Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Based on the feedback from last week, it seems dawgs want your loyal, but occasionally lazy, webmaster to edit these transcripts down to their essence. So it has been said, so it shall be done. Here's the edited transcript from last Thursday night's chat with David Carducci!

DavidCarducci Hi guys
teco hey dave
ramllov Hey Dave
shanebrowndawg hey dave
ramllov How is Morgans hip?, will he start? Dave
DavidCarducci Everything I hear is that Quincy should be just fine ... although I think he'd like a few more passes thrown his way
DavidCarducci My guess is he will start.
redright Hi Dave, Hope you have your fast type tonight, Everyone must have a couple of thousand questions. LOL
DavidCarducci I'll do the best I can redright
shanebrowndawg I got one question: Is something wrong with Andre Davis? I didn't see him much on the field this past Sunday.
DavidCarducci Shane, he's 100-pct. They simply didn't go with many 4-Wide formations, and they used Northcutt as the no. 3 most of the time.
DavidCarducci I watched most of the Steelers-Ravens tape, and there should be more opportunity to open up the offense a bit against those safeties. Although, several Browns said they expect to see the Ravens play a bit more cover-two against the Browns considering how successful the Colts were
browns28 david how concerned are the browns that they could not run it in from goalline is it more the play calling or personal.
DavidCarducci Browns28, I think they are somewhat concerned, and should be concerned. The lack of a punishing run blocker in the interior is something this team really misses. I've heard several people close to the team say there is a real concern with having three centers in the interior and the lack of a push they'll et
redright Dave, Lang seems to be the LCD of our O-line and I can't stand his mugging for the cameras, too much like Rudd, Is it likely to see someone like Garay step up and stop the run and provide as much pass rush as Lang?
DavidCarducci Redright, I don't think so. Lang is actually a pretty classy guy if you get to know him. He actually is very much a leader, very well respected and very intelligent, all the things Rudd was not. He, unfortunately, has been one of those practice warriors in that he looks good every day and then never quite has that great Sunday.
Aqib DAve do you attribute Holocomb perfornce to good defense, gitters, or the league catching up to him
DavidCarducci Aquib, I would say good defense and the league catching up to him to some extent, but I also simply think Holcomb is just as capable of struggling from time to time as Couch is. He is a very good quarterback, but he is far from a savior.
KJ WHY was McLeod Inactive Sunday?
DavidCarducci KJ, that is a very good question
DavidCarducci I wonder how much Davis believes McLeod can help as a lead blocker, considering he said that Shea, Heiden and Sanders can do the same things as McLeod
ramllov Dave, when the Browns have three centers in the interior line, does their speed and movement, benefit, and offset the lack of major bulk?
DavidCarducci Ram, the speed and athleticism and intelligence, and several other things benefit, but it having that type of lineman inside is more of a fit for a Denver-style blocking system than what the Browns want to do with their offense, that's why they really would have loved to have Qasim come along quicker than he did.
teco Dave, any reason why Quincy was returning Kickoffs?
DavidCarducci Teco, I don' tthink they wanted to put Andre Davis in that role so soon after his injury, even though he is supposedly 100-percent.
ramllov Thanks Dave, I thought that, but I like to be reminded. How far is Q. Mitchell from getting off the practice squad on on the active team?
DavidCarducci Ram, he's a ways away, as I understand it. Probably not this year unless he's forced off by injury to someone else
MrAnonymous Dave - Has anyone on the Browns commented on why Andre King is on this squad?
DavidCarducci MrAnonymous, I think Davis likes King's ability to fill several different roles, and he is very dependable in terms of following assignments. He is a good blocker, a good special teams player, very sure handed, but just not quite as dynamic as the top four.
redright David, I read somewhere that McCloed has had games against Lewis and would like to block Lewis this Sunday. Anything there? What do we know about McCloed?
DavidCarducci Redright, we don't know a whole lot about McLeod other than what he's told us, and what is in his brief bio. I know he would like to play against Lewis. He started to earn a rep as a good lead blocker in Tampa before getting hurt a few years back
ramllov Dave, what is the current story on Lewis Sanders? Is he on his way out or does he still have high potential?
DavidCarducci Ram, I think Sanders has a lot of potential, but I keep waiting for him to tap it. He impressed the heck out of me as a rookie in Cincinnati, then the injuries really set him back. He's just never quite made it, but his size, speed and strength at corner is something worth continuing to wait for
KJ Dave is Thompson close yet?
