Brown Storms the Gameball Voting

Before the Colts game, I was telling friends to make sure that they did some neck stretches so that they wouldn't hurt themselves watching the ball fly up and down the field. Shows what I know... and this week's gameballs and goats results shows how unexpected results are the norm in today's NFL. Kelly Holcomb wears the goathorns while Courtney Brown gets the gameball? The results are unexpected, but they are final... the dawgs have spoken.

The Week's Results

Predicting the outcome of games in the NFL is a fool's errand. One glance at this week's Gameballs and Goats is enough to show how easy it is for NFL pundits to be wrong. Who would have foreseen Courtney Brown amassing over 100 gameballs? Or Kelly Holcomb over 100 goathorns? No one on this website, or any other football publication, for that matter...

Butch Davis undoubtedly enjoyed the portion of the press conference where he could, deservedly, point fingers at the press and say (paraphrasing here) "Ha ha! Told you our linebackers wouldn't stink!".

I must have missed his comments where he called out the press for predicting the offense would be good.

Despite the lackluster offensive performance, Barry Stokes and William Green both got props from a vocal minority of fans, and Gerard Warren was still singled out for not producing enough tackles.

Outside of the top vote-getters, it's interesting to see the Couch-Holcomb debate continue to boil. Couch got both Gameballs and Goathorns from some voters even though he didn't appear in the game.

Beginning next week, we will maintain our running tally of the year-to-date voting.

Here are the top vote-getters in each category:


Player Gameballs
Courtney Brown 121
---Entire Defense--- 53
---LB Unit--- 43
Kevin Bentley 40
Andra Davis 35
Ben Taylor 29
William Green 25
Barry Stokes 25

Gameball Write-In Votes:
"The Orange Pants", Defensive coaching staff, "Mike Doss -- We missed out", Peyton Manning, Crestwood Youth football 95# team


Player Goathorns
Kelly Holcomb 126
Bruce Arians 104
Butch Davis 42
---O Line--- 39
---Entire Offense--- 27
Gerard Warren 19

Goat Write-In Votes:
"The whole team", "Play calling in the Red Zone", "Orange Pants!", "some of the fans", "Couch-lovers", "GOAL LINE OFFENSE!" (5 similar), "Fans that are already calling for couch", "Dumba$$ blonde fluff chick in Sec. 527"

