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NFL Draft: No QB Consensus Is Okay

There is no clear consensus about the quarterbacks in this NFL Draft but that is okay.

Few media members, much less fans, have time to break down film heading into the NFL Draft. Instead, most are reliant on those that do. The Brent Sobleski's, Dane Brugler's, Matt Miller's or the big names like Mel Kiper and Todd McShay give many the bulk of the information that they have going into the Draft.

This year, there is no clear consensus on who the best quarterback. There isn't clear consensus on what order the Top 4 guys should go in.

This "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" mentality has led many to believe there are not any Franchise QBs, because if they were it would be clear.

For many Cleveland Browns fans this is concerning.

While there may not be a clear-cut guy, like Andrew Luck, there are very few years that there are. Even Peyton Manning had Ryan Leaf. The other Manning, Eli Manning, wasn't considered the only guy at #1 along with a talented QB class. Other top QBs, Cam NewtonJameis WinstonMatt Ryan, et. al, had questions about their future or if they would be the top guy in the Draft.

On the other hand, assuming that there will always be a Franchise QB in every Draft is foolish. Especially when it is clear there are only 20 or so QBs that could even be considered as such in the NFL at this time. That there could be 4 of them in this Draft goes against the odds as well. It doesn't mean they can't be but history is against it.

Could this class join the Eli, Ben RoethlisbergerPhilip Rivers & Jay Cutler class that had 4 starters for a decade?

While there is no consensus, let us take a look at what some of the experts see when they look at this class. Who do they have high? How low do they have the lowest QB? What is the average ranking for all of the Big 4?

I used FanSpeak to look at the following Big Boards to gather information. These experts are likely to update their Boards between now and the Draft but at least this gives us some interesting insights.

To be clear, these are the overall ranks for the QBs within the entire NFL Draft class.

The following are the experts whose Boards were used: Falconswire, CBS Sports (Brugler), NFL Mock, Arrowhead Addict, FanSpeak, Matt Miller, Compsite, ITPylon, DraftTek, Jeff Risdon and Scout's Inc.

Mitch Trubisky

Average: 15.36

Falconswire 33
CBS 12
NFLMock 11
Arrowhead Addict 17
Fanspeak 8
Matt Miller 12
Compsite 12
ITP 15
DraftTek 13
Jeff Risdon 6
Scout's Inc 30

Deshaun Watson

Average: 23.27

Falconswire 1
CBS 16
NFLMock 58
Arrowhead Addict 26
Fanspeak 11
Matt Miller 29
Compsite 15
ITP 19
DraftTek 16
Jeff Risdon 29
Scout's Inc 36

DeShone Kizer

Average: 25.36

Falconswire 6
CBS 28
NFLMock 20
Arrowhead Addict 47
Fanspeak 31
Matt Miller 17
Compsite 21
ITP 16
DraftTek 47
Jeff Risdon 4
Scout's Inc 42

Patrick Mahomes

Average: 33.27

Falconswire 3
CBS 45
NFLMock 72
Arrowhead Addict 13
Fanspeak 36
Matt Miller 34
Compsite 41
ITP 28
DraftTek 38
Jeff Risdon 1
Scout's Inc 55


While looking at the numbers there could be a ton that you take away here. There is a ton of information and I would never encourage you towards looking at it in one way or another.

What I will encourage you to do is to take your preconceived notions, your biases, out when looking at it. For example, if you loved Watson you could look at his #1 ranking by Falconswire and minimize that NFLMock has him ranked #58. If you love Trubisky you could point to the fact that he has the highest average and minimize that Matt Miller has him at 29.

Instead, look at the information to it's fullest. Look to see that some very smart people believe that the Top 4 QBs are within their top 6 on their Big Boards. Look to see that some very smart people beleive that there are some very talented QBs in this class.

On the otherside, some very smart people thinking that this class has 2nd Round quarterbacks, at least compared to the rest of this very good and deep Draft class.

What you take from this information is up to you. For me, it excites me that the Browns should have a chance at one or more of these guys with the #12 pick. Hopefully they get "their guy." The only way to know for sure is if they take the first QB off the board. That will likely either call for some luck or a trade up.

There is no consensus on the Top QBs in this class but there is a lot of excitement around all 4 of the guys at the top.

In what order do you rank these 4?

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