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Reports: Cleveland Browns Locked in on Myles Garrett

Multiple reports are now stating that the Browns will select edge rusher Myles Garrett in the NFL Draft

At this hour, a flurry of reports have appeared in the mainstream media claiming that the Cleveland Browns will select Myles Garrett at the #1 spot in the draft. 

Of course, many of these same reporters a day or so ago were offering nuggets about QB Mitch Trubisky going number one, and deep divides within the Browns front office, etc. So, who knows, but these latest reports are consistent with what we've been hearing from team sources. 

At the same time, Sashi Brown says that the team's first selection has been set for weeks, a statement seemingly ignored by the bulk of press coverage over the past two hundred hours or so.

At any rate, assuming that the truth at 5:00PM EST is going to be the same as the truth at 8:00PM EST, it looks like Myles Garrett is set to become the pass rusher of the Browns fans' dreams. Find out if the pick becomes official at 8PM EST tonight (give or take ten minutes, mostly give) by hanging with us in the OBR Chat Room or in the world-famous Watercooler while you watch the draft. Because there's nothing like interacting with the hardest of the hard-core Browns fans on a night like tonight. 

Meanwhile Lane Adkins will be working the phones and Fred Greetham will be in Berea to give you the very latest information passing through official channels. Me, I'll be occasionally posting little items like this one and trying not to break the site.

So, to summarize, a bunch of media reports are claiming that Myles Garrett is the pick, for reals this time, and never mind all that stuff we were saying 48 hours ago. For what it's worth. 

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