Sashi Brown didn't rule out trading up for QB

Sashi Brown said he didn't want to get in a habit of trading up to get a player, but didn't rule out doing so.

BEREA, Ohio--In reflecting on Sashi Brown's pre draft press conference on Wednesday, there were a couple of nuggets to come out of it that might shed light on the team's thinking. On the other hand, they also could be sending smoke signals to throw teams off the scent. 

There is no question the Browns are searching for a quarterback. They might take one with the first pick, but the overwhelming odds are that they will take the consensus top player in the draft, defensive end Myles Garrett.

Which leaves the Browns in a bit of dilemma at quarterback. It is believed they like some of the quarterbacks in the draft, including Mitchell Trubisky, Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, DeShone Kizer and even Davis Webb. However, after their first pick, they might not be able to get the quarterback they want if they wait to the 12th pick or even if they take the best player available at 12, they might not be able to get the quarterback they like at 33. 

When asked about trading up to get a player the Browns wanted, presumably a quarterback, Brown answered this way.

"We're open to it," Brown said. "Generally we value picks. We think no matter how prepared you are, there's always a lot of uncertainty in the draft. Every team misses. We're not going to be different in that regard. We like young talent. We've said the draft is going to be the pipeline. So we don't want to get into a habit of turning two picks into one, so to speak. We just don't think that's a good way to do business over time.

"We've studied this around the league and it's just our inclination, but does not mean that if there was a player there we might not go take a shot," he said. "We think we're positioned to be able to do that without impacting our draft too much."

It's well known the Browns don't want to give up their precious draft choices, which would be the case if they trade up into the top 10, but Brown sounded like if they're sold on a player--especially at quarterback--they might do so, especially since Brown said "we don't want to get into a habit of turning two picks into one".

However, knowing the team is very thin at quarterback they might be willing to go after the guy they deem the best fit, whether it be one of the aforementioned quarterbacks or even a player at another position. 

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