Chat Room Upgraded!

Just in time for tonight's Browns Uncensored Chat, here's information about the upgrade of the Chat Room!<BR><BR><B>SUMMARY:</B> Click the link and a button and you're in. <BR><BR>If you want to know more, or have other questions about the chat room, there are additional links at the bottom of the page that should give you any answer you want. See you tonight at 9PM!

The upgraded chat room looks a lot like our old one, but has a number of important changes that we wanted our visitors to know about. Also, there are a couple of things to look out for the first time you come into the new chat room.

Our chat hosting service has upgraded our chat server from Chatspace 2.0 to Chatspace 3.1. The newer release is more stable, and more accepting of different kinds of web browsers. Many people who had problems with the old version will find that the new one works fine for them.

The First Time you Log In

You will very likely see the window pictured below next time you log in to the chat room.  You want to click the "Yes" button in order to download the new java client onto your PC. This will very likely take a couple of minutes if you have a slow connection. You may also see a dialog asking if you want to give the chat room certain permissions. Answer "Yes" to that as well if it appears.

When you are finished, you will log in and see the new chat room. It will look very much like the old one, except that there will be more colorful icons, and you will see a blue background rather than the old bright orange one.

Changes in Chatspace

1. More accessible to more people

The old chat room we used did not run on several different types of browsers. While it worked well under Internet Explorer, fans visiting the web site using Opera or Netscape would have problems. The reason is that the older version of Chatspace was written specifically for Microsoft's version of Java. Microsoft was barred from distributing that several months ago, and an increasing number of fans didn't use it. The newer version works with Sun's version of java, and runs under Opera and Netscape. I've tested it under Opera and it works well. Under Netscape 7.1, I got the HTML interface instead, but chat was still usable.

2. Icons and Avatars

You can select from a small list of icons and avatars that may or may not match your mood while you're in chat. We may be able to add to these at a future time, but we have the default set for now.

3. Buddy List

The new chat room includes a buddy list, which allows you to add friends and contact them if they are online. Since we're all frequently in the same room on game days or during scheduled chats, this isn't incredibly useful. If we figure out another way to use it on the site, we'll let you know.

4. Easier use of the ignore feature

If there is a troll or someone in the chatroom you would rather just ignore, you can now do so using an icon conveniently located on the right side of the toolbar menu. Simply highlight the name of the person you want to ignore and click this icon. Viola! Hear no evil, see no evil, chat with no evil.

There are other features in the new version of Chatspace we may employ in the future, but for now this update should make the chats available to more fans and be more stable than past versions. We hope you enjoy the new chat room, and tell your friends to meet up with you there!

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