Mahomes could be a target for Browns

The OBR continues its draft series with a look at Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who is one of the top rated quarterbacks in this year's draft and could be a target with one of their top picks

(As it stands now, the Browns have the first and 12th overall picks in the upcoming NFL Draft as well as the top pick (33rd) in the second-round. We've taken a consensus of the majority of mock drafts and will profile the players that have been most associated with the Browns in the upcoming draft.)

Patrick Mahomes  (6-2, 225) Quarterback, Texas Tech

Pro Football Focus ranks him as the No. 3 quarterback ( overall 23rd ranked player)

What experts say about Mahome's strengths: PFF summed up Mahomes game this way: "Compact, accurate, quick arm with a three-quarters release...Quick release allows him to get rid of the ball even when under heavy pressure...Polished passer...Can make any throw with accuracy and power to and level/area of the field, from every type of platform and arm angle...Incredibly instinctive, intuitive player with a good feel for passing game...Athletic in the pocket with ability to make rushers miss, or shed with strength...Anticipates well. Time from locating receiver to ball out of his hand is extremely quick...Overall has good vision and ability to see multiple defenders in his reads...Poise to make any throw no matter what the chaos is around him in the pocket...Plays outside of the structure of the offense as well as anyone in the NFL does right now...Gritty playmaker. Wants the ball in his hands and delivers when his team needs it most."

What experts say about Mahome's weaknesses: "Plays undisciplined too often... Inconsistent footwork, loses his base but tends to make up for it with his arm... Tendency to drift in the pocket in all directions when it’s not necessary...Bad habit of breaking from clean pockets too early when the pass rush dictates him to stay in there...Forces too many throws and tries for the hero play too often... Steep learning curve coming from the Texas Tech spread/wide open system."

Mahomes on his gaudy college statistics not just being the result of the system played at Texas Tech: “I just show them my knowledge for the game. That’s the only way I can prove it wrong. You look back at the system quarterback, a lot of guys didn’t work out. So for me, it’s just going to be about proving those guys wrong, going out there and really showing my knowledge of the game and just competing. It’ll all show up when you get to the field.”

The Bottom Line: "Mahomes is as interesting as a prospect as there is at quarterback that comes with high risk/high reward. His arm is as good as any quarterback in the NFL playing right now. The natural passing instincts as far as sliding and feeling pass-rushers in the pocket, to seeing in front of the throw and adjusting to the type of throw needed, is special. His lack of discipline in the pocket with footwork, bailing on clean pockets, and decision making is a big concern. Some of the bailing on pockets can be attributed to how much “rush three drop eight into coverage” he saw, which can lead to playing outside of structure to find passing lanes more often. Coming from a system with everything so spread out and defined passing lanes, there will be an adjustment period needed for the NFL game, seeing tighter throwing lanes. Mahomes is not likely a Day 1 starter in the NFL but is certainly worth a first-round selection as a potential big hit as a franchise quarterback."

How Mahomes would fit with the Browns: Until the Browns find their franchise quarterback, they will be linked to most of the top projected prospects at the position. As the Browns should, they haven't tipped their hand on how they rank the top quarterbacks. Mahomes threw for 5,057 yards with 41 touchdowns and 10 interceptions  last season, completing 65.4 percent of his passes. In his three seasons at Texas Tech, Mahomes threw for 11,213 yards with 83 touchdowns and 29 interceptions.  and a 63.2 percent completion for his career.  If the Browns select Mahomes, they would likely start the season with Cody Kessler or even Brock Osweiler because almost all of the draft experts feel he is not ready to start in his rookie year.

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