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Jamal Adams would fill a big hole at safety

LSU's Jamal Adams is one of the best players in the draft and would fill a big need for the Browns at safety

(As it stands now, the Browns have the first and 12th overall picks in the upcoming NFL Draft as well as the top pick (33rd) in the second-round. We've taken a consensus of the majority of mock drafts and will profile the players that have been most associated with the Browns in the upcoming draft.)

Jamal Adams (6-0, 214) Safety

What experts are saying about Adam's strengths:  "As well-rounded a prospect as there is in this draft class, with the fifth-best coverage grade, and fourth-best run-defense grade among safeties in 2016...Played well in three seasons at LSU, but saw a big boost to grades and stats in 2016, seeing his total number of defensive stops rise from 23 in 2015 to 33 in 2016...Versatile enough to cover in the slot, with 251 of his 802 snaps last year coming from the slot...Looks like a cornerback when playing “off” coverage...Has some analysts intrigued that he’s capable of converting to a cornerback full-time if needed...Improved as a tackler in his junior year...Missed a tackle once every 6.4 attempts in 2015, but just once every 11.1 attempted in 2016...Plays with great balance in the open field, though he’ll have his fair share of whiffs...Very athletic, able to get to the ball quickly, break down, and finish the play...Strong read-and-react skills in the passing game allowed him to cause problems for offenses at or around the line of scrimmage. Recorded 14 tackles resulting in a defensive stop in coverage...Good ball skills when tested. Recorded five interceptions and nine pass breakups in coverage in 2016...Throws his body around on the goal line, will leap over blockers to try to get in on the play."

What experts are saying are Adam's weaknesses: "Lacks the range of fellow safety prospect Malik Hooker. Not a great fit as a true single high safety...Still could be more consistent as a tackler...Saw huge improvement in 2016, but still ranked just 32nd among safeties in terms of tackling efficiency...Got caught out of position or over pursuing against the run several times late in the year. Not a consistent problem, but worth noting."

Who does Adams compare to in the NFL?: PFF compare him to Eric Weddle of the Ravens. Weddle has shown over his career that you don’t need to have the rare range on an Earl Thomas or Ed Reed to make a huge impact at safety. An equally well-rounded prospect, there’s no reason Adams can’t have a career as long as impressive as Weddle while making an impact near the line of scrimmage, in the slot, or on the back end in coverage.

What Adams thinks his best attributes are: "Leadership is definitely my main (attribute). As well as on the field, I can play everything in the back end, whether that's covering in the slot, whether than's playing man-free, whether that's being in the A and B gap, filling that hole or locking down tight ends. I feel like I'm versatile to play everything in the back end and that's what makes me a special player." Does Adams think he's the top player in the draft, worthy of the top pick: "Most definitely. I feel like I'm the best guy in the draft. I definitely feel like I should be a No. 1 pick, so top five, that's definitely in the range, yes sir."

PFF gives their bottom Line on Adams: "The biggest knock on Adams is that he doesn’t have freaky range. That shouldn’t stop him being a top safety at the next level, and when you look at his body of work in college, there’s every reason to believe he is going to develop into a very special player."

How Adams would fit with the Browns: Regarded as the top safety in the draft and fourth overall prospect by Pro Football Focus, the former LSU safety was dominant in college and the Browns are in the market for at least one safety after losing Jordan Poyer in free agency. The Browns depth chart currently has Ibraheim Campbell and Derrick Kindred at safety with converted cornerback Tracy Howard. The Browns see safety as a big need as they reportedly offered free agent Tony Jefferson more money than the Ravens at the start of free agency, but Jefferson chose to sign with the Ravens. Jefferson was reported to be the Browns biggest target at safety at the beginning of free agency, thus it is logical the Browns are looking for a top-flight safety.

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