DavidCarducci KJ, From what I understand, Thompson doesn't seem to quite get it yet. He thought he'd adjust right away, but it takes a while for some players, especially people who have never played at a high level even in college, to play instinctively at the pro level. That's why they'll use him in situations where he has one job on a particular play, and they can take advantage of some aspect of his talent, to help him get his feet wet. [msg continues in 22
DavidCarducci We may see some of that in the next few weeks [msg complete]
teco Dave, how does the Offense feel about last week's fizzler? Are the questioning the decsision to start Kelly?
DavidCarducci Teco, I don't think they are questioning Kelly. If he continues to struggle for three or four more weeks, then I'm sure that would change.
shanebrowndawg Is william ready to go this week? I hope he isn't scared!!!!!!
DavidCarducci Shane, William Green was asked about Lewis' statement that he wanted to make every NFL running back fear him this year ... and Green said ""I fear no man who walks the earth."" I don't think he's scared at all. You don't go through the things that he's gone through in life and end up scared
ramllov Dave, do you see Lewis Sanders as a potential free safety?
DavidCarducci Ram, I agree. I think they'd like him to come along a bit faster, considering Taylor and Andra played every single down lsat week defensively.
teco do you think Kelly 'struggled'? OR was he shackled by a conservative approach playcalling wise??
DavidCarducci Teco, I think he struggled. He made some very poor decisions, threw some very poor passes, and did not do a good job of looking off receivers.
DavidCarducci Teco, but that doesn't mean that he can't fix those mistakes. Kelly is smart
DawgyK Davis said something about maybe stepping back this year
DavidCarducci DawgyK, he did say that, but that was right after the release of Fuller, Rudd, Hoolmes, etc. ... He has since said he thinks this year's team is better than the palyoff team. I don't agree that it is as good right now, but it could be by the end of the year
redright Dave, why is BD grooming a 30+ yr old QB? How long will he do so?
DavidCarducci Redright, if he doesn't think Couch is the right guy to run this offense and he doesn't have faith in him, which it appears he does, my guess is he'll go with Kelly until the right guy comes along. At 30, though, Kelly could have 5 or 6 very good years ahead of him
DavidCarducci And if Holcomb is Brian Sipe, believe me, it won't be hard to find the next Paul McDonald to take over
dobie7 Dave, Considering Thompson learns the system and is ready to be a starter, who does he take over for?
DavidCarducci dobie7, that's a good question. Probably Taylor now that they've switched the roles of the weakside and strongside position
BryanK Does Couch have any market value?
DavidCarducci BryanK, Couch certainly has some market value with so many teams starved for a quarterback. I'm sure the Cowboys, Cardinals, Panthers and several other teams would love to have him. I still think Tim COuch can be a very good NFL quarterback
DawgyK Do you think they are grooming Booty for that job, or is he just there in case something goes qrong?
DavidCarducci DawgyK, I don't think they even know that yet. They like Booty, and they like the way he developed in the last offseason. But is he ever going to be a viable No. 1 option, I don't know
Aqib Dave has it gotten to the point he has to go somewhere else?
DavidCarducci Aqib, it isn't there yet, simply for the fact that Couch could still be the starter by the end of the year. Who knows, this could be a similar situation to Bradshaw losing the starting job in Pit in 1974, then winning it back and holding on for 7 more years
MrAnonymous Dave - How serious are the Browns about George Layne?
DavidCarducci I don't know, MrA, Lane would be best to answer that. The guy I'd like them to look at is James Harrison, former Steelers linebacker
rabidbrown Dave, Did Qasim getting demoted to the practice squad motivate him to work harder with more sense of urgency, or did it demoralize him to a point that it might be over?
DavidCarducci Rabidbrown, that's not something I've asked Davis yet. I'll probably wait until they really have a chance to see how he works over the next few weeks. Since we are not allowed to watch practice, I have not been able to form my own opinion
BryanK Dave, what do you expect this weekend? Will we see more offense from the Browns?
DavidCarducci BryanK, I think the Browns will have a hard time on the ground against a defense that really sells out against the run, but they will have a good deal of success through the air. They have to stop Lewis, obviously, that is the key. In the paper I am going to pick Browns 27-14
BrownsFEVA DAVE: Yes, it's early yet ...but what position MIGHT the Browns go after in the 2004 draft?
DavidCarducci BrownsFEVA, my best early guess would be a big guard (if Qasim still is a big Q-mark), or a left tackle. That's what I'd want. But if Henry or Sanders doesn't step up, I think they could go after a shutdown corner
dobie7 Dave, What is your opinion of O'hare? He seems to get beat an awful lot.
DavidCarducci dobie7, my opinion about O'Hara is the same as it has always been. I don't like him at right guard, but I think he can be a capable left guard on a good line, and a capable center on a good line. Best case scenario, though, is that he is a utility lineman. A good guy to have around
Lumpy Dave, have you heard anything about the progress of CJ Jones at cornerback?....from coaches or players?
