NFL Draft Day 2: Thoughts and Predictions

Some quick thoughts and predictions before Day 2 of the NFL Draft.

After what was an intense 1st Day of the NFL Draft, we are back at it. 

Had a great crowd on Periscope last night while, I hear, our Chat Room was jumping.

The Cleveland Browns ended up with three 1st Round picks who all fit their profile, fill needs and were, mostly, praised.

Garrett was THE stud of the Draft. Peppers just fits the Browns defense perfectly and is faster than most think.

Njoku is the one that has me almost the most excited. We "stole" him before the Steelers could, he is only 20 years old and was expected to go about 10 picks higher.

Those three players are the type of players that are tone setters, make opponents plan for them and can now sit on the solid foundation the Browns put in place last year.

Passing on Watson and Hooker hurt, me in particular, but we have recovered and are ready to go to Day 2.

Here are my thoughts, not all Browns related:

  • Too many offensive linemen are left so a run starts early in the round.
  • Cornerbacks and running backs also go pretty quickly.
  • Some team, hopefully not the Browns, take Davis Webb as the next QB off the board.
  • The Browns target a free safety at 52 but don't force the pick.
  • Cornerback and a 3 technique defensive tackle are also high on their list.
  • Running back is deep in this Draft, so Crowell not being signed long-term could lead to the Browns take one in the 3rd or 4th Round.
  • The Browns want another pick, and end up with either a 2nd or 3rd Rounder, tonight.
  • Josh Dobbs is the QB I could see them taking today but Brad Kaaya has been someone everyone is quiet on, almost too quiet.
  • Marcus Williams is probably the top guy at FS for the Browns while I love Budda Baker.
  • Sidney Jones is falling because of his injury but I don't think they will Draft him even in the 3rd.
  • Slot WR, or gadget guy Curtis Samuel, is less likely due to the Njoku pick.
  • Malik McDowell will not be a Brown.
  • While I love the talent at FS, having starting safeties that are both rookies is a little worrisome, no matter the talent level.
  • That I'm disappointed that the Browns "only" have one pick in each round tonight shows you how Draft spoiled I've become.
  • People will continue to tweet about the Browns trading for a veteran QB tonight but it finally should end tonight.
  • It won't end tonight. :(
  • Leaving tonight, the Browns off-season has greatly improved the team for next season.
  • Especially compared to this time last year when they were in tear down mode.

NFL Draft Day 2 Mock Draft:

Using FanSpeak and Matt Miller's Big Board, here is my prediction for the Browns this evening. (I didn't do trades but I'd add a corner, most likely, if I added another pick)

Pick 52 - FS Marcus Williams - Utah - Rangy, young guy who fits their athletic profile and would be a perfect pair with Peppers.
Pick 65 - DL Jaleel Johnson - Iowa - This is a stab in the dark but Johnson could fit their need at the 3t with his size and quickness and good hips. A good fit on their young, talented defensive line.

What do you think for tonight?

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