NFL Draft: 1st Round Grades

Providing you up to the minute NFL Draft grades on how picks impact the Browns.

Here to provide you my grades for each pick and maybe a short piece in how those picks could impact our beloved Cleveland Browns on this most important night.

1. Browns - Myles Garrett 

The only pick for the Browns here was Garrett. They need a QB but teams don't get better by passing on the legit #1 guy in the Draft, especially when there is a clear drop-off from #1 to the rest of the prospects.

Grade: A: The have to pick.

2. Bears - Trade - Mitch Trubisky

Wow the Bears gave up a ton to get Mitch. If he works, its great but they had to believe that the Niners or another team was trading up for him.

Browns smokescreen work?

Grade: B-: Lower grade due to trade costs and the player. Could be great but only 1 year of film has to be concerning. 

3. Niners - Trade - Solomon Thomas

Taking everything into account, the Niners got a great player and added valued picks to do so. His fit with Armstead and Buckner will be interesting and an important development to watch.

Grade: A - Including the trade, a very good start for John Lynch.

4. Jaguars Leonard Fournette

Taking a running back that can't really catch out of the backfield, didn't test great and skipped some of the important tests, is a little of an overdraft. Maybe a lot. Tom Coughlin just put his mark on this team for better or worse. This pick would have been great about 15 years ago.

Grade: C-

5. Titans - Corey Davis

Not able to workout at the Combine, or at all, Davis is a bit of a surprise here. Small school guy could give Mariota a great long term target. Maybe a little bit of a reach but Davis was considered the top WR by many people.

Another player I don't believe the Browns would have selected at #12, so they haven't "lost" anyone they wanted yet in my opinion.

Grade: B+

Rumor: Browns trying to trade for Kirk Cousins. A lot depends on if they get an extension and how much they give up.

6. Jets Jamal Adams

Assumed to be the Browns top target that wasn't a QB, Adams could be game changing. Can do a little bit of everything. Some are down on him that he isn't explosiveness enough, doesn't make enough plays but I think that is just nitpicking.

Grade: A

Rumor: Lane Adkins is saying a deal for Cousins is not happening.

7. Chargers Mike Williams

The right direction for the team to go. Gives Rivers a player to help in the passing game that he hasn't had in awhile. Williams doesn't have the upside but is a Larry Fitzgerald type #1.

Grade: B+

8. Panthers - Christian McCaffrey

McCaffrey can be a stud and gives Cam Newton a great weapon. His size has to be concerning but he is so fast and so versatile that he can really open things up for the Panthers offense.

Grade: A-

9. Bengals - John Ross III

A lot of talent on the Bengals offense but can Andy Dalton throw it that far? Is he worth this risk with his injury concerns that many have? Most thought he'd fall to late 1st, early 2nd.

Grade: C-

10 Chiefs - Trade - Patrick Mahomes

I believe this was the Browns #1 QB. Mahomes gets to sit and learn behind Alex Smith and with Andy Reid. If you believe in a QB, you have to go for it. Traded a lot to get up for him.

Grade: A-

11. Saints - Marshon Lattimore

The Saints get the best corner in the Draft and could still get Malcolm Butler later or continue to upgrade the defense at #32. Great pick if his legs can hold up.

Grade: A

12. Texans - Trade - Deshaun Watson

The Browns add another 1st Round pick and obviously didn't love Watson. With Watson, the Texans can compete this year. 

Grade: Texans - A
Browns - B-

13. Cardinals - Haason Reddick

A speed player who can do a lot of things. Just a great athlete. Speed is important in the NFL. Could have gone higher than this but the Cardinals continue to build a solid defense.

Grade: B+

14. Eagles - Derek Barnett

I don't love Barnett. He isn't an elite talent. He had a lot of sacks but I'm not sure it will translate. He doesn't have the length, speed or bend to really dominate at the next level.

Grade: D+

15. Colts - Malik Hooker

Elite talent. Health a big issues and only 1 year on the field. A dominate safety that can change the game. Not just because he is a Buckeye but I give this my first....

Grade: A+

16. Ravens - Marlon Humphrey

Physical player but the history Alabama defensive backs isn't great but Humphrey is a solid player but limited upside and not sure physical play will be allowed in the NFL.

