Corey Fuller Blasts Browns, Davis

Corey Fuller has never been known as a shy guy. He's not the quiet, unassuming type. He certainly wasn't today, as he used a weekly press conference to let his feelings be known about his release last Spring and his ex-Coach. Summary: He didn't like it. Mike McLain has more...

BEREA - Corey Fuller still hasn't gotten over being cut by the Browns in a salary-cap purge last February.

During a conference call Wednesday, Fuller used the "f-word" several times. He still believes the Browns front office didn't treat him fairly after he agreed to take a pay cut after the 2001 season.

"When somebody in this game says it's just business, you just got f-----," Fuller said. "Those were the exact words that were put to me. That's how it was when it came down to getting cut.

"It was an injustice what they did. That's the bottom line. What coach in the NFL gets fired and doesn't get his money? Every coach gets fired, he takes money when he leaves.

"I took a $2 million pay cut for the Cleveland Browns but still got cut. Did it hurt? Yes it hurt. Was I emotional at the time? Yes I was. I had a house and four years in the community. It was a great situation. It was a team on the upturn. Nobody wants to build a house and have the roof just about on it and it's burned down. Just picture that."

Fuller didn't mention coach Butch Davis by name many times, but he left no doubt that he blames Davis for his release.

"The only thing I'm upset about is that I had labored for four years, and to see it come together, and then the way it went down," Fuller said. "To call and tell me, 'I love you. I respect you. But this is business.' After a guy restructures his contract for almost $2 million … that was real tough. And that came from Butch."

Davis defended his decision based on the salary cap.

"You never think that in year two of your tenure that you're going to have to cut $25 million worth of players," Davis said.

"Unfortunately, Corey was a good player for this team. He helped a lot of young guys. But $25 million over the cap is 25 over the cap. The league doesn't give you amnesty. There are a lot of guys we let go that we might liked to have had. You have to do what you have to do."

INJURY UPDATE: Defensive end Courtney Brown is back on the injury report, but it's nothing to be concerned about. Brown is listed as probable for Sunday's game against Baltimore with a foot injury. Brown was kicked in the heel in the first quarter against Indianapolis, but he was able to practice Wednesday. Receiver Quincy Morgan is probable with hip injury.

RAVENS REPORT: Art Modell is in his final year of ownership of the Ravens. Minority owner Steve Bisciotti will assume majority control next year.

"Each week as we get closer to the end of the season, there's going to be some story about his former Cleveland Browns team in 1970 and whatever, and Art will be chock full of stories," Ravens coach Brian Billick said. "This will clearly mean more to Art, but I think all the games will mean more to Art."

Former Brown Orlando Brown is a backup to offensive right tackle Ethan Brooks. This is Brown's first year in the NFL since being hit in the right eye by a penalty flag thrown by referee Jeff Triplette.

"Because of a quad injury in camp, we've eased Orlando back into it," Billick said. "He's healthy now, and he actually took 50 snaps last week. We were going to rotate series, and it just so happened that the series he was in extended beyond Brooks. That was good for him. We're going to try to expand on that."

For the Ravens, running back Musa Smith (knee) is out. Listed as questionable are cornerback Corey Fuller (thigh), cornerback Alvin Porter (groin) and receiver Frank Sanders (foot). Listed as probable are offensive lineman Casey Rabach (knee) and punter Dave Zastudi (thigh).


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