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
frumanchu Colts held to three field goals. Who knew?!? Welcome back Courtney! I think suddenly Butch Davis doesn't look nearly so insane starting the linebackers he did, especially Andra Davis. Seemed AD was always around the ball.
gdawg2u CB played great today and had one of his best games of his career. The Defense as a whole deserve more support then it got from the offense.
tubedawg Exceptional effort by the defense.
eelkinsjr LB Unit - The TOO inexperienced, TOO young to start and be counted on in the NFL -- linebackers looked very,very good !! Secondary - They were wearing the receivers very well. They made Manning and his receivers look VERY average !! Campo - He PROMISED a defense, and he DELIVERED !!
theoz The D looked good against a potent offense. Love the Cardiac Kids orange pants.
vadawglb C. Brown looked like he might be back!!!! Griffin played with a lot more aggression and actually wrapped up the ball carrier Defensive unit as a whole played pretty well
photocitydawg Linebackers that come up with momentum-changing interceptions. And they can tackle too. Wow.
chrisrockins Melvin Fowler made a couple of great pulls to open up Willie. Andra Davis was all over the field. I think he is going to be great. Courtney is starting to flash signs of Brilliance. Also receiving consideration was Chris Crocker. He really made some nice plays
bendal Defense played outstanding, while Brown was a force in the backfield all day. The LB's showed they could cover, tackle and hang onto the football.
jsinct Glad to know Courtney came to play. Never lose the faith.
upperdawg the fans at the CBS come of age
fladawg1 TC didn't make any mistakes today that cost the team. Tucker did better than expected at LT and Dawson showed a pretty good leg on FG and KOs.
dpg2003 defense, got the job done, no TD'S
yogi8 Stokes played well enough to not panic too much with Verba out. Grif captained a fine D outing Welcome Back Mr. Brown!
wmg69 Entire Defense looked Good.
dxdawg Taylor- Swarmed to the ball and had some nice plays. Looked pretty agile on his INT. I am impressed. Brown-Nice to see a legitimate sack. Maybe he will have a breakout year after all. D Backs- Much better showing than last year against INDY. They basically shut down the pass. I am not worried about this unit this season.
snesbit Excellent defensive performance. I hope they continue to play this way, especially on the road.
clockwork The young LBs did not break down, made tackles in front of them, and came up with two big picks. McCutcheon is easily the best tackler on the defense. No need to worry about his size when it comes to tackling. Plus, both he and Henry kept Harrison "controlled". Northcutt combined a number of decent receptions with what would have been the biggest play of the game had the Browns pulled it out -- cleanly snatching up Green's 4th quarter fumble deep in Brown's territory. That was clutch. The only scuff on his ball? it was he that was seen fair-catching inside the 10 right?
beandip_62 Stokes: He shut down Dwight Freeny. I only remember hearing Freeny's name once and that was a tackle for loss on a running play. Other than that he was silent. Stokes did a great job protecting the QB and not getting beat. Davis: He was EVERYWHERE making plays. He had some very good tackles. I know he missed one, but he made plenty of plays. Browns Fans: They made so much noise, they flustered Manning and definitely played a factor in the defensive success.
weimer19 I have not seen a browns player hit as hard as the Browns did on Sunday since the late Eric Turner was on the field in the early 90's and gang tackle and swarm to the ball since the late 80's. Welcome back Courtney Brown, hope you stay healthy. Every time Dennis Northcutt touches the ball good things happen. SHOW HIM THE MONEY!!!!!!!
ccdawg49 Defense was impressive. Courtney was a big factor. All 3 starting LBs were all over the place. Holding a good offense like Indy's to 9 points should win us lots of games.
browns19 Daylon got the best of Marvin Harrison all day long. What a quiet, but brilliant performance.
dsapienza De - Huge surprise. Can they keep it up. Great Coaching.
chas dawg The defense looked great, played well enough to win.
spam Tim Rode The Bench Really Well
okcbrownsfan 1. great interception in the endzone.... all 3 LB played way above my expectations. 2. Willie had a very workman like day but it was obvious that we made the right choice in Green over Duckett. 3. Barry wasn't joking on Sunday holding Freeney to no sacks.
bart.quigley Defense, nuff said.
muskiedawg01 Our defense really showed up to play on Sunday, specifically Cutch, Robert Griffith and the young LBs. McCutcheon was up to task in shutting down the best receiver in the league; Robert Griffith made some nice tackles in succession on blitzes, and the young LBs were quick to the ball all day.
dmcvey i thought the defense played outstanding v. manning/harrison/james; a very surprising effort based on the preseason
jankem CB looked great and showed some fire, the LBs stepped up like they needed to. Also, Fowler did a nice job pulling and helped spring Green for some nice gains.
pnadel Kevin Bentley and Andra Davis deserve some votes as well, but Griffith got the defense charged up and made plays, Taylor seemed to be in on ever hit, and the O-line was completely written off after Verba went down, but they played hard and held the colts pass rush completely in check.
bassline The whole offensive line looked surprisingly good given who filled in where. Courtney looked like he WANTED to be there. And the defense showed up.
docbmd It seems as though the main concern coming into this game was the inexperience of Barry Stokes at LT combined with a youthful LB crew. They definitely surpassed expectations and performed superiorly. It was also a great relief to see CB make a profound impact. Keep it up!
