More Than Meets The Eye In Berea

Upon his release from Jacksonville, linebacker Anthony Denman was looking for an opportunity. Signed to the Browns practice squad, he made an impression and has now made it to the team roster.

BEREA, Ohio - The flurry of roster activity has slowed, but don't believe that the roster won't be changing weekly.

The Butch Davis era in Cleveland should be noted with an oversized exclamation point.

Davis makes the final decision in regards to player personnel activities and doesn't shy away from making a statement, on and off the field.

Always seeking improvement and increased depth on the team, Davis this week signed linebacker Anthony Denman off the Browns practice squad.

Denman, a rookie from Notre Dame was signed by the team late in the preseason and appeared in the Browns preseason finale against the Carolina Panthers.

Displaying athleticism and a quickness that Davis covets, Denman found his way to the practice squad and soon after on the team roster.

"I was surprised when I was cut in Jacksonville," Denman said. "I was looking for an opportunity and I thought that I was working out well there."

When my agent called after I was released in Jacksonville there was interest from a few teams, but I wanted to come to Cleveland, I am now a Cleveland Brown and this is where I want to be."

Denman was released by the Browns in the final roster cuts, but knew that he wouldn't be out of work long.

"I pretty much knew where I stood." Denman said.

According to one coach on the Browns staff, "Denman has made an impression while on the practice team. He has physical qualities that this team needs and he works extremely hard. With some experience I believe he can be more than a capable linebacker in this league."

In the early going, expect to see Denman butting heads on special teams, with another break ot two, Denman may just may break into the Browns rotation at linebacker.

He has then heart and desire, his physical tools are solid, the opportunity that he long desired has arrived. I wouldn't be surprised to see Denman wear that Browns uniform for years to come.

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