Peppers practices; Dismisses speculation

Jabrill Peppers signed his participation agreement and practiced Saturday. However, he denied he signed the agreement because of the rumors regarding drug usage.

BEREA,Ohio--Jabrill Peppers was on the field doing what he loves to do best.

Playing football.

But first he had to ask more questions about the rumors of his substance abuse.

After missing the first day of minicamp for not signing a participation agreement, Peppers signed the agreement Saturday morning and practiced.

On Saturday, Peppers was asked if speculation about not wanting to take a substance abuse test led him to signing the participation agreement. 

"No, no," Peppers said. "I'm not worried about that. Stop asking me questions (about that)."

Peppers was clearly bothered by the barrage of questions concerning his diluted sample test results that put him in the NFL's first phase of the substance abuse program. He denied not practicing on Friday was because he didn't want to take a drug test.

“That is your speculation," he said. "I don’t know why you think of me like that, but everyone is entitled to an opinion. What you think of me is no skin off my teeth. I am not worried about anything but being the best football player and person I can be.”

Peppers was asked on Friday if he's every had a substance abuse problem.

“Absolutely not, never in my life (have I used those substances)," he said. "Whatever drugs she says I have done, I have never done in my life.”

Earlier in the week, a local radio talk show host--who has since been fired-- made accusations that Peppers had been using illegal substances.

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