lazywaste the linebackers looked awesome - now all of the "professionals" can stop whining that they have no game experience. 22 tackles and 2 INT's - well i guess those "Pro's" were wrong. hopefully they will continue their stellar play. WR unit - excellent job getting open and catching some tough balls thrown in just the right spots for some big gains. ** the browns need to run more 3 & 4 receiver sets to exploit all of their talented WR's - the browns WR's are lightning fast - use it. Courtney - well done - he had pressure on the QB for the whole game. Defensive Coaches - excellent game plan - you shut down one of the most potent offenses in the league and kept the browns in the game.
bigbonedawg Gameballs go to Kevin Bentley, Andra Davis, and Courtney brown. Bentley for his touchdown saving int. Davis for always being in on the play. Brown for his sack, pressure on qb,and run stopping
hernacki Defense played great, but wouldn't the secondary look great with Griffith, Henry, McCutcheon and MIKE DOSS??? Starter and playmaker in the second round we could have had.
brian_hathaway the defense was great today butch had me a little worried but i was impressed today bye our defense the first drive looked a little shaky until the big interception n for Holcomb he did good today i mean compare him to how payton maining did and it was pretty close ya he threw interceptions but thats why every one liked him isnt it he took chances
olaxo What a pleasant surprise the defense was today. I wonder if this game was just a fluke, or if they can keep it up all season. But today, they certainly were a bright spot for the Browns. William Green had a great day despite the horrible offensive line play. He looked very good out there.
jason19 Lets hope Courtney Brown has more games like this one.
redright Butch: effective plan for this season Campos: Got a lot out of the Defense Faine: Rookie start & Best O-lineman
mmercurio Haven't seen such good refereeing since their replacements were in there. Such a rare occurrence that I have to give a game ball to them considering they'll be donning horns most of the season. Manning gets one because his seizures at the line of scrimmage produced no TDs even though Colts were wide open.
smagyar The LBs were the least of our problems.
jcsuhay1975 entire defense -- finally showed and played as advertised. can't believe the speed. courtney brown -- finally played a decent game and was all over the place. Kevin Bentley -- gotta love a lb who can make that kind of grab for an int.
brinehar looks like a healthy c. brown can make a difference, I guess the sporting news was right the browns lb's should be the only group in the nfl to receive a collective grade of "F " but that must stand for fantastic because they were flying, picked up right where he left off
stov Fowler played great, it's been a long time since a Browns guard looked so good pulling.
other bjk So that's what fast, athletic linebackers look like!
whoknowsmore Defense was solid. Campo did a good job this week.
fatdaddyp Defense came to play with Andra leading the way. What a great game plan and great adjustments. Before the game I felt if they held Indy to 21 points they did their job, 9 points, no TD's is outstanding. I'll take this game all year long from the defense.
scooba16 Defense played an awesome game! C. Brown showed emotion after his first sack of the year and the Young LB core stepped up big time, Bentley with a key INT and Taylor will 11 tackles and a INT. Dave Campo was a great choice as DC and it shows in the 1st game!
naxos Ben Taylor is the man. He is always around the ball. 11 tackles and an INT are not a bad way to start a career.
estaller Courtney Brown - CB had a monster game, hopefully he can stay healthy and have a monster year, and head to the Pro Bowl. Defense - Well, they obviously played very vanilla in the preseason, they kicked Indy's butt's yesterday. Shutdown Peyton and Co. Andra Davis - Nice TD saving INT in the endzone. This guy is GOOD!!! Fans - Helped keep Peyton uncomfortable, really rocked the place!!!!!!! Barry Stokes - Played great game (even though offense couldn't get the ball in the endzone), but Holcomb did not get sacked.
nebraska dawg Stokes deserves a game ball for stepping up to the challenge. Freeney is a hell of a pass rusher and to keep him at 0 sacks he deserves one. CB is going to be in the probowl this year! Mark it down!
section 527 dawg The Crestwood 'lil Devils whooped Southington 36-0. Have to give 'em their props! 3-0 and counting......keep it up, boys!!
indybones Looks like they got a keeper with Campo- Best defensive plan since Saben was here. No one could have expected more out of Gardner. Willie Green- A first round pick finally shows!
josh19 My gameballs all go to Defensive players. Kevin Bentley made a beautiful int that kept indy out of the end zone on the opening drive, most WR's would have dropped that. Cutch did a marvelous job on Harrison and with his tackling, he never lets anything go by. Its great to see Courtney Brown back, hopefully he stays back!
shanebrowndawg LB unit- These guys flew everywhere on Sunday. If they continue to get better, we will make the playoffs! Courtney Brown- Well, I have to say this, Welcome back Courtney. If he can keep this up all year and still get a little more 'reckless' on the field, he may come out of this bust status. Barry Stokes- No too shabby for filling in for Verba. The guy isn't the best, but he tries hard and has a real mean streak.
maheller71 Excellent job by the defense! It was great seeing CB come back strong. The linebackers did a great job and hopefully, they will only get better. The secondary played well and shut down one of the top receivers in the league. I must say I was very worried about the defense before Sunday. This team could go along way when the offense gets going.
fairwayseeker D. McCutcheon - Showed that he can be a dependable "cover corner" on our new D-Unit! B. Stokes- What a job against D. Freeny(0 sacks,1 tackle!) Verba Who?? Our D-Unit- Could this be a strength this year? They made me proud Sunday!


