Browns, Jets Trade Scenarios

The Browns will be the subject of many rumors between Day 1 of Free Agency and the end of the NFL Draft. Here are a couple with the Jets.

The Cleveland Browns made an aggressive push toward respectability on Day 1 of NFL Free Agency. They signed two starters on the offensive line with J.C. Tretter and Kevin Zeitler and wide receiver Kenny Britt.

They also acquired Brock Osweiler's contract to get a 2nd Round pick.

With 4 picks in the first 2 Rounds of the NFL Draft in each of the next 2 years, the Browns have the options of adding a ton of young players or make almost any trade that they want to.

The New York Jets seem open for business and could be involved in 3 separate or combined trades that could benefit the Browns. So lets take a quick look at those 3 deals:

The QB Deal

Browns deal QB Brock Osweiler to the Jets for a Draft Pick

The Browns are not likely to keep the 6'8" QB but the Jets are in need of one. Brock was highly sought after last year and some could feel like they could get something out of him. If the Browns are willing to eat half the contract, as been reported, then dealing a 3rd or 4th Round pick for a 1-year chance makes sense.

For the Browns, they get 2 picks for a QB they don't want. That is a big win.

The Jets, with 2 unplayable QBs that they have drafted, Brock isn't the worst option at this point.

The Disgruntled Jet

Browns deal a Draft Pick to the Jets for Sheldon Richardson

Richardson has off the field issues that makes him unlikely fit for the Browns but his talent is obvious and could fill a big need for the Browns at the 3-technique. Richardson next to Danny Shelton with Emmanuel Ogbah and Myles Garrett on the outside would give the Browns a destructive line.

His contract and off the field issues mean his cost could be low but also could leave the Browns out on Richardson.

For the Jets, getting any kind of draft consideration, likely a future conditional pick, would free up money on their very expensive defensive line. Last year, Richardson felt like the "odd man out" so the Jets are likely to move on from him for the sake of their locker room.

The Trade Up

Browns trade #12 & #52 to the Jets for #6

The Jets didn't fire their coach but have a ton of needs and seem to be rebuilding. One way to rebuild is a bunch of picks. The Browns have a ton of picks. They could trade #52 to trade up for a specific QB that they like. They also could deal some future picks, like one of the three 2nd Rounders they have next year, instead of using one of their top 4 or 5 picks.

While the #6 pick may not be high enough to get the QB they want but the Jets, Bears, Niners, Jaguars and Titans could be open for business even higher.


I ran a combination of two of these trades by someone who covers the Jets. He was in:

With the Jets in transition, the Browns could have the perfect trade partner. These 3 trades are just examples of how the Browns and Jets could get together on some deals.

Any of these deals interest you?

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