DavidCarducci Lumpy, nothing yet. It's still early. I doubt seriously that we'll see him in a game there any time soon. But with him already here, it's a nice opportunity for the coaches to experiment and do some teaching
browns28 david do you think the brown would like chris gamble and do you think he is a shut down corner
DavidCarducci browns28, I'm not sure yet if he is a shutdown corner at this level, but a guy with his versatility would certainly attract a coach like Davis who likes players to be capable of filling several different roles when the rosters go to 45
rabidbrown What has happened to Jamel White? He looks like he has been taking dancing lessons from the way he played sunday.
DavidCarducci Rabidbrown, that's always been a bit of an issue with Jamel. He often gets caught up running east and west in an attempt to make the big play
teco Dave, will the team (barring injury) leave Crocker as DB rather than a Safety?
DavidCarducci Teco, I think Crocker is going to be the nickel DB most of this year
Guest444 KH has only had a few games but the one thing he hasn't shown yet is the ability to make that big drive in the last few minutes to win or salt away a victory. Can he do it? (KC settled for fg, Balt - didn't score, Pitt - didn't make a game ending drive, Indy - couldn't get a winning drive)
DavidCarducci Guest444, the thing that I wonder about with Holcomb is this ... Some quarterbacks look great moving the ball between the 20's, but never seam to win. Then there are guys (and I think COuch can be this type of guy), who don't look good for 3 quarters, but find a way to win in the end.
rabidbrown I think Crocker has a bright future.
DavidCarducci Rabidbrown, I've seen more out of Crocker in the last three or four weeks than I did in the first month or so. I like him more and more, and the guy is very, very smart.
DawgyK But Dave, a good QB must be able to be a factor in the game for 4 quarters.
DavidCarducci DawgyK, that is true to some extent. But if they win, they can have average numbers and look awkward at times. Not saying this is the case, just a theory
teco what about the 'Cutt contract situation Dave? Anything?
DavidCarducci Teco, nothing new that I know of. Lane may have some info.
shanebrowndawg dave, will we see more 4 and 5 wide this weekend?
DavidCarducci Shanebrowndawg, I have a feeling you will with the way the Ravens DB's struggled last week. They really were awful against the Steelers. The Browns stuck with the matchups they liked against the COlts, but they have to like the thought of 4-wide against that secondary
shanebrowndawg dave, do you see us going after pace or walter jones next year with our cap being better and a possible trade/cut of couch?
DavidCarducci Shane, I know several people close to Pace, and everything I hear is that he would love to be back in this area considering his close ties to Sandusky and his close relationahip with his family there. I would bet that he eventually ends up in Detroit or Cleveland
BryanK Dave, can we stop J. Lewis? I read that they want to give him lots of carries.
DavidCarducci BryanK, Lewis' success is really the only chance the Ravens have. Young quarterback, underachieving wide recievers. Lewis is the key to make life a little easier on those other guys. My guess is the Browns D-Line tries to shoot the gap a lot, just as the Steelers did (although in a 3-4) and sell out against the run
Lumpy This is a big game for both teams...Ravens don't want to be 0-2 in the division..and whoever loses is 0-2 overall? Do you expect to see some conservative call by Billick and Davis or in their apporach to this game?
DavidCarducci Lumpy, I think you'll see more conservative playcalling on Billick's part, simply because of personnel. The Browns know they need to throw the ball downfield against the Ravens' questionable defensive backfield, and use the pass to set up the run.
ramllov Dave do you expect to see an open first half and conservative second half for the Browns?
DavidCarducci Ram, I can see that if the passing game is successful, as I expect it to be, in the 1st half, and the Ravens adjust to take away the pass. That's when the Browns will try to grind it out a bit more
ramllov DAve? How long, Many games will the offensive line take to jell?
DavidCarducci Ram, I don't think it will take too long. The Browns are still a bit right handed, and O'Hara and Tucker have been together. Faine will only improve. Again, the question is with scheme, and if the Browns continue to go away from the power game they'd like to play
redright Can our O-line run block well enough to run the ball for a half?
DavidCarducci redright, probably not against this Baltimore defense. they really are outstanding against the run
teco Dave, is there any resentment amongst the guys that were 'strong armed' into signing 5 year contracts? (Suggs?)
DavidCarducci Teco, I don't think there is right now. They all appear to be pretty happy. They are all pretty good guys, and if there is any resentment, it is not noticable in the locker room.
BryanK Is Orlando Brown starting? If so, I would think Courtney would eat him alive.