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
frumanchu Really, there was no reason we should have been held to two field goals, especially when we had two 1st and Goal situations. The play calling was TERRIBLE in the Red Zone, and we had way too many offensive penalties killing gains. On top of that Holcomb just had a plain bad day. All in all, the game was exactly the opposite everyone expected...a swarming solid defense and an anemic offense. At least we know this is not indicative of how our offense really works.
gdawg2u Kelly was a Couch Clone today and the play calling at the goal line was ridiculous
tubedawg Horrible play calling in the red zone.
eelkinsjr Butch - Using TE at the goal-line only bunches the defense to the box, bring in WR's to spread defense when you do not have pile pushers for an O-Line. Also it seemed that Kelly was not calling audibles, or was it that he was not allowed?! Bruce Arians - Poor play-calling much of the time. O-Line - We NEED a pile-pusher or two !!
theoz Warren must have been out all night still looks like he is 40. Goal line offense was poor as was the pathetic O-line.
vadawglb I don't know if it's Davis or the OC/DC but the play calling at the end of the game SUCKED!!!!!! We went back to the soft zone on defense and Peyton tore them up and the offense went in to a prevent offense ( playing not to lose instead of playing to win)
photocitydawg Kelly, you've got receivers besides Northcutt. Use them.
chrisrockins Not sure if Morgan or Warren suited up today
phelix17 Bruce Arians knows how to not win better than any other OC in football.
bendal Offensive line can't get Green into the endzone not once, but TWICE! Holcomb's two INT's cost the Browns good chances to go ahead, not to mention his missing Green on the pass that would have gotten a TD. The offensive play calling in the 2nd half was unimaginative, with no passes downfield.
theskaterx The offensive plays were terrible calls!
jsinct Bruce Arians... Aren't we supposed to be able to score a TD from the on on 1st and goal?... Any armchair QB knew what was coming. So sad.
upperdawg K. Holcomb - Be careful what you wish for, you just got it. The next time Butch gets a feeling in his gut, lets hope he takes some Maalox
fladawg1 Arians needs to open up the play calling, 3 times up the middle at the 1/2 yard line? Where have we seen this before? Green , come on you have to have the ability to crack the goal line from the 1/2, especially on 3 tries. KH showed why he is similar to Frank Reich, a quality backup for years, but not able to be counted on as a starter full time.
dpg2003 terrible coaching, in the red zone and the line has to move somebody in those situations
yogi8 Kelly Holcomb- what's good for the goose......... Arians got too conservative Fat Albert is gonna get a goat horn from me until I see him start to make a difference!
wmg69 I thought Holcomb was starting because of his arm, we never threw downfield beyond 20 yrds. Did Arians/Davis think that was Couch in there? Throw the ball down the field!! Oh yea and lets bring Jackson in and run the ball twice nowhere so we can stall the drive and punt-terrible play calling.
dxdawg O-Line- Can we block for a td from inside the 1? Common fellas get some heart or you are going to make this a LONG season. Arians- Whoever called the plays near the goal line deserves this goat vote. Why the sweep? Pound it up the gut, then pound it up the gut again. Let Faine eat. Holcomb- Not trying to start a qb controversy, but Kelly did not have a very good day. He has got to get us into the endzone. He looked decent, but not good or great. Better luck against the ratbirds!!!
snesbit Let Kelly audible more. Need more trick plays to use in the red zone. Goal line situations are a good place to use a FB.........hint......hint......
rmaysfly Red zone was pretty good last year. Hmmm???
clockwork Bruce Arians -- Can I get a "QB Sneak"? Special Teams -- why do we always seem to start drives inside the 15 while the opposition starts at the 35. Things that make you go hmmmm. Butch Davis -- For failure to have a damn fullback and draft/develop anyone who can be on the power O set. Honorable horn mentions: William Green -- Its not fair because after all he carried for 82 yards with over 4 yards per.....but.....he was involved in the three most critical plays of the game IMO. 1) The late 4th quarter fumble (DN saved him); 2) The dive that came up short and the sweep that came up short -- it just looked like there was enough there to get in on both plays; and 3) The dropped swing pass (though it was behind him). Wanted to give horns to Gerard Warren also, but with the D only giving up 9 points, his disappearing act was less noticeable.
