Charges dropped against Caleb Brantley

The charges against Caleb Brantley have been dropped according to the Tampa Bay Times

BEREA, Ohio-- Browns sixth-round draft pick, Caleb Brantley reportedly has cleared at least one hurdle in his quest of making the Browns roster.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the state's attorney's office  has dismissed the battery case citing "insufficient evidence to sustain a conviction." 

"Having reviewed the matter, including interviewing the alleged victim and multiple other witnesses, it is apparent that there is no reliable evidence upon which an arrest or prosecution would be warranted or legally justified, and the sworn complaint is therefore being dismissed," the State Attorney's Office said in a press release.

The news is the latest update in a case that dates to an early-morning fight on April 13.

Brantley was in Berea last weekend and took part in the rookie minicamp. He said he was ready to put his controversial history behind him. 

"I’m looking forward to the facts coming out and the truth about what happened that night,” Brantley said before the first practice of rookie minicamp on Friday. “But I can’t really speak on the legal situation, so we’ll leave it at that.”

Brantley, from Florida, was accused of punching a woman in the face in April. Brantley's attorney has said that his client was the victim and the state's attorney was deciding whether to charge Brantley with a crime.

EVP of football operations Sashi Brown said right after drafting Brantley that the team could release him if new information surfaces. Brantley ws asked if he feels the pending legal issues are hanging over him. After the news, the Browns released a statement from Brown:

“Based on our information, we understood there was a reasonable chance that the charges would be dismissed. As we have previously discussed, the allegations made regarding the incident were not something we take lightly. Caleb understands that we have an expectation and standard for every member of our organization. He’s a talented-young man with a great opportunity in front of him. Caleb must grow as a person from this situation. He is now able to move forward and focus on earning a spot on this roster.” 

Brantley was relieved, as well:

“I'm grateful for today’s ruling. I won’t take the opportunity the Browns have given me for granted and now I can shift all my focus on working hard to make this football team while also showing my teammates, coaches, the organization and this community the type of person I really am.”

Brantley (6-2, 307) was projected as a second- or third-round pick, but dropped  to the 185th overall pick.

“My heart was a little heavy watching the draft,” he said. “It was hard to watch it.”

Brantley said he's anxious to prove the Browns were right about him and wants to make the most of his opportunity.

“Of course," Brantley said. "I’m not going to say I didn’t hear all of the stuff that they did say about me, but there is definitely a chip on my shoulder. I’m just going to go out and prove everybody wrong who said bad things about me and said I had character issues and all of that. I’m not really worried about it. I’m just ready to move on.”

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