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Garrett: "I'm going to be a playmaker"

Top pick in the recent NFL Draft, Myles Garrett is not lacking confidence at playing at the next level

BEREA, Ohio--Myles Garrett is confident.

He doesn't come off as brash or boastful, but rather extremely self-assured. 

“I’m going to be a playmaker," Garrett said on his first day of rookie minicamp. "No matter where they put me at or what kind of plays they have me in, I know that they are going to put me in the best position to make plays. I’m not really bothered. They are going to blitz me, they are going to let me go and wreak havoc and I’m excited for it.”

Garrett said there are no expectations that can be placed on him that are higher than what he has for himself.

“I have high expectations for myself," Garrett said. "I’m not worried about what people expect from me or what they think I am going to do. My expectations are definitely higher than what most others have for me. I hold myself to that every single time I step on the field, whether I’m going against whoever is out there for rookie camp or if I am going against the very best or if I am just trying to learn the playbook or just being a great man in general.”

At Garrett's introductory press conference, Garrett said he wanted to make Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger his first sack victim. The comments made their way to the national media outlets and caused some comments form Roethlisberger and some of his offensive linemen.

However, Garrett wasn't ready to back down from his comments. 

“I think that was kind of blown up, but I stand by it," Garrett said. "We are looking to get after it. Why should I be afraid of saying those kinds of things? That is what any team would say or any player would say. You are trying to make a name for yourself. You are trying to go out there and win games just like they are. They are not going to shy away from the challenge and neither are we.”

Garrett said he respects his opponents, but he's going to continue to be himself. 

“No, I’m going to be myself," he said. "I’m not going to hide. I’m just going to be respectful. The team comes first. I’m not going to do anything to jeopardize them or myself. Just make sure that I speak lightly and carry a big stick.”

Hue Jackson said he doesn't mind comments like that from Garrett.

“I’m not scared of them," Jackson said. "If he is not scared of them, then I’m not scared of them. I support our guys whole-heartedly that way. This is a game of competition. I want us to channel some of those. Let’s earn the right to do that and say those things, but he said that at a time when questions were asked. Sometimes the emotional part comes out, and I think that’s what you saw. I think he wants to be really good. I think he wants to have that kind of thought process throughout the league, but I think he gets that he has to earn that.”

Jackson was impressed and excited to get Garrett on the field.

“Athletic, fast, big, fun," he said. "He is very talented. He is going to have to earn the right to be what we think he can be. We are not just going to hand him anything. He understands that. He has to put his head down and work.”

 Garrett said he's excited for the opportunity with the Browns and isn't putting any more pressure on himself, despite being the top pick in the draft. 

“I’m in good hands," he said. "This is what I have been dreaming of for I don’t know how long. Just take advantage of all the opportunities that I’ve been given and go out there and be yourself.”





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