beandip_62 Holcomb: Those 2 INT's were pretty ugly and had he hit Willie Green on that swing pass it was 6 points for the good guys, instead we had to settle for a FG to tie. He just didn't put us in position to win, and that's what he has to do for us to succeed. He will get better though, that's a fact. Warren: Had a couple of tackles, but most were 5-10 yards downfield....not where a D-lineman should be making plays. Arians: Playcalling was pathetic. You gotta run Willie when he's on fire...
cerberus Is everybody still so sure we picked the right redneck?
weimer19 Kelly, just do what you did to win the job. I like both QB's and would not get down on him after one game, however he did not play up to expectations. Play calling sucked in the second half. Same as last 5 years. Butch Davis. Some blame has to fall on him. He cannot win at home, cannot win on opening day, and cannot beat the Steelers. He has done a great job, however he needs to teach the team (players AND coaches) how to finish games and go for the jugluar.
thebattleship Kelly - you have to go through your progressions. Anthony - you have to learn how to tackle.
ccdawg49 1st and goal from inside the 5 twice. Only 6 points. Not going to the Super Bowl that way. Holcomb has to hit Green on the screen. OLine needs to get a push. Arians needs to come up with something better.
skylermorgan to the couch/ Holcomb bashers, Tim couch must have i told you so going through his head
browns19 Hypocrites! All of you! We pass judgment on Tim after 4 years, but you give Kelly 1 game? Stick some pie in that piehole.
dsapienza 6 points won't beat O-State. How vanilla is the offense going to be. Come on - open it up. So what if Kelly throws a couple of int's. Kelly got the same play calling Tim got.
chas dawg Gotta be able to punch it in with three tries starting inside the one!
spam Kelly Holcomb Is NOT The Answer.
okcbrownsfan 1. Did money even play on Sunday.... the rest of the D line played decent with penetration and Brown's sack but Warren was a non factor getting blown off the line more than blowing the line up himself. 2. Kelly..... I hate to do this to ya brother but this game was not what I was looking for out of ya. 3. 1 catch for 14 yards is not a number 1 guy or a wr in his 3rd season ready to break out. 4. Hey guys just because he throws a couple of picks doesn't mean we start calling the plays we ran with Couch..... you have to keep let Kelly sling that pigskin down the field. That is the advantage Kelly has over Couch is down the field.
bart.quigley O-line let too much pressure in on Holcomb. Play calling was sooooooooooooo predictable! Sometimes it pays to be stubborn, but mostly it just farts in your face. How does that smell, Butch?
muskiedawg01 Can someone please tell me why on Earth did we come with a redzone package that included 3 TEs and Andre King? Why don't we just take out all of our weapons! The play calling and the personnel on the goal line was putrid. Perhaps Arians is afraid to run it up the gut with our O-Line...isn't that why we drafted a C in the first round?
dmcvey where the hell is Gerard warren? obviously i don't watch film but i didn't see him at all - he needs to step it up, even CBrown showed some emotion yesterday. Enough with this conservative playcalling by Arians, he has to use the weapons; and lastly, holcomb looked a lot like Couch yet I believe Couch would have put the ball in the endzone on those two drives
htown_dawg McNair, teach Green how to put his head down and get one foot for a TD. PLEASE!!!!!
jankem Kelly --- 3 yard passes on 3rd and eight gets a clipboard in your hand real quick. Keep slinging it! The O Line had no push at all down at the goal line. We were on a roll and then....nothing. And Bruce Arians, let's just say I'm underwhelmed.
pnadel 3rd and 7 and the completion is for 5 yards, must be the new math. You can't throw it past the sticks every time, but if the pass was incomplete, it would have been the same result. Arians play calling 1st and goal on the 3 was atrocious. The roughing the passer calls were week, that's why the officials made it.
bswhvac You idiots...while Holcomb admittedly had a bad day, he outplayed Manning, so don't try to hang this loss on him. I have never seen anything more pathetic than all you sad-sack whiners who don't want to do anything but hate on Holcomb.
