Composite NFL Mock Draft, Version 2

With over eight thousand picks recorded in our database, the Mock Draft Muncher is the internet's most detailed Mock Draft analyzer. What does it say about tonight's draft? We take its results, add a little analysis, and offer a Composite Mock Draft.

It's been six weeks since our first Composite NFL Mock Draft, and there have been busy folks within the Internet's NFL Draft community. Dozens and dozens of new mock drafts have hit websites since we last did this, and we've now updated the World-Famous Mock Draft Muncher with the latest mock drafts!

All told, we've recorded in our database over eight thousand individual draft picks, and over 200 versions of different mock drafts.

So, is there wisdom in crowds? Let's find out with our second and final Composite NFL Mock Draft!

PICK 1: Cleveland Browns, Myles Garrett

There's been recent hype that the Browns might take QB Mitch Trubisky in this spot, but the Mock Drafters (with two exceptions) aren't buying it. Forty-nine of the drafts have the Browns taking the draft's consensus top player. Garrett's "Average Draft Position" is an incredible 1.06, with the few not selected Garrett at number one, picking him second. We haven't seen consensus like this since Andrew Luck.

PICK 2: San Francisco 49ers, Solomon Thomas

The consensus in this year's Mock Draft Muncher is unprecedented, and it continues with the 49ers selection, which is predicted to be Solomon Thomas. He's the selection in over half of the mock drafts. Jamal Adams and Mitch Trubisky also got four or more mocks picking them, but Thomas has surged over the last three weeks to become the consensus choice.

PICK 3: Chicago Bears, Jamal Adams

As much as Thomas has surged, Jonathan Allen has plummeted as a selection for the Chicago Bears, falling one behind Jamal Adams in the mock drafts. In fact, at no point is Allen the top pick of mock drafts at any selection in the drafts, so we will compensate for that below. But as Allen has dropped, Jamal Adams has surged and is the selection of 14 of the mock drafts here.

PICK 4: Jacksonville Jaguars, Leonard Fournette

There may be more than one team disappointed to see Fournette off the board here. Jonathan Allen is again second, but far behind the 31 mock drafts that have selected Fournette. Down the board, the Jets and Panthers would have to adjust to Fournette leaving the scene.

PICK 5: Tennessee Titans, Marshon Lattimore

Again, we have a strong consensus for the Titans, and Allen continues to slide. The Buckeyes defensive back is the overwhelming selection, with 23 of the Mock Drafts selecting him at this point. As with the other picks so far in this Composite Mock Draft, the consensus is emerging strongly over the last month.

PICK 6: New York Jets, O.J. Howard

For the first time in this Composite Mock Draft, the top selection of the mock drafters is not available. Nine mock drafts pick Jamal Adams at this point, with seven each picking Mitch Trubisky and Malik Hooker. However, we will award the Jets with the surging O.J. Howard, who is rapidly climbing the mock draft boards here. In the real world, there might be some clamoring to trade up for Allen, Trubisky or Hooker if things break as they have so far in the mock drafts. We will find out Thursday night!

PICK 7: San Diego Chargers, Malik Hooker

There are few things in life that are sure things. One of them, at least according to mock drafters, is that Malik Hooker goes in this spot. Thirty of the fifty-plus mock drafts have him going here with Jonathan Allen (who else?) as the second-favorite pick. Always the bridesmaid, and continuing to slip in our Composite Mock Draft...

PICK 8: Carolina Panthers, Christian McCaffery

Strange, isn't it, how the draft stock of players can dramatically change without them even playing a single game. Such is the case with McCaffery, who has come out of the bottom of the first round to be a top ten selection in just the last six weeks. Here's the consensus pick of Panthers here, with twenty mock drafts selecting him.

PICK 9: Cincinnati Bengals, Jonathan Allen

Sorry, we have to step in here. While Reuben Foster and Derek Barnett are the top two selections in mock drafts here, we're going to reverse the fluke of Jonathan Allen being the second favorite selection throughout the top ten and award him to the Bengals here. He's actually the third-most popular pick for the Bengals, and would likely be much higher than that if the mock drafters thought he would be available at this point. Alas, there was no consensus on where Allen will land, so we're going to say the Tide is rolling in here.