Grade: C+

17. Washington - Jonathan Allen

Allen falls due to his shoulders and size concerns. Allen, like Solomon Thomas above, is a little bit of a tweener. He isn't big enough to be a full 3t and isn't long/fast enough to play outside. Still a player likely to be good and shouldn't be counted out.

Grade: A-

18. Titans - Adoree Jackson

A lot higher than many people had Jackson going, he is a great speed threat, return guy and could develop into a really good corner. Small ans light, Jackson has some issues to work on in coverage and is a little bit of a reach here.

Grade: B-

19. Bucs - O.J. Howard

The Bucs offense becomes elite here with Howard joining Winston's weapons in Desean Jackson and Mike Evans. Howard can do it all at tight end and can be elite.

Grade: A

20. Broncos - Garett Bolles

The Broncos needed to upgrade their offensive line and Bolles becomes the 1st OLman off the board so we know how they felt about him. Bolles story is a really interesting one from getting kicked out of schools to bringing his bady son up to meet the commish.

Grade: B+

21. Lions Jarrad Davis

The Lions needed a linebacker and some are high on Davis. I'm not sure he is a 1st Round pick and think need took over talent here. Davis can play but at 21, the Lions had a lot of options including.

Grade: C-

22. Dolphins - Charles Harris

Harris is an edge rusher who really flew up the Draft boards this year. Harris can bend the edge and has good pass rush moves. Has to beef up a bit against the run. Constant motor will play well for him.

Grade: B

23. Giants - Evan Engram

The Giants continue to build their offensive weapons for Eli Manning. With Odell, Sterling Shepard and Brandon Marshall, their offense can be elite and they continue to have a strong identity in this way.

Grade: A-

24. Raiders - Gareon Conley

His fall stops here. Conley reportedly passed a lie detector test, which isn't admissable in court but made the Raiders happy enough it seems. Still a risk but if he didn't do anything wrong, glad he didn't go undrafted. If he did, he has bigger things to worry about.

Grade: Unknown

25. Browns Jabrill Peppers

A great fit for Gregg Williams' defense. He can play the run, defend tight ends and even play on offense. He will give the Browns a versatile playmaker who might not have the stats but can make the plays.

Grade: A-

26. Falcons - Takkarist McKinley

Shoulder issues are a concern. At the Combine, when I was at the interview scrum, he almost talked like he would need a redshirt year. Good not great at bending the edge and for a team that made it to the Super Bowl, this is a risky pick.

Grade: C

27. Bills Tre'Davious White

White is a corner people either loved or hated. Some had him as the best corner others thought maybe not until the 2nd or 3rd Round. LSU has put out some good DBs but white doesn't really live up to them.

Grade: C+

28. Cowboys -  Taco Charlton

Cowboys needed an edge rusher but was he just a one year wonder? Can he bend the edge? He's worth the risk here.

Grade: B+

29. Browns - Trade - David Njoku

Njoku is a freak of an athlete. The Browns traded pick #108 to move up 4 spots to get an elite talent. He can continue to develop but can give the Browns matchup problems all over the field. At only 20 years old, he will be a player that can build on his body. He was expected to be a Top 15 pick much of this Draft season so this seems like a steal. It also fights the "always trading back" narrative.

Maybe biggest, it kept the Steelers from getting him.

Grade: A

30. Steelers - T.J. Watt

Watt's rise in this Draft process surprised me. His short area quickness was elite. He is an effort guy but a much better athlete than many thought. His brother's reputation did nothing but help him. Steelers often draft productive college guys but have swung and missed on edge guys often.

Grade: B-

31. 49ers - Reuben Foster

I thought he'd make it to the 2nd Round but this makes a lot of sense. The Niners get a guy they were thinking about at #2 but get him here at the end of the 1st. His shoulders and urine sample are a concern but the way teammates speak about him is unique. A true leader.

Grade: A

32. Saints - Ryan Ramczyk

Many had him as the top OT in this Draft. That normally means you get Drafted very high. Instead, the tackles seemed to fall and Ram closes out the 1st Round and gets to block for Drew Brees. He can play left or right tackle as well as left guard, like Joel Bitonio. Saints going offense with their second 1st Round pick is a little surprising.

Grade: B+


Browns overall grade: B+: They got an elite edge rusher and tight end as well as a toy for Gregg Williams defense. Not getting a QB and passing on Hooker drops the grade. Being aggressive to get Njoku while also adding a 1st Rounder next year, helps.

What say you?

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