bassline Kelly, Kelly, Kelly - Tim Couch was crucified for throwing into coverage - why are you doing it, too? Ryan - we know Ross is gone, but you don't have to make his penalties up for him.
docbmd Arians, you must be kidding. Incomprehensible, just plain stupid play calling all game. Davis gets a pair of horns just for allowing this offensive atrocity to occur. Holcomb, I see a lot of potential, but I must call a spade a spade. You made some poor decisions that may have cost the game.
lazywaste Officials: stop calling stupid plays and let the teams play football. every time i looked there was a flag going in the air. O-line - way to many holding penalties killed or hampered drives. William Green - man learn how to run straight - when your at the one foot line how much effort does it take to go straight forward and follow that huge O-line? stop running east/west and run it up the gut full power - if you get stuffed that way at least you can say you had it going full steam - which you obviously did not when you were near the goal line. can't you learn how to cover and tackle? wrap guys up for a change, and apply better coverage - too many Wr's were wide open.
bgjnsn32 i think its about time people realize that kelly is not a starter in the NFL and butch needs to grow some cahones and go for it on 4th and goal from the 1 yard line
bigbonedawg Fans that are already calling for couch after one game, its enough to make any true fan sick
hernacki I love Holcomb and think he will be fine, but the picks cost us today. Hey, Manning threw 2 picks himself. And we gotta call better plays in the red zone. 1st and goal on the 3, 2 times, gotta get at least one in the endzone.
brian_hathaway i give three goat's to tim couch just because he was sittin on the sidelines thinkin he could have done better
olaxo Holcomb looked like crap. He better start playing better, or else we might be hearing the chants... "WE WANT COUCH! WE WANT COUCH!" Horrible play calling all day. Arians called like he has never been with in 20 yards of an endzone before... he seemed totally clueless with his play calling.
jason19 I am not saying Couch could have done better, but.... Maybe Couch makes slower decisions, because he wants to throw to OPEN players. Kelly threw 2 INT's, and probably should have had 4 picked off, it was pathetic.
jbilet The poor play of the offense all day with stupid turnovers, false starts and holding penalties combined with the decision at the end to (AGAIN) go conservative on offense and prevent on defense turned a good D performance into another last minute loss for the Browns
redright Kelly: thanks for the off-season excitement - Backup QB. Ariens: get a play calling dartboard. KH & BA: newsflash.. When you need 8 yards; don't try a 5 yard play! Carmen: We need an O-line!
mmercurio Terrible red zone playing Bruce and Butch! Holcomb (TN 'billy) continues to think he's going against preseason vanilla defenses by throwing into double, triple and quadruple coverage! What's going to happen when we play a healthy defense? Number of games Browns have won with Holcomb = 1.
r22weiss The offensive play calling was, well offensive! They didn't spread the field well today and too many runs with too many TE in. They didn't throw the ball down field once which is Holcomb's strength. They have all these great WR's use them!!! In the modern NFL the pass opens up the run! Open the offense BUTCH!
smagyar Holcomb hoax = Y2K hoax? Six points? We could have scored 6 points with Northcutt at QB!
jcsuhay1975 William green -- had a good game rushing, but has to get the ball in the endzone. especially when you get 5 tries from inside the 3-yard line. offensive line -- has to work on the goal line. butch Davis -- when is he going to let the defense play the last minute of the game. "the prevent defense prevents you from winning."
brinehar I like Kelly but couch would have crucified for that performance so I had better hear from you couch haters, didn't we draft tall receivers to play "jump ball" w/ the db's- why not try that from the 2 yd line, I'll tell you right now he's no barry stokes
other bjk I voted for André King, but who I really want to give the goat to is the person who put our fifth best receiver in the game in goal line situations
fatdaddyp Don't real in KH because of a couple of INT's. Keep it open and put points on the board. Use your weapons.