PICK 10: Buffalo Bills, Mike Williams

O.J. Howard is another popular pick here, but Mike Williams is the top selection of the mock drafts with sixteen selections to ten for the Alabama tight end. Mitch Trubisky is also selected by four mock drafts here, which might concern the Browns.

PICK 11: New Orleans Saints, Derek Barnett

This one is very close, with Barnett the top selection in nine drafts, Taco Charlton in eight, and Reuben Foster in seven. Foster might, in fact, but the pick if things play out the way they have so far, but we have to go with the winner amongst the mock drafts, so the Tennessee defensive end is a Saint.

PICK 12: Cleveland Browns, Mitch Trubisky

The buzz around the league is that the Browns are looking to trade up to land the hometown quarterback, but the mock drafts are saying that's folly: The Browns can stay at twelve and land the quarterback of their choice. That is Trubisky, with a half-dozen selections ahead of Clemson's QB Deshaun Watson. TE O.J. Howard is a popular selection here as well with ten mocks picking him for the Browns.

PICK 13: Arizona Cardinals, Patrick Mahomes

A little bit of a surprise here, but Mahomes has shot up as the Cardinals selection in recent days. This result would shock a lot of casual NFL fans, who are unaware of the buzz around Mahomes as a potential top quarterback pick. But the Cardinals are looking for their quarterback of the future and, like the Browns, seem to favor someone other than Deshaun Watson.

PICK 14: Philadelphia Eagles, Marlon Humphrey

So many directions for the Eagles to go here, but one that's not going to happen is Christian McCaffrey, already selected above by the Panthers despite being the top selection at this point in the Mock Drafts. The second pick, Marlon Humphrey, is available, however, and goes to the Eagles here.

PICK 15: Indianapolis Colts, Haasan Reddick

Once again, the Mock Muncher circles in on a player who is available, and the Temple linebacker has twice as many selections as Gareon Conley, so he goes here. Reddick has soared in the last week at this position.

PICK 16: Baltimore Ravens, Cameron Robinson

The Mock Drafts are decidedly uncertain where the Ravens will go with this pick, and there's bound to be a lot of interest in Corey Davis, if he's still available. Robinson and Davis are both available with this pick and both are selected in eight of the mock drafts. Three of the four top picks for the Ravens in this slot are wide receivers (Davis, Mike Williams, and John Ross), but we're going to flip a coin and take Robinson here.

PICK 17: Washington Redskins, Reuben Foster

The mock drafts are totally confused as to what the Redskins will do with this pick, with no one player getting selected in more than 10% of the mock drafts. In this case, we'll select Foster because of a lower Average Draft Position than RB Dalvin Cook, who is selected in the same number of drafts. Haasan Reddick and Gareon Conley are also selected five times here.

PICK 18: Tennessee Titans, Corey Davis

There's been something akin to a meeting of the minds about John Ross being the selection here, as nineteen of the mock drafts have him selected in that spot. We're in a similar situation with Jonathan Allen, however, in that WR Corey Davis has a much lower Average Draft Position, but was simply not the top pick above. So, we're going to override the mocks at pick 18 and say that the Titans will welcome Davis with open arms.

PICK 19: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dalvin Cook

The consensus here is overwhelming for Cook. The consensus is that the Bucs need either a tight end or running back, and 21 mocks have Cook as the choice. We're compelled to go with him.

PICK 20: Denver Broncos, Ryan Ramczyk

The top four selections in the draft are all offensive tackles for the Broncos, with Ramczyk being the top choice, with eighteen mocks picking him. An easy selection, according to the mocks. 

PICK 21: Detroit Lions, Jarrad Davis

Mock drafts are very confused about what the Lions will do with Jarrad Davis, Charles Harris, Taco Charlton, T.J. Watt and others picking up a lot of mentions. Davis is at the top of the list, if not by much, and is the choice here.

PICK 22: Miami Dolphins, Forrest Lamp

Once again, we have consensus around an available player, in this case Western Kentucky's Forrest Lamp. Seventeen of the mock drafts select Lamp, with Taco Charlton far behind at five.

PICK 23: NY Giants, David Njoku

Tough call here. Ryan Ramczyk is the top selection here, but is already off the board to the Broncos above. Garett Bolles is a possibility as a back-up according to the third-most mocks, but David Njoku is the selection, coming in a close second to Ramczyk in the selection list.

PICK 24: Oakland Raiders, Gareon Conley

Jarrad Davis is the top pick, with eight mock drafts agreeing he will be the guy for the Raiders at this spot. But he went to the Lions at pick 21. It should be pointed out that our sample of 50+ mocks is very split for the Raiders, with over two dozen potential selections at this point. Second-most is Conley and Zach Cunningham. Conley, of course, is a candidate to slide due to recent allegations (which he has vociferously denied), but the mocks have not absorbed that yet, and Conley is the pick due to lower average draft position.

PICK 25: Houston Texans, Deshaun Watson

Assuming that they stay at 25, the Texans will still have a number of quarterbacks to choose from, now that Brock Osweiler is in Cleveland. The top four selections in the mock drafts for the Texans are all quarterbacks, with Pat Mahomes leading the way. Unfortunately for the Texans, the Cardinals snapped up Mahomes a while back, so they shift to their second choice, Clemson QB Deshaun Watson.

PICK 26: Seattle Seahawks, Kevin King

The mock drafts are divided on this pick with 20% going with Kevin King and one fewer going with OT Garett Bolles. We'll assume that there's wisdom in crowds and assign the Washington cornerback to the Seahawks here.

PICK 27: Kansas City Chiefs, Zach Cunningham

The Mock Draft Muncher "draft simulator" assigned Jabrill Peppers to the Chiefs here. It's reasoning: The top three selections for the Chiefs are already off the boards, and Peppers is the player with the lowest Average Draft Position at a spot of need for the team. It might make sense, but we don't care. No mock actually selected Peppers, and three picked Zach Cunningham. He has a lower ADP than the other player selected in three mocks, DeShone Kizer, so Cunningham will be assigned to the Chiefs here.

PICK 28: Dallas Cowboys, Charles Harris

Again, consensus. I've never seen anything like the consensus we have in this year's mocks, even in late first-round picks. The mocks are saying Charles Harris, Mizzou DE, will be a Dallas Cowboy. Adoree Jackson also gets a half-dozen mock votes, but Harris is the clear pick.

PICK 29: Green Bay Packers, T.J. Watt

The mock drafts have no consensus on this one, and are all over the place for the Packers. Probably exactly how the team wants it. Of the mocks, five select Kevin King and five select T.J. Watt. King is already off the board above, so the mocks have spoken: Watt to the Packers.

PICK 30: Pittsburgh Steelers, Takkarist McKinley

Jabrill Peppers gets a few votes here as being an all-around weapon for a team known to go in that direction, but the UCLA defensive end is selected in the most mocks and goes to the Steelers here.

PICK 31: Atlanta Falcons, Taco Charlton

The top pick for the Falcons here in the mock drafts is actually OT Forrest Lamp, and there's good reason to think he would be the pick if available. In this simulation he's not, so we go with the second most popular choice, DE Taco Charlton.

PICK 32: New Orleans Saints, Tre'Davious White

Like the Browns and Titans, the Saints get a second shot in the first round, and the mock drafters feel confident that they will go corner. The top five selections at this spot are all cornerback. Adoree Jackson and Tre'Davious White both have five selections, but White has the lower average draft selection, so he gets the nod here.

And there you have it. The 2017 NFL Draft as the mock drafts (and a little of our own analysis) have it going. So, feel free to knock off early tonight because there's one thing we all know... THE MOCK DRAFTS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. Right?

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