DavidCarducci BryanK, Orlando Brown is a lot closer to being ready to start for the Ravens, but it hasn't been decided yet. Zeus actually had close to 50 plays last week, accoriding to Billick, but the plan was for 20. It just worked out that when he was in, the Ravens had their longest drives
redright If Billick is going to make us run and not throw deep, what can we get from our TEs?
DavidCarducci Redright, it's a good question. If Billick does go copy-cat off what the Colts did, they have to hit the tight end on that seam route. That is a big key to beating a two-deep zone.
teco Speaking of Courtney, how about his foot injury?
DavidCarducci Teco, it doesn't look like anything that will keep Courtney out
DavidCarducci Teco, but it is another red flag with Courtney, considering it's been one thing after another with him since he arrived in Cleveland. With this aggressive two-deep the Browns are using, his opener was so encouraging because he is a key to getting that natural pressure from the front four
ramllov Dave, the Browns did do a great job against the Indy triplets? Especially Harrison.
DavidCarducci Ram, they did, and a lot of that was McCutcheon vs. Harrison, but also a lot of it was the LB's helping out, staying in their zones, then getting to the ball when Peyton dumped it short
teco Dave, is CBs improvement based soley upon his improved health, or is the coaching change benifitting him?
DavidCarducci Teco, I'm not completely sure, but one thing that was very, very encouraging with Courtney is the fact that for the first time in a long time, he used his hands effectively in the pass rush. That would indicate coaching to some extent
ramllov Dave, you do not need to answer this question, but were the slow linebackers the problem last year on this defense?
DavidCarducci Ram, I think it was a big problem. That's one of the reasons why, if you'll remember, I was not in favor of signing Holmes. I didn't think it was a good fit.
Lumpy Dave, didn't Brown work out with some martial arts guys in the offseason to get better at using his hands?
DavidCarducci Lumpy, you know, I'm not sure. I hadn't heard that. We so rarely get a chance to talk to Courtney
DawgyK I was surprised that not too many sportswriters (outside of Bernies) said anything positive about the Browns LB's... Its like they did not want to admit they were wrong.
DavidCarducci DawgyK, I admit I was wrong. I liked all three young backers (especially Andra), but I thought it would take them quite a bit longer to put together a game like that.... by the way, someone needs to tell Andra to stay off the collar when tackling
ChasDawg Was Cutch the plan for Harrison all along? It seemed natural that Cutch being the better corner would line up against the average sized Harrison instead of Hnery, but the Media kept saying it would be Henry... was this a misread or a bluff by Butch?
DavidCarducci ChasDawg, I'm not sure exactly how the plan was originally drawn up, but everyone got a crack at Harrison at some point. As I said earlier, Taylor ended up on Harrison quite a bit underneath.
Guest444 With Couch, Verba, and possibly Brown likely to gone next year, the Browns should be in great cap shape next year - you think?
DavidCarducci 444, If Courtney continues to play like he did Sunday, he might not be a likely discard
ChasDawg Andra can go high all he wants against little receivers coming across the middle, but better get down low on Jamal Lewis this week
DavidCarducci Chas, he tried to tackle Edgerrin 2x by the collar. Actually kind of funny.
redright What can we expect from the O-line against Bal?
DavidCarducci Redright, I'm not exactly sure. Against this front 7, the Browns are going to have to be creative
Lumpy bryan answer to your question about cover 2, look in the pure forum archives, it's been batted around there a lot
teco Crocker had a hand in shutting down Harrison
BryanK Thanks, Lumpy
shanebrowndawg hell, we could have told them that. Is this the ""lets bring along a dumbass program?""
DawgyK Hey teco, my bag of hammers isnt that dumb...
ChasDawg I know... that's why I said get down on Jamal! He'll be runningback skiing again if he doesn't
teco Rudd majored in breathing for credit
BryanK He failed
shanebrowndawg wasn't he in a class with Katzenmoyer????
teco minor in study hall
DavidCarducci Guys, I'll be heading out in a few minutes. A
rabidbrown If Rudd was here and could read, we might be hurting his feelings
DavidCarducci have a ton of writing to do
ChasDawg Rudd got injured early on in Minny and never recovered fully
ramllov Dave thanks for the Chat
Guest444 Dave- so who's going to win Sunday?
artbtz Just don't bother with ""facts"". They just slow down the writing.
shanebrowndawg I know rudd majored in the discus throw and he thought that the helmet was a good substitute.
DavidCarducci Again, we aren't allowed to watch practice, so I'm not exactly sure
kevdawg Thanks Dave!!
redright THANKS DAVE
teco tks dave
DavidCarducci Thanks guys
rabidbrown Thanks for the info Dave.
DavidCarducci Take care everyone

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