WR Terrelle Pryor return?

Most (all?) fans of the Cleveland Browns were focused on the team re-signing Terrelle Pryor in free agency.

Instead, the Browns have come to an agreement with Kenny Britt on a similar contract to the one that Pryor was reportedly offered.

So does that mean the Browns are done with Pryor?


Steve wasn't the only one to report as much. We have seen that from LA here on The OBR as well.

Pryor is reportedly going to visit Washington which is a sign that his market did not develop as he expected.

So how could it work?

The good news is that Pryor and last year's 1st Round Pick WR Corey Coleman can play both inside and out with Britt mostly an outside receiver.

Coleman can be the speed type of slot while Pryor can be the big slot receiver in a mold of a move tight end.

If Pryor returns to join Coleman and Britt, the Browns can round out their receiver group with their other draft picks from last year: Ricardo LouisRashard Higgins and Jordan Payton or bring in another young guy to compete with one of their many draft picks.

That is a very good group with a lot of talent and versatility.

The Browns also have the money to spend still. Even with the trade for Brock Osweiler's contract, the team has basically only spent half of the cap space that they have. 

The actually cash payout is likely to be far more, signing bonuses are stretched out over time.

From what we know, the Browns have their offer still on the table and has offered the most money. Pryor and his agent expected much more, much like Alshon Jeffery, and seem disappointed that the Browns offer is the best.

His visit to Washington tells you that he is hoping to find a taker. The bigger question is whether Pryor and his agent will swallow their pride and sign the big deal the Browns have offered or take a Jeffery like 1-year deal?

Should the Browns bring back Pryor, their wide receiver group would be very, very good. Their running back group is very good with Crow and Duke. Barnidge and DeValve give them two very good move tight ends and the offensive line is now great.

That leaves the Browns with needs on defense and at the quarterback position. With money still available and some free agents still out there, the Browns could solve many of their issues by the time the NFL Draft is over. 

They also still have a ton of young guys who can develop and will have some tough decisions to make to cut down to 53 guys.

Terrelle Pryor is not a Cleveland Brown right now. Kenny Britt is.

They could be teammates and that may be the most likely thing at this point.

If Pryor doesn't return, Britt could replace him very well.

Both would be even more fun.

What do you think happens with Pryor? Are you surprised the Browns are still interested in him after signing Britt?

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