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Hearts race nationwide as Browns pre-season schedule announced

Get ready for throwaway game excitement as pre-season NFL football returns soon to Cleveland Browns FirstEnergy Stadium.

Thrills! Chills! Exciting pre-season Cleveland Browns action is headed your way, offered to all fans once again at regular price, with no extra charges!

That's right, you get four (4), count 'em, four (4) pre-season games where you get to see the next-generation of Browns players take the field, and about half of those involved getting a chance to participate in some NFL football before moving on to other careers.

The Browns get their home games out of the way first with an early August (somewhere between the 10th and 14th) tussle with the New Orleans Saints. The next Monday night, the Browns get a pre-season moment in the sun when the New York Giants visit town.

The third and most meaningful contest will be between the 24th and 27th against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, followed by the yearly pre-season climax game against the Chicago Bears either on August 31 or September 1. Will it be another Browns/Bears pre-season finale classic? *Yawn* You'll have to travel to Chicago to find out.

Week 1 (August 10-14): NEW ORLEANS

Week 2 (August 21): NEW YORK GIANTS (Monday Night)

Week 3 (August 24-27): at Tampa Bay

Week 4 (August 31-September 1): at Chicago

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