FA Day 2 Quick Browns 4 Round Mock Draft

With the very active Browns going off in Day 1 of NFL Free Agency, time for a fun little 4 Round NFL Mock Draft.

The Cleveland Browns were very active in Day 1 of NFL Free Agency, and still could have more moves. In Day 2, we expect more moves but it is time to take a look at how Day 1 could impact the NFL Draft.

So with the offensive line now reinforced and Kenny Britt in the house, how could the Browns attack the Draft? 

A few rules:

  • No trades but will discuss where I could see them.
  • Always use FanSpeak's Mock Draft Simulator
  • The Browns picks are a combination of what I think, what I've heard and what I think the Browns might think.

Round 1 Pick 1

EDGE - Myles Garrett - Texas A&M - Garrett showed at the Combine that what was seen on film is real and not a fluke. With Emmanuel Ogbah on one side and Garrett on the other, QBs will be in trouble.

Round 1 Pick 12

FS - Malik Hooker - tOSU - Hooker was unable to participate in the Combine and some have concerns about his health issues. There are only 3 players that could fall to #12 that I would take over a QB: Hooker, Jamal Adams and Jonathan Allen. Hooker just happen to fall and the Browns haven't signed anyone on the defensive side of the ball. The Browns could trade up from #12 to get the QB of their choice as well.

Round 2 Pick 33

QB - DeShone Kizer - Notre Dame - With a lot of QB situations seemingly "fixed" in free agency, or likely to be, one or more of the QBs could fall here. This time it was Kizer but any of the 4 top guys could. Kizer has the body but has some issues that are concerning. With the Browns current line and weapons, Kizer could develop slowly.

Round 2 Pick 52

CB - Adoree Jackson - USC - The Browns have a lot of needs in the defensive secondary. Thankfully, this is one of the best DB draft in a long time. Jackson has a ton of speed and talent. He could be a great returner right away and has the skill to develop into a very good corner. Having Hooker behind them, the Browns secondary could become very good quickly.

Round 3 Pick 65

WR/RB - Curtis Samuel - tOSU - The Browns cut Andrew Hawkins and still could benefit from a slot kind of player. Samuel is a natural running back but could create a ton of matchup problems being moved all around on offense including in the slot. With no need for an offensive lineman, QB, EDGE and the secondary addressed above, the Browns have a lot of options here.

Round 4 Pick 108

DL - Carlos Watkins - Clemson - The Browns need a starter at 3t and Watkins could play that role. Desmond Bryant is expected to return and Xavier Cooper still has a lot of untapped potential but adding more depth upfront is always a great idea.


With Day 1 of NFL Free Agency and this 4 Round NFL Mock Draft, the Browns biggest needs are a strong safety and a multiple threat tight end. While the Draft is not where needs should be filled, best value is the best way to draft, this draft does a little of both.

What do you think of the team I built for the Browns?

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