scooba16 I really thought I was going to put the Defense on this side of the ball, but lo and behold it was the offense that got the horns. Questionable play-calling, too many false starts, and we couldn't punch it in for TD's when inside the 5 (2x).
naxos Where the hell was our wide open, attacking offense?
estaller Butch Davis/offensive play calling - How do you have the ball on the 1/2 yard line with 1st down, and not get it in. Should not be called play fakes at that point. GIVE THE BALL TO WILLIAM GREEN all three times if need be, HE WILL GET IT IN, just give him the chance. Kelly Holcomb - Don't know if it was nerves or what, but where was the deep ball?? 2 INTs?? Kelly, you're in there for a reason, step up and play, or sit down and let Couch take over!!! Offense - Had the ball close to the endzone how many times??? Only 6 freaking points!!!!!! Needs improvement, although Stokes did impress me with his play.
wwtp Run The Ball at the goal line
nebraska dawg Arians for Red Zone play calling. That just sucked! Officials for the call of roughing the passer on CB which extended a drive. He had his hands up to block a pass idiots! Carmen Policy just for being Carmen Policy and seeming slimy.
section 527 dawg Actually turned towards us and said, "Doesn't Couch Suck today??" While during the rest of the game, just sat there waiting for everyone to notice her. Now we ALL KNOW that yesterday's loss WAS INFACT COUCH'S FAULT, but at least know who the freaking QB is - now go back to the strip club and do your job right.....the losers there are getting restless!!
bafridley Where were all the boo's for Holcomb? If Couch played half as bad as Holcomb, he'd have been booed out of the stadium (again).
indybones Arians- How can you get six points out of this much talent?
muskiedawg01 Can we please play to our strengths for just one game? Can anybody matchup with Morgan, KJ, Northcutt, and Andre Davis when they are on the field at the same time? No! When it's 2nd and 17 and we need a lot of yards, what do we do? Bring in 3 or 4 wide and throw for a 20 yard completion. Holcomb winning the job had a lot to do with his deep throws, please let him throw deep. Yes, he had 2 picks, but let him throw deep! Please get our best asset on the field more Bruce (WRs)!
josh19 Where was the high octane offense? Especially Kevin Johnson and Quincy Morgan, they were non existent. They get my votes along with the one calling the plays. Bruce Arians has the biggest and fattest goat that you've got, when you can't get the ball in the endzone in 3 tries within 1 foot and 3 tries within 3 yards, your playcalling obviously sucks.
bucksrule holcomb played like crap. he supposedly won the "job" because he runs the offense better than couch. please. 6 points and two terrible ints against a very average defense. nice play calling bruce. it was nice to see green running very well in the second half. so why didn't we keep running with our star back. butch this is your team feel free to take charge of your team and make the decisions that you want. don't let others talk you into their ideas.
shanebrowndawg Bruce Arians- He never threw downfield. I don't understand why we have so many weapons on the field and he throws a 5 yard dink. Kelly Holcomb- It wasn't an impressive start, but Im sure he will be better next game. OL- Too many holding calls. Killed a few good plays for us.
syphard Can Butch Davis and Bruce Arians call any slower evolving plays when you are on the 1/3 line. How about 3 tries at a QB sneak.
maheller71 CAN YOU NOT SWITCH IT UP AND MAYBE DO A PASS PLAY WHEN YOUR INSIDE THE 5??? The line is banged up and they were putting some pressure on Kelly. He made a few bad decisions trying to push the ball down field right before the half. He still out played Manning. Give him some time. You guys only needed 10 points to beat the Colts!! The play calling sucked.
fairwayseeker Kelly Holcomb- He said he couldn't wait until Sunday, well we are still waiting for him to score a TD(very underwhelming performance!) B. Arians - The most conservative playcaller in 2nd half of games the NFL has seen- no imagination or setting up plays! Butch - No love for you this week (How can you not dress C.J. Jones our best KR man & good special teamer along with Q. Mitchell our best run blocking Guard) Please consider what they bring to the table (A. King is wasting a spot!!)
fleadawg May I say one word......EXECUTION!!!


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