Rumor Central: Are the Cleveland Browns chasing WR Eric Decker?

Will the Cleveland Browns pursue Eric Decker? A line has been drawn, but how realistic is it?

While the Browns protested that they weren't tanking in 2016, they sure reaped the benefits one would expect from such a scheme. Their high draft picks have translated into an exciting group of additions to the roster this off-season.

The New York Jets, perhaps taking their lead from Cleveland, are following a plan that looks eerily like what we saw in Cleveland several years ago. In other words, emptying their roster of expensive veteran talent and starting on a complete rebuild. Or, as some have accused, tanking.

One of the players jettisoned as the Jets intention to fly low this season became clear is WR Eric Decker. The Browns have a perceived need at receiver, so it was just matter of time before the player and team were linked somewhere in the media.

Now, the inevitable line has been drawn between the Browns and Eric courtesy of MMQB's Albert Breer, who says that the Browns have "done some work on the ex-Jet".

While Sashi Brown is assuredly doing due diligence on the veteran receiver, our Lane Adkins says not to expect a certain signing, because the team would be focused on a vet minimum contract for the receiver. In other words, don't expect the team to break the bank chasing Decker.

Given that Decker has been visiting other teams, the Browns may not be his ultimate destination. At least at a price that Decker might want.

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