McCourty ready to play where needed, whether at CB or S

Browns defensive back Jason McCourty said he's ready to contribute wherever he's needed, whether that be at cornerback or safety.

BEREA, Ohio-- Jason McCourty said it didn't matter to him if he played cornerback or safety.

He just knew the Browns really wanted him--and that was good enough for him.

“Being 100 percent wanted," McCourty said after his first OTA with the Browns. "For me, that was the most important thing. That kind of goes to life. Whatever you are doing, you want to be somewhere that someone wants you to be there, I think it makes for a great relationship. Coming down on my visit and getting a chance to meet Coach (Hue) Jackson already knowing (defensive coordinator) Coach (Gregg) Williams and then getting a chance to be around some of these guys in the locker room, seeing what is going on here and seeing how excited everybody is.

"That is what drew me here," he said. "Position-wise, football that is kind of what I do. Learning it and being able to go out there and play, that is the easy part of it. Just feeling wanted and being excited to be here.”

Jackson said that McCourty's versatility is invaluable to the Browns and if he is one of the best four DB's, they'll find a place for him.

“McCourty can end up playing nickel," Jackson said on Monday at the team's golf tournament. "He can play corner. He can play safety. Our job is to make sure we find the best four guys to get out there." 

McCourty said he doesn't care where he plays, as long as he plays. He said everything he has talked with the coaches about so far is at cornerback.

“I am just leaving that up to the coaches," McCourty said. "Whatever I am asked to do. Right now, learning corner. For me, just getting here (Tuesday) and it being the first OTA, I am just trying to learn as much as possible. I am just trying to pay attention in the meeting room and asking other guys – Joe (Haden), JT (Jamar Taylor), (Marcus) Burley and (Briean Boddy-) Calhoun and all of those guys – questions, picking up the defense and trying to go out there and just do my part to help this team.”

McCourty's twin brother, Devin, is reportedly being switched from cornerback to safety with the Patriots and Jason was asked if he has any experience playing safety.

“I played it a little bit before in the past," he said. "Not in the NFL but in college, I played some free safety. Just from a knowledge standpoint, after a good amount of years, you start to just pick up the secondary and what you are trying to execute, what each defense is defending against, the weak spots and all of that. Just trying to get a wide range of knowledge of the entire scheme.”

McCourty said he doesn't need to know heading to training camp if he's going to concentrate at cornerback or safety.

“Being a professional is knowing it exactly when they ask you. For me right now, they are asking me to learn corner. Each day, we come into practice and I make sure I know every single thing about every defense that is going to be run that day. If anything changes, I will make sure I know whatever positions